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“Yes, I still have to enter the entertainment industry in the future.

My future has been ruined by you guys.

Can you afford to pay for it”

Lin Yi walked over and said.

“Classmate, with your looks, its impossible for you to enter the entertainment industry in the future.”

Gu Jingshu held back her laughter.

This was too direct.

These parents nowadays really could not see reality clearly.

With Lin Yis looks, even he had not entered the entertainment industry yet, let alone other people.

“What do you mean Are you saying that my son is ugly!” The boys mother shouted.

“You two, why dont you take a look at yourselves How can you have such unrealistic thoughts Itll only happen when pigs fly!”

“Im telling you, stop talking nonsense.

If you dont give me an explanation today, this matter wont be over!”

Kong Jing said, “He was the one who bullied me first.”

“Whats wrong with bullying you Its your honor to be in the same class as my son.

You have to endure the bullying…”

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Lin Yi didnt say a word as he slapped the womans face.

“You… you dare hit me!”

The woman covered her face with her hands, her eyes wide open.

She had never thought that Lin Yi would hit her.

“You…” Jingshu shook her head.

How many rich kids like Lin Yi had a good temper

“Ill give you a light slap, but if you keep talking like that, youll probably end up in the hospital.”

“Teacher Gu, take a look.

The parent of your students actually dared to be violent in the school.

Dont you have to take care of this matter If you dont give us an explanation, Ill have to look for your principal!” The boys father said.

“Coward, I beat your wife and didnt even dare to fart.

Now, you actually want to sue the principal Is that all youve got”

“F*ck, how dare you” The boys father then turned to Gu Jingshu.

“Teacher Gu, I hope you can handle this!”

Gu Jingshus expression was serious.

“Its already clear.

You guys were at fault first.

Even if you look for the principal, itll be useless.”

“Fine, you guys wont handle it, right” The boys father was fuming.

“Let me tell you, Im the HR manager of Zhonghan Capital.

If you guys dont handle this, Ill inform my colleagues in the legal department to handle It!”

“Zhonghan Capital”

Lin Yi muttered.

The name sounded familiar.

It seemed to be Qin Hans company.

As the second generation of the rich in Zhong Hai, a lot of information about Qin Han was public.

Anyone who frequently browsed internet more or less knew about it.

“Your work wont affect my judgment!” Gu Jingshu said.

“I hope you wont make a fuss anymore.”

“Okay, then remember what you said today.

If I deal with this personally, it wont just be the two of them, even your school wont have a good time!”

Gu Jingshu hesitated.

In this society, many things were unreasonable.

If they really made a scene, it would probably have a bad effect on the schools name.

She did not mind it.

She could always find another job, but if it affected Xiaojing, it would not be good.

“Miss Gu, dont bother with them,” Lin Yi said.

“Let them do their thing.

If they can even make a splash, Ill lose.”

Lin Yi patted Kong Jings head.

“Lets go.

Your parents are waiting for you.

Lets go home.”


Kong Jing didnt think as much as Gu Jingshu did.

With Lin Yi around, she was not afraid of anything.

Lin Yi left with Kong Jing, and the remaining three people looked at Gu Jingshu.

“Miss Gu, Ive made it very clear.

I Need Kong Jing and her parents to apologize in public tomorrow, and also compensate us with 200,000 yuan in medical fees.

Otherwise, youll have to bear the consequences!”

“Im sorry, I cant do that!”

Lin Yis words not only gave Kong Jing courage, but it also filled Gu Jingshu with bravery.

Lin Yi was the owner of the Peninsula Hotel and drove a sports car worth more than 20 million yuan.

Why would he be afraid of white-collar workers like you

“Then lets just wait and see!”

After saying that, the family of three walked out and saw Lin Yi and Kong Jing in front of them.

“Dad, Look, they are right in front!” The boy said, “That man just beat my mom up.

We cant let him go!”

“Li Dewang, if youre a man, go teach him a lesson right now!”

“Dont worry, Ill go right now!”

The family of three rushed up.

“Kid, stop right there!”

Just as they walked out of the school, they heard someone talking behind their back and realized that it was the family of three.

“Whats the matter” Lin Yi asked.

“Let me tell you, you just beat up my wife.

This isnt over!”

“If its not over, then its not over.

Ill be waiting for you.”

“Fine, if youre really all that, then tell me your name.

Ill make you beg to come find me the next day!”

Lin Yi held his phone, but didnt answer directly.

Instead, he asked,

“Youre from Zhonghan Capital, right”

“What, are you scared If you are, then kneel down and apologize to my wife right now!”

A lot of people came up to the group upon hearing the argument.

“Ive heard of this Zhonghan Capital before.

I think its Qin Hans company!”

“Is he that rich second generation from Zhong Hai”

“Thats right, the one whos so arrogant on the Internet.”

“This man will definitely not have a good ending if he provokes people from Zhonghan Capital.”

Li Dewang put his hands on his waist.

“Kid, did you hear that You should know what kind of power Zhonghan Capital has.

Im giving you a chance now, so dont waste it.”

“Dont worry, Ill make a call.”

Lin Yi called Qin Han as he spoke.

“Your Companys HR manager wants me to kneel down and apologize to his wife.

What do you think we should do about this”

“F*ck, are you **ting me How can our company have such a scumbag”

“Do you think Im joking with you”

“Alright, Ill go find out who this scumbag is.

Ill definitely give you an explanation as soon as possible.”

“Dont worry, Ill find out right now!”

Lin Yi hung up the phone and chuckled.

“Just wait, someone will deal with you soon.”

Li Dewang heard Lin Yis words clearly.

It was obvious that he was calling someone from his own company.

“You… Who did you call”

“Qin Han.”

Li Dewang froze for a second before laughing out loud.

“What the f*ck, are you f*cking kidding me”

Li Dewang was laughing so hard that he could not hold back his tears.

“If you said that you would call other executives, I might have still believed you.

But you said that you called Young Master Qin himself.

Are you kidding me

“Why dont you take a look at yourself What right do you have to know our Young Master Qin

“Do you think that our young Master Qins contact information is so worthless Young Man, you should be more serious with your bragging.”


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