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“Prepare the contract first.

Ill go to the Rolls-Royce booth next door to take a look, but I need you to deliver it to Zhong Hai.

Is that okay”

“Of course, we have a branch there.”


After leaving the address, Lin Yi brought Ji Qingyan to the Rolls-Royce exhibition.

In comparison, the salespeople at the Rolls-Royce booth were much more enthusiastic.

A saleswoman in a uniform greeted Lin Yi warmly,

“Sir, are you looking at the Phantom This is the latest model from this year, and there are other value-added services…”

“Im not looking.”

“Youre not looking”

The saleswoman was stunned.

“I remember you said that you wanted to buy the Bentley Continental together, why are you…”

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“Yeah, I said we were going to buy Phantoms, not see Phantoms, so…” Lin Yi took out his bank card and said, “Swipe your card.

The password is 0000000.”


The person who heard that vomited blood again!

What the f*ck, 15 million, and he said that without even blinking!

Did your family print money

“Thats f*cking awesome, buying a car without even blinking.

Even Young Master Qin and Principal Wang wouldnt dare to spend money like that, would they”

“What the hell is going on Do you make so much money on Didi”

“No wonder hes able to get such a top-notch girl.

Hes really capable!”

Lin Yi gave his bank card with the salesgirl.

Zhou Nings face turned green!

“Yan Yan, what… Whats going on Why is your classmate so rich Isnt he driving for Didi”

“He admitted it himself,” Xu Yan said nervously.

“And he said it himself.

Theres no way hes lying.”

Zhou Ning was in a bad mood.

Was he just showing off in front of a billionaire

What a sin!

After signing the sales contract, Lin Yi left with Ji Qingyan.

At this time, Zhou Ning came up from behind and complimented.

“Brother Lin, you are really generous.

You actually bought the Continental and Phantom in one go.

Im impressed.”

“Generous Its only 10 million.

What kind of generosity is that” Lin Yi said.

His Pagani was already 28 million.

Now, he had spent 15 million on two cars.

It was not expensive at all.

“F*ck, awesome! I think 15 million is like 1,500 in his eyes.”

“When will we be able to reach such heights”

“No wonder he can conquer the heart of a beautiful woman.

Im jealous.”

It was not just others who were jealous.

Even Zhou Ning was jealous.

He asked,

“Brother Lin, I want to ask, didnt you say that you drove for Didi But if I also drove for Didi, how could I make so much money”

“Maybe its because I use my Paganis Zonda when I take Didi orders.”



“F*ck, you actually use a Pagani to take Didi orders As far as I know, the Zonda is sold for more than 28 million dollars.

These rich kids are too good at playing around.”

The corner of Zhou Nings mouth twitched.

Not only had he been slashed, but he also received a critical hit.

At this moment, a middle-aged man in a suit walked over.

“Sir, Im the sales manager of Bugatti.

We also have a new model on display at the exhibition.

Do you want to take a look”

At this moment, the eyes of the sales managers at the luxury car stands were turning green.

They could not let such a rich man go easily.

“Bugatti” Lin Yi muttered.

“I remember you guys.

The latest model should be the Bugatti Chiron 1, right”

“Yes, yes, yes.

The Chiron 1 is our latest model.

It just broke the speed record.

Its top speed is 490 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest sports cars in the world.”


“I know a lot about the Chiron 1, but whats the price of this car in this country”

“The Chiron 1 may be a little expensive.

In China, the price is 43 million dollars,” the male manager said shyly,

“If youre not satisfied with the price of the Chiron 1, we have other supercars, and Im sure one of them will be able to meet your needs.”

The car was indeed a little expensive, but since it was Lin Yi who asked, he could only answer truthfully.

“Do you guys at Bugatti think hes a sucker You dare to promote a car worth that cost more than 40 million!”

“The rich second generation is rich, but they wont fall for your tricks.

Save it.”

“The Chiron 1 is so expensive, how many people in China can afford it”

“Alright, everyone quiet down.” Lin Yis head hurt from the noise.

“They didnt say anything, and I brought it up, so why are you attacking them”

Lin Yi patted the male manager on the shoulder.

“This has nothing to do with you, so dont take it to heart.”

“Its fine, its fine.” The male manager said.

“To express my apology, go make a contract.

Ill buy that Chiron 1.”

“F*ck! He really bought it! Thats a Chiron 1 worth 43 million!”

How terrifying!

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill go now.”

At this moment, the sales manager of Lykan walked over.

“Hello, Sir.

Im the sales director of Lykan Asia Pacific.

Weve also brought the latest models to this exhibition.”

“F*ck, Lykan is even more ruthless.

Its said that one of the 7 units was sold for more than 66 million in China, which is much more expensive than the Chiron 1.”

“Its so rare to meet such a rich man.

These sales are crazy.”

Lin Yi Thought for a moment.

“Your Lykan should be a limited edition model, right”

“Yes, there are only seven in the world.”

“Alright, lets have one.

We can change it when were bored.”

At this time, someone walked over.

“Sir, Im the sales manager of the Koenigsegg.”

“I heard that the RS has a new model too”

“Yes, the new generation of Koenigsegg RS uses a carbon body.

Its lighter, faster, and I can guarantee that this generation of RS has the highest sound pressure.

If you drive it on the road, I guarantee that it will make you the focus of everyone.”

“How much is the price of this car in the country”

“31 million.”

“Alright, go prepare the contract.”

The female manager was overjoyed.

She had come to try her luck, and the god of luck had really descended upon her.

It was too exciting!

The people around were all dumbfounded.

Bentley Continental 4.9 million!

Rolls-Royce Phantom 9.3 million!

Bugatti Chiron 1.43 million!


Lykan 66 million!

Koenigsegg RS 31 million!

These cars added up to a total price of more than 150 million!

To buy so many cars in one go… Where was he going to park!

Seeing Lin Yi sign the sales contracts one by one, Zhou Ning hurried over.

“Lin Bro, youre really generous, buying so many cars in one go.

Ive learned a lot.”

“Its alright, Ill buy a few more and take turns driving them.”

Seeing Lin Yis nonchalant expression, the people around looked at him with envy.

It really changed their worldview.

Xu Yan looked at Lin Yi with a complicated expression.

If she knew that he would become so rich one day in the future, she would have taken the initiative to take him down when she was still in school.

Sigh, how did I miss him

“Manager Xu, they seem to be leaving.

Lets go over and try.

The sales manager of Koenigsegg was just trying her luck, and he really bought it,” a female saleswoman of Maserati said.

“If we go over, we might have a chance.”

“You know that he just bought a Koenigsegg,” the male manager said.

“The most expensive car here only cost around three million dollars, and its even considered a modified unit.

How could they be interested in anything we have Small brands like us should just stay put.”

The female saleswoman was stunned.

She felt that her worldview had shifted.

Was a Maserati really considered a small brand


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