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Qin Han walked in.

Everyone except Lin Yi, including Qiao Zihao, was a little nervous.

“Lin Yi, what are you doing Didnt you see Young Master Qin enter Get up!”

Seeing Lin Yi sitting there as if nothing had happened, Qiao Zihao snorted coldly.

“Why should I get up just because hes here”

Qiao Zihaos face turned ugly.

Was this guy here to mess things up

What kind of person did he think he was He didnt even stand up when Young Master Qin walked in!

He was so f*cking pretentious!

The Gu family members shook their heads.

This Lin Yi was too much.

Even country bumpkins like them knew how to stand up and toast, yet he was still sitting there eating.

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There wouldnt be any big developments in the future.

Qiao Zihao didnt say anything when he saw Lin Yi insist on sitting alone.

He simply raised his glass and smiled.

“Young Master Qin, youre too kind.

Were just having a casual meal, but you arranged for a private room and are now making a toast.

Youre making me feel embarrassed.

Lets have a good drink when I set up a table one day.”

Gu Jingwus eyes lit up when she saw Qiao Zihao chatting happily with Qin Han.

His brother-in-law was too handsome.

She only needed to be half as handsome as his brother-in-law in the future.


Qin Han was a little stunned.

What was going on

He was hosting this for Lin Yi.

Why was this guy standing up

“Who are you Do you think youre worthy of me making a toast to you”


Qiao Zihao was stunned.

“Qin, Young Master Qin, what are you talking about Arent you here to make a toast to me”

“Who are you” Qin Han said.

“Im doing all this for Lin Yi.

Why dont you take a p*ss and look at yourself Besides, I dont even know you.

Why should I give you a toast”

Everyones head buzzed as they looked at Lin Yi in disbelief.

It turned out that they were wrong!

Qiao Zihaos reputation was not that big!

At this moment, they all looked at Lin Yi!

Was he not just a high school administrator Moreover, he was an orphan with no power or influence.

How could he have such a big reputation

“Come, come, fill your glasses, Ill drink to you.” Qin Han smiled.

“Old Lin, many city leaders came today.

Dont hold a grudge against me for being late.”

“Dont worry.

Im not that particular.”

“Thats good.”

“Erm, Young Master Qin, I dont know how to drink.

Can I just drink fruit juice” Gu Jingshu said nervously.

With Qin Hans popularity and status in China, Gu Jingshu never thought that she would one day be able to drink with such a person in the same private room.

She was so nervous that her brain felt short of oxygen.

“Forget about the juice.

Drink less, Ill pour it for you.” Qin Han said

“No, no, no, Young Master Qin.

Ill do it myself.”

“How can that be Youre Lins woman.

I have to pour you this cup of wine.”

Gu Jingshus face was red, and her heart was pounding.

It was a good feeling to be misunderstood.

Lin Yi knew that Qin Han was up to no good when he saw the sly smile on his face.

However, he was too lazy to pursue the matter.

He helped Gu Jingshu to fill up half a glass, then raised his glass and said.

“Old Lin is my good friend.

You guys came here today to give me face.

In the future, whenever you mention Lin Yis name, all of your meals will be free!”

The Gu family members were speechless!

As long as one mentioned Lin Yis name, all of their meals would be free.

This was a huge deal!

After a toast, Qin Han patted Lin Yi on the shoulder.

“Old Lin, you have a guest here.

I wont disturb you anymore.

Order whatever you want.”

“Alright, go do your thing.

Dont worry about us.”

Qin Han left after saying goodbye, but he gave Lin Yi a meaningful look as he left.

Lin Yi had goosebumps all over his body.

What the hell was he up to again

Qin Han left, and the room was completely silent.

The atmosphere was extremely awkward.

Qiao Zihao was so nervous that he wanted to die.

“Um, dont look at me,” Qiao Zihao said awkwardly.

“It was just a misunderstanding.

I didnt expect Lin Yi to have such a big reputation.”

Gu Jingshu rolled her eyes at Qiao Zihao and cursed in her heart.

“There are many things you didnt expect!”

“Alright, lets not talk about anything else.” Gu Jianguo said.

“Jingshu, Lin Yis plate is empty.

Can you cook something for him”

Because of Qin Han, the Gu familys attitude towards Lin Yi had dramatically changed.

Although they did not say anything, they had already dismissed Qiao Zihao.

Although Lin Yis family background was not as good as Qiao Zihaos, his relationship with Qin Han was so good that he could do no wrong in the future.

“Im not eating anymore.

Im done eating.”

Lin Yi was a little absent-minded.

He kept fiddling with his phone because Qin Han had sent him a WeChat message.

Qin Han, “Old Lin, Ive observed it.

The woman sitting next to you should still be a virgin.

Ive created an opportunity for you.

Well hit a home run tonight.”

Lin Yi, “Hmm What are you talking about”

Lin Yi could guess that Gu Jingshu was still a virgin, but what opportunity did Qin Han create

Qin Han, “Didnt I just pour that woman a glass of wine I added a little seasoning during the process.

No side effects too, so its really exciting!”

Lin Yi, “F*ck! Youre really bad at this!”

Lin Yi finally understood what was going on.

No wonder he wanted to pour Gu Jingshu a glass of wine.

Its because he was waiting for this.

“Well, since Lin Yi isnt eating, lets go,” Qiao Zihao said.

He did not want to stay here for another minute after what had happened!

It was too f*cking awkward!

“Alright, were almost done eating,” Jianguo said.

“Uncle and Auntie wont be leaving tonight, right” Lin Yi asked, “Ill arrange a place for them to stay.”

Lin Yi was also in a hurry to leave because Jingshus face was red.

Something was wrong.

What the hell did that son of a b*tch Qin Han put in there!

How did it work so well

“Lin Yi, I wont trouble you with this.

Ill arrange everything for uncle and Auntie,” Qiao Zihao said.

He had lost so much face today.

If he did not find a way to restore his dignity, then he would not stand a chance in front of Jingshu!

He had to prepare his own place!

“Director Qiao, let Lin Yi make the arrangements,” Jingshu said.

It was obvious that Jingshu did not want to have anything to do with Qiao Zihao anymore.

“Its just a place to stay.

It doesnt matter who makes the arrangements.

Besides, I know a hotel thats pretty good.”

“Could the hotel youre thinking of be the Peninsula Hotel” Lin Yi asked.

“Peninsula Hotel” Gu Jingwu was surprised.

“As far as I know, the Peninsula Hotel is a super five-star hotel.

It even has a ranking in Zhong Hai!”

“Thats right, Im talking about the Peninsula Hotel.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“No way, such a good hotel I can brag about it when I go back.”

Gu Jingwu was so excited that he could not figure out what was going on.

“Dad, Mom, lets go to the Peninsula Hotel.”

“Yes, yes, yes, lets go to the Peninsula Hotel,” Qiao Zihao continued.

“Actually, my first thought was to go to the Peninsula Hotel.

The two of us wanted to go together.”

Qiao Zihao felt his heart bleeding when he said that.

With their status, they wanted to find a three-star hotel to stay in, but Lin Yi wanted to build a five-star Peninsula Hotel!

If they did not say that, they would really be outclassed!

With the size of the Peninsula Hotel, three rooms would cost at least 7,000 dollars!

Fortunately, he was a member, so it should be cheaper.

Otherwise, he would lose even more.

Lin Yi smiled.

This Qiao Zihao was really something.

Why did he have to pretend to be wealthy

“Alright then.

Were new here, so well listen to your arrangements.” Gu Jianguo said with a smile.

After leaving the barbeque shop, Qiao Zihao led the way.

“Uncle, Auntie, get in the car.

Ill drive you.”

“Director Qiao, its getting late.

You should go back.

I wont trouble you,” Jingshu said.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Just take Brother-in-laws car,” Jingwu said.

“Jingshu, look at Little Wu.

He said hed take my car.

Let me drive you.”

“Wait, dont misunderstand.

Im not talking about you, Im talking about Lin Yi.

Dont flatter yourself.”



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