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Everyone in the cabin widened their eyes when they saw Lin Yis watch.

“This watch looks a little familiar!”

“I remember clearly, that is the Patek Philippes 175th-anniversary model.

Its said that theres only one in the entire Asia-Pacific region, and the price is as high as 17.5 million!”

“My God, its so expensive!”

After learning the price of the watch, everyone was stunned.

It cost 17.5 million, why are you still flying First Class

Should you not be sitting in a private jet

Even if its to experience the hardships of the common people, there was no need to go this far!

“Your… your watch, its so expensive…”

Feng Haoyu was so scared that he could not speak.

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The price of the watch had already exceeded his understanding.

“Its only 10 million dollars, its not that expensive.

Dont make a fuss.”

“F*ck, 10 million dollars isnt that expensive Are you kidding me”

“Looks like youre convinced.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Then I wont talk about anything else.”

“Dont worry, Im convinced.”

Feng Haoyu wanted to die.

Not only was he crushed in terms of looks, but he was also no match for Lin Yi in terms of wealth.

He was not giving him a chance at all!

Soon, the plane took off, and everyones attention returned to their own matters.

“What are you going to Yangcheng for Dont tell me you really want to go with me.”

Ji Qingyans time was precious.

Lin Yi did not think that she was in the mood to play.

“No, Im not.

Im going to the branch office there.

I just happened to catch you going back to Yangcheng at the same time.

Its that simple.”

“I see.”

Ji Qingyan then added arrogantly, “But I dont have anything to do today.

I can accompany you to the orphanage for a walk.”

“No problem.”

Feng Haoyu felt an itch in his heart when he saw the two of them whispering to each other.

If he had not met Lin Yi, there might have been a story between him and this exquisite woman.

Damn it, he did not check his horoscope before he left today.

Why did he choose to go to Yangcheng at this time

The two walked out of the airport together after getting off the plane, ready to take a taxi to the orphanage.

“Bro, I want to ask him for his WeChat,” Feng Xinying said.

“If I dont get it now, I probably wont be able to meet him again.”

“Whats the point of asking for his WeChat Not only is he handsome, hes also rich.

Hes obviously a scumbag,” Feng Haoyu said.

“If you dare ask him for his WeChat, Ill teach you a lesson.”

“Oh… oh.”

Lin Yi turned back and looked at Feng Haoyu.

“Is it my fault that Im rich and handsome What right do you have to call me a scumbag”

“You guys dont even know each other, yet you just went up to her and hugged her waist.

After that, you claim youre not a scumbag What kind of man would do that”

Ji Qingyan could not help but laugh.

They had been on the road for so long, and he still did not understand the relationship between the two.

This rich kid was so dumb that he was a little cute.

Lin Yi hugged Ji Qingyans waist again.

“We fell in love at first sight.

We are going to get married, so you might have misunderstood.”

“F*ck, do you think Im stupid” Feng Haoyu said.

“Lets go.”

The thought of Ji Qingyan being taken away by Lin Yi made Feng Haoyu feel like he had lost half of the meaning of his life.

It hurt his self-esteem too much.

“Hes already gone, so you should loosen your grip.

Yoiu took advantage of me on the way here.”

“I needed to do it for the script.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“But then again, its really soft.

I couldnt feel any lumps.”

“What are you talking about”Ji Qingyan pinched Lin Yi.

“Wait here, Im going to the bathroom.”

“Huh Didnt you go on the plane Are you crazy”

“Youre the one whos crazy.” Ji Qingyan said embarrassedly.

“You messed up my underwear, I have to go and fix it.”

“Oh, I see.

Go now, Ill be gentler next time.”

A few minutes later, Qingyan walked out of the airport bathroom and hailed a cab, ready to headtowards the orphanage.

Half an hour later, Lin Yi paid for the cab and got out.

There was a three-story building across the road with a white plaque at the entrance.

The wordsBlue Sky Welfare Institute were written on it.

There was also a small playground which was not too big, measuring only slightly larger than a basketball court.

This was where the children of the orphanage played.

“Although the housing prices in Yangcheng arent as expensive as those in Yanjing and Zhonghai, such a large piece of land must be worth at least tens of millions,” Ji Qingyan said with some emotion.

“Sometimes, I feel that mother Wang is a silly person.

If she sold the land, she could live the life of a rich woman, but she just has to stay here and guard it.

Her clothes are all from street vendors, and none of them cost more than 100 dollars.”

“Great love is silent.

Although I have more money than her, my state of mind is much worse.”

“Alright, lets not stay here and mope around.

Lets go in first.”

Ji Qingyan looked at her watch.

“Lets wait a little longer.”

“Hmm Do you have something going on”

Ji Qingyan nodded and took out her phone.

“Hello, master, when will you arrive”

“Im right across from the Blue Sky Welfare Institute.

Im wearing a white 90% sleeve top and a brown dress.

Youll see me when you arrive.”

Ji Qingyan hung up after a few words.

“Are you waiting for someone”

“Yeah, Im waiting for someone.

Theyll be here soon.”


She was in a hurry to go in, but since shed already given the order, she decided to wait a little longer.

Ten minutes later, Lin Yi saw a white van parked in front of him.

A dark-skinned middle-aged driver poked his head out.

“Miss, is your name Ji Qingyan”

“Yes, thats me,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Sir, can you drive the car to the opposite side and park it at the entrance of the welfare institute”


The driver started the car, and Lin Yi looked at Ji Qingyan.

“You bought something”

“It was not easy for you to make time to come back.

Its not good to be empty-handed, so I prepared something for you.”

Lin Yi could not help but laugh.

No wonder he asked about the situation of the orphanage before boarding the plane.

This was the reason.


“Why are you talking about this” Ji Qingyan said.

“Lets go.”

Lin Yi took out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door.

He opened the door so that the truck could enter.

At this moment, Ji Qingyan saw that the children of the orphanage were all playing on the playground.

Twenty boys of different ages were chasing a football back and forth.

The rest of the girls played on the other side, their smiles as bright as flowers.

“Yi Bro.”

Lin Yi had just stepped in when he heard the children of the orphanage running toward him like a swarm of bees.

“Its been more than half a year.

How did you get so fat”

Lin Yi smiled as he hugged the little girl.

“Wang said that Ill lose weight when I grow up.

It doesnt matter if Im a little chubby now.”

Ji Qingyan giggled, moved by the little girls naivety.

“You only know how to eat every day.

You give a lot of excuses, “Lin Yi said as he pinched the little girls cheeks.

“Hehe, Brother Yi, whos this sister Shes so pretty.”

“Then you can call her pretty sister.”


“Hey bro, get someone to help.

Theres a lot of goods here,” the truck driver said at the entrance.

The vans door was opened, and the children from the orphanage all ran to the van.

However, they all stopped in front of the van.

No one dared to make a move.

“Pretty Sis bought these for you guys.

Go help carry the stuff.”

Ji Qingyans face was a little red.

She did not expect Lin Yi to be so sweet.

“Thank you, Pretty Sis.”

The children of the orphanage then went to help carry the things.

Seeing their smiling faces, Lin Yi was very satisfied.


“Yi, why didnt you tell me you were back I didnt even prepare food for you.”

A middle-aged couple ran out of the three-story building.

Cuipings figure was fat, and she had short hair.

The smile on her face was especially kind.

The man beside her was her husband, Zhao Quanfu, who had been guarding the orphanage.

“I wanted to give you a surprise, so I came back quietly.”

Wang Cuiping and Zhao Quanfus eyes fell on Ji Qingyan.

“Your surprise is quite major.

I just urged you to find a girlfriend quickly, and you already brought her back for me.”

“No, she took the initiative to follow me…”


We just met not long ago, and he already brought me here while saying that he wanted me to meet you guys.” Ji Qingyan said with a smile.


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