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“Lin… Lin Yi…”

“Lin Yi…” Qingyan was anxious.

Why was he telling the truth!

“Haha, Qingyan, why are you doing this Your boyfriend doesnt seem to appreciate your kindness,” Tianxin said.

“Lin Yis just too busy.

Why cant I prepare a gift for him” Tianxin asked.

Tianxin shrugged, “Of course you can.

What Im trying to say is that he doesnt care about you at all.

Be careful not to get toyed with.

I saw a lot of people on the Internet, and they were all knocked up by second-generation rich kids, so they had to raise the children on their own.

I was worried that youd go down the wrong path, and thats why I reminded you.”


Lin Yi put his arm around Qingyans waist and smiled.

“Why are you arguing so much Theres no need for that.

Besides, I prepared a gift. I didnt come empty-handed.”

“You… you prepared a gift”

Ji Qingyan was surprised.

She knew everything about Lin Yis life these past few days.

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He picked her up from work during the day and for the next two nights, she stayed at his house.

He did not prepare any gifts during that time!

“I came to congratulate Old Mister Ji.

It would be rude not to bring a gift.”


“Theres no buts,” Lin Yi said.

“Wait for me here.

I left the present in the car.

Ill bring it over right now.”

Lin Yi returned to the car and took out the painting of the Peach Garden before handing it over to Ji Yongqing.

“Old Mister Ji, this is the present I prepared for you.

I hope you like it.”

Ji Yongqing took the gift from Lin Yi and opened it curiously.

As the scroll was opened, JI Yongqings dazed eyes widened.

“Its Zhang DaqiansPeach Garden!”

“What! Its thePeach Garden!”

Old Man Liu rushed over and was shocked when he saw it.

“It really is Zhang DaqiansPeach Garden! As far as I know, the price of this painting is at least 200 million yuan.


Lin is giving out such a generous gift!”

Upon learning the price of thePeach Garden Painting, Ji Qingyans beautiful eyes widened.

Lin Yi actually gave such an expensive thing!

They were just a fake couple!


Liu, are you sure you saw correctly Is this painting really worth 200 million I dont see anything special about it, it feels very ordinary.”

“This is Mr.

Zhang Daqians original painting.

The meaning behind it is naturally not something that ordinary people can see,” the old man answered.

“Furthermore, that 200 million I gave is already a very conservative estimate.

If I were to take it to the auction house, it is very likely that it will be sold for a high price of 300 million.

The value of the piece is immeasurable!”

Upon hearing such an explanation, the people who came to celebrate the birthday were secretly amazed.

Where on earth did the eldest daughter of the Ji family find such a boyfriend

He casually gave out 200 million as a congratulatory gift.

This was too extravagant!

Yang Tianxins face alternated between red and white.

She had started to prepare more than a month in advance for the birthday banquet.

It was all so that he could surpass Ji Qingyan at this time!

Now, it was all ruined by this damn man!

“Hehe, old Mister Liu, I know that you are an aficionado of the antique world, but this time, Im afraid you have made a mistake,”Fu Zhengping said with a smile.

“Made a mistake” The old man surnamed Liu said, “How did I make a mistake”

“There are some things that you may not know.

In truth, two years ago, this painting was bought by our Didis CEO, Mr.

Cheng Shuang, for 180 million yuan.

When I went to his house as a guest, CEO Cheng personally said that this is his most precious treasure.

Someone once offered him 230 million yuan, but he didnt sell it.

But now, this painting ended up appearing here.

I dont think I need to say anything else.”

Fu Zhengping had already made it clear, so there was something wrong with his brain if Mr Liu still did not understand what he was saying!

It was obvious that this was a fake!


Yang Tianxin laughed out loud.

“Qingyan, as the eldest granddaughter of the Ji family, we all thought that your boyfriend would be able to give out some shocking gifts.

However, we did not expect that he would actually use a fake to fool us.

This is really making us laugh our heads off.”

“Qingyan, its not that Aunty is criticizing you, but isnt your boyfriend a little too horrible How could you use a fake painting to deceive your grandfather during such an important occasion The Ji familys face has been completely humiliated by you!”

Ji Antais brows furrowed tightly.

It was indeed disgraceful for such a thing to happen at his fathers birthday banquet!

After a long silence, Ji Qingyan spoke up.

“No matter what, I believe that Lin Yi wouldnt lie about a fake painting.

Hes not that kind of person!”

Lin Yi smiled.

This little Missy Ji Qingyan was quite loyal and had always been on his side.

She was really not that bad.

“Qingyan, your brother-in-law has made things clear.

Dont you believe him” Tianxin asked.

“I think you have been drugged by him!”

Fu Zhengping stood up and said with a smile,

“Qingyan, I have seen this painting at CEO Chengs house.

I can swear on my heart and assure you that this painting is definitely fake, because the real one has always been at CEO Chengs house.”

Fu Zhengping was the person in charge of Didi in Yanjing, and now, he had to integrate its business in Zhonghai.

Presumably, he also had some say in Didis head office.

Therefore, it was unlikely that his words were false.

Moreover, it was such a grand occasion, so it was even more unlikely that he would lie.


The old man surnamed Liu shook his head.

“I was wrong about this.

I have been in the antique world for so many years, but I couldnt even tell that it was a fake painting.

Im so ashamed.”


Liu, people make mistakes.

Its normal for everyone to make mistakes sometimes.”


Fu is right,” someone echoed.

“Who would have thought that he would be so bold as to lie about a fake painting on such an occasion”

“If Mr.

Fu hadnt seen through his trick, we would all have been fooled.”

“Sigh, he managed to win Miss Jis heart, but he cant even bear to give her a gift.

What kind of person is he”

“Alright, everyone, lets not talk too much,” Fu Zhengping commented.


Liu, according to the rules of the antique world, if we find a fake, what should we do”

“When we encounter a fake or a fake, we usually destroy it on the spot.”


“Then Ill do a good deed today and destroy this forgery! Itll teach him a lesson!”

“Are you sure you want to do this”Lin Yi asked with a smile.

“Of course, dont think youre so great just because you have a few stinking dollars!”

Fu Zhengping walked up and took thePeach Gardenfrom Ji Yongqings hand.

With ahiss, he tore it up on the spot!


“Haha, this is so satisfying!”

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes, a smile on his face.

“This is going to be fun.”


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