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“Yeah, yeah, but can you let me drive first Ive never driven such a good car in my entire life,” Xu Yan said.

“Of course, whats mine is yours.

You can drive it if you want to,” Zhou Ning said with a smile.

“And I will only use this car occasionally.

To put it bluntly, I bought it for you, so you can drive it as you please.”

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes and smiled.

He was really good at acting cool.

His moved fast, and he clearly showed the levels between them.

Lin Yi couldnt help but applaud him.

Ji Qingyan had a look of disdain on her face as well, but Zhou Ning did not see it yet.

As expected, people were different.

Before this, Lin Yi did not think much of anything other than his good looks and money.

However, now, compared to other men, he was superior in all aspects..

He was driving a Pagani, but he was not as high-profile as Zhou Ning.

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“Darling, youre too good to me.” Xu Yan said like a little woman.

“But Im not that good at driving.

Arent you afraid that Ill damage your Land Rover”

“Its okay.

Im well aware of the danger, so Im not afraid of it getting damaged.”


Xu Yan kissed Zhou Ning on the cheek.

“My dear, youre so kind.”

“Lets go, my stomachs not feeling well,” Lin Yi said.

“Whats wrong Do you want to go to the hospital”

“No, Im just feeling a little nauseous.

Ill just go somewhere else to get some fresh air.”

Ji Qingyan covered her mouth and smiled.

“Lets go then.”

Zhou Ning and Xu Yan followed after Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan.

Seeing Ji Qingyan in front, Zhou Ning smiled.

She would know what a rich person was once she got on her Land Rover.

Naturally, she would no longer choose to be with this poor guy after that.

“Darling, look at them.

They seem to be going to the Bentley Booth,” Xu Yan said as she walked behind.

“So be it.

It doesnt cost anything to look at them.”

Ji Qingyans arrival attracted everyones attention.

They shifted their gazes and cameras onto Ji Qingyan.

There were tall models besides the luxury cars.

However, they paled in comparison to Ji Qingyan.

“Ive been shopping at the car show for the whole morning, but this is the first time Ive seen such a beautiful woman.”

“Whats the point of being beautiful I can only look at her.

Women like her are reserved for the second generation of the rich.”

“Im so jealous.

What would I do if I win 5 million dollars The first thing Id do is find someone as beautiful as her .”

The two stood at the Bentley booth, which was next to the Rolls-Royce booth.

The number of luxury cars surrounding them was dazzling.

“Which do you think is better, the Rolls-Royce Phantom or the Bentley Continental” Lin Yi asked casually.

“I dont think theyre that good-looking.

Theyre so ugly.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

was there such a huge difference in preference between a man and a woman

These two cars were very good-looking, right

“Looks are secondary.

Focus on other aspects.”

“Isnt buying a car based on looks”Ji Qingyan said matter-of-factly.

“With Zhong Hais regulations, cars can only drive fifty to sixty miles per hour in the city.

They might not even be able to outrun a minivan.

If theyre in the suburbs and the roads arent good, then they might be even worse than a minivan.

So, buying a car is based solely on looks.

If its good-looking, then buy it.

You dont have to worry about performance.”


Lin Yi finally understood why Ji Qingyan was driving a million-dollar Maserati.

It was because she was pretty!

“How about this, choose between one of these two cars.” Lin Yi said.

Ji Qingyan puffed up her cheeks.

“I need to think about it.”

“Lin Yi, youre too funny.” Zhou Ning said with a smile:

“Were just here to look at cars.

Whats the point of being so serious Why are you talking like youre buying a car Youre making it sound like its real.

I genuinely feel like youre trying to buy one.”

“How do you know Im not going to buy one”

“Stop fooling around.

Dont you drive for Didi How can you afford a luxury car like this” Zhou Ning intentionally raised his voice.

“Take a good look.

That latest Rolls-Royce Phantom has a floor price of 9.3 million dollars, and that Bentley Continental has a floor price of 4.8 million dollars.

Which one do you think you can afford”

“F*ck, so its a Didi driver!” The bystanders said.

“I thought he was a rich kid.”

“Yeah, hes acting like its real.”

“I think this guy probably fooled this beauty with his mouth.

I hope this beauty can see reality sooner than later.”

“Im an executive in a public company, and Im behaving more humbly than a Didi driver.

Hes too incompetent.”

Zhou Ning was secretly pleased with himself when he saw how others were criticizing Lin Yi.

Im going to make you lose all your dignity!

Look at yourself!

How could a lousy driver like you pick up a woman like this

“Any idea” Lin Yi ignored Zhou Ning and asked Ji Qingyan.

“Not yet.

It feels the same.

I dont know which looks better.”

“Lin Yi, why dont you listen to me Were all on the same side, theres no need to pretend anymore,” Zhou Ning said.

“Who said Im pretending Its just a car, whats there to pretend about”

Zhou Ning shrugged.

“Fine, Ill take it as if you can afford it, but didnt you just say that if you have the money, you could buy it all.

Why put others in a difficult position

“Haha, you said that to others, but why cant you do it to yourself”

“You really did remind me of this.” Lin Yi smiled.

“In that case, Ill take them both.

Its not that much anyway.”

Zhou Ning was stunned.

“What did you say Take them all!”

“Thats right.

Only children make choices.

Adults dont have to face so much trouble.

Just buy them all.”

There was a few seconds of silence around the Bentley Booth.

Then, loud laughter broke out.

“Haha, this is so funny.

Whats this kid talking about The Phantom and the Continental add up to more than 15 million, yet hes saying hell buy them all”


“Its fine to brag, but if you go over the top, youll only hurt yourself.”

“Even if its for the sake of your pride, you cant say things like that, can you Can you genuinely afford it”

Lin Yi waved his hand and called the saleswoman over.

“Sir, this is the latest model for this year.

Its priced at 4.8 million.”

The saleswoman looked a little disdainful.

Wasnt he bragging a little too much

“I know its the latest model, so you dont have to remind me.”

As he spoke, Lin Yi called over another salesman and handed his bank card over.

“Ill take this Bentley Continental.

The password is 0000000.

Use your sales card.”

The male salesman was stunned and his hands were shaking.

Were they going to buy it without asking any questions

A few minutes later, the male salesman passed his bank card to Lin Yi.

“Sir, Ive used my card.

Ill prepare the car purchase contract for you now.”


Everyone who heard this sucked in a breath of cold air!

He really bought it

That was a Bentley Continental worth more than four million!

The female saleswoman from before was dumbstruck.

It felt like a dream.

Originally, this piece of business should have been hers, but because of a sentence just now.

This business was gone.

The commission of several hundred thousand was also gone!


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