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Inside Villa Number One of Jiuzhou Pavilion.

Lin Yi logged out of the game and muttered to himself,

“These schemeful men are really unscrupulous in trying to get a high score!”

The next morning, Lin Yi got up and packed up before driving to the airport.

According to the plan, the plane would fly in the afternoon, and he should be able to make it to the orphanage before 1:00.

Lin Yi took a look at the ticket and realized that the ticket that Ji Qingyan had booked for him was actually first class.

That was quite a generous offer.

He picked up the ticket, queued up, and boarded the plane.

When Lin Yi found his seat, he noticed that there was a wi-fi logo next to it, indicating that he didnt have to turn off his phone.

He just had to turn on the flight mode.

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

This way, he could play games while connected to the wi-fi.

.Ring, Ring, Ring..

Just as Lin Yi was about to turn on the flight mode, his phone rang.

It was Ji Qingyan.

“Are you on the plane yet”

“Yeah, Ive already found my seat,”Lin Yi said.

“Youre quite particular.

You even bought me a first-class seat.”

“It looks like youre satisfied with my arrangement.”

“Theres a slight flaw.”

“What flaw”

“Its not by the window,” Lin Yi said.

“I prefer to sit by the window.”

“The window seat is reserved for the other pretty girls, in case you get bored on the plane.”

“Thank you for your kind words.”

“By the way, I want to ask you something.”

“What is it”

“Whats the name of the orphanage you were in before”

“Blue Sky Welfare Institute,” Lin Yi replied casually.

“Why are you asking”

“Nothing, I have a meeting later, so I got to go now.”

Lin Yi was confused by the busy tone on his phone.

What the hell was she doing

Ji Qingyan hung up the phone, and Lin Yi got ready to play games to kill time.

“Yang Yang, look, the little brother over there is so handsome,” a girl in shorts said.

The girls name was Feng Xinying.

She was heading to Yangcheng for a vacation with her best friend, Li Yuyang, and her brother, Feng Haoyu.

“Where Where “Li Yuyang asked.

“In our row, the one sitting by the side.”

“Oh my god, he looks so good,” Li Yuyang said.

“Ive been in first class so many times, and all Ive met are greasy middle-aged men.

This is the first time Ive seen such a handsome little brother.”

“Can the two of you be more normal The second you see a handsome man, youre charmed to such an extent.

How can you be so useless” Feng Haoyu said indifferently.

“But hes really very handsome,” Li Yuyang said.

“Brother, are you jealous Is that why you said that” Feng Xinying said, “If thats true, we can discuss it privately and respect your wishes.”

“Whats there to be jealous about” Haoyu crossed his legs and said without trying to lower his voice.

“Lets not even mention our family business, even the company I founded has a valuation of over 100 million.

My capital is much stronger than his.

Why would I be jealous of him” Haoyu said.

“And look at him.

Hes sitting in first class, yet someone helped him buy the ticket.

Other than his looks, how else can he compete with me”

Lin Yi turned to look at him, but didnt say anything as he continued fiddling with his phone.

There were plenty of haters like him on the streets, and Lin Yi could not be bothered with them.

“Bro, can you keep your voice down Theyre all looking at you,” Xinying complained.

“Thats how I talk.

Besides, Im telling the truth.

Why should I keep my voice down” Feng Haoyu said nonchalantly.

“Dont tell me you cant even tell the truth these days”

“Brother Yu, Im not stopping you from telling the truth.

Its just that its so impolite,” Li Yuyang said.

“Brother, I think youre just jealous.

Money is earned in the second half of life.

The boss of Huawei only started his business when he was in his forties, and now hes a tycoon.

However, Beauty is inborn, and it cant be changed.

So youre just plain jealous.”

“What do you two girls know” Feng Haoyu was embarrassed.

“Let me tell you, this society is realistic.

Being good-looking does have its advantages, but the most important thing is money!”


Feng Haoyu rolled up his sleeves and revealed the Rolex watch on his wrist.

“And you girls are just immature.

One day, when you grow up, youll realize that good-looking skin is all the same, but a rich second generation is one in ten thousand.”

“Hey hey hey bro, if you want to act tough, do it yourself.

Dont drag me into it,” Lin Yi said.

“Im sorry, my sister and her friends are immature.

I was teaching them a lesson, and I accidentally used you as an example.

Dont mind me,” Feng Haoyu said with a smile.

“And Im not acting tough.

Im just stating facts.

Money is indeed more important than looks.”

Lin Yi smiled.

These pretentious boys were cute no matter how he looked at them.

“Are you sure”

“Of course.

Dont you believe me” Feng Haoyu crossed his legs and replied.

“How about we compete and ask the first-class flight attendant for WeChat at the same time.

Lets see who shell choose to give it to.”

Lin Yi shrugged and narrowed his eyes.

“Lets give it a try then.

I dont care.

Ill just take it as a way to pass the time.”

Seeing the two people in the front row making a bet, the passengers in the first-class cabin all watched with interest.

“That handsome guy is going to get embarrassed today,” a man in his thirties said.

“Why” His female companion asked.

“The stewardesses in first-class cabins are all people who have seen the world.

Their eyes are very sharp.

They can tell the status of the passengers at a glance.

People like them are very mature.

Naturally, they wouldnt choose any weak-looking guys, so he will definitely lose.”

“That is not absolute, right There might just be an anomaly.”

The man shook his head.

“An anomaly is unlikely.

Even if these stewardesses do not mind the poor and love the rich, if a person cant even afford a first-class ticket, who would choose to suffer alongside him”

“You are right.

After all, his first-class ticket was bought by others.”

The mans comments were echoed by the others.

In this society, being handsome could not buy you a meal, but money could.

Who would not like a rich second generation

“Brother, youre too much of a bully,” Feng Xinying said.

“Really” Feng Haoyu shrugged and said innocently,

“He was the one who was unconvinced.

Can you blame me”

He turned around and saw a pretty stewardess tidying up her things.

“Stewardess, please come over.”

The stewardess stopped what she was doing and walked over gracefully.

“Hello, Sir.

How can I help you”

Hao Yu moved his wrist and revealed his Rolex watch.

He pointed at Lin Yi and said.

“Its like this.

This friend and I want to ask for your wechat, but you can only choose one of us.”

The stewardess face was burning.

She had just been transferred to the first-class cabin, and she did not expect to be asked out by two high-quality men at the same time.

Is my luck in love improving”

“Sir, Im sorry.

Our airline has rules.

We cant just add a passenger on WeChat.”

“Its okay.

We took the initiative to ask you for it.

You just have to choose one of us,” Feng Haoyu said.

“According to your airlines rules, passengers requests can not be easily rejected, right”

Seeing the Rolex on Feng Haoyus hand, the stewardess felt a little dizzy.

One was rich, and the other was handsome.

It was so hard to choose!

However, soon, the stewardess made her decision.

A handsome man could not provide her a meal, and he might even be a scumbag.

If she really wanted to improve her lifestyle, she would have to choose the rich man on the left.

If she was lucky enough to have a spark with him, then she would not have to worry about the rest of her life.

She would not have to work as a stewardess anymore.

Despite this, at this moment, the stewardess unexpectedly spotted a shiny watch in Lin Yis sleeve!

It looked familiar, as if she had seen it in an advertisement before.

After thinking for a few seconds, the stewardess suddenly remembered.

Was that the Patek Philippes 175th Anniversary Edition

It seemed to be selling for 17.5 million!”


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