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Qiao Zihao looked awkward.

He had been calling him brother-in-law earlier, and now he was calling him something else.

This was too arrogant!

“Well, you guys really need to take his car.

Mine only has two seats.”

Lin Yi did not pay too much attention to the details, but his car was not big enough for so many people.

“Only two seats” The Gu family members were surprised.

Werent all cars five-seater

It seemed like only motorcycles had two seats.

“Lin Yi, I finally understand whats going on.” Qiao Zihao said.

“Im guessing that you only have a light relationship with Young Master Qin.

You probably suck up to him a lot.”

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“Suck up” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Do I need to suck up to him”

“Of course.”Qiao Zihao regained his confidence.

“Youre a motorcyclist, so how could you be on the same level as Young Master Qin”

After that, Qiao Zihao looked at Gu Jingshus parents.

“Uncle and Auntie, in this society, connections arent the most important thing.

You need to have your own strength.

No matter how rich Young Master Qin is, he wont spend money on this man, right”

Jingshus parents nodded.

What Qiao Zihao said made sense.

In this society, everyone lived their own lives.

Lin Yi was an orphan in his twenties, and he only rode a motorcycle.

In terms of ability, he was still far below Qiao Zihao.

After all, Qiao Zihao drove a BMW.

It cost more than 500,000 dollars, so it was not cheap.

Seeing that Jingshus parents were wavering, Qiao Zihao was pleased.

He thought that he would definitely lose, but he did not expect that he would be able to seize another opportunity!

Look at this guy.

He was just an orphan, yet he still wanted to compete with me in terms of family background

Dream On!

Di Di!

At this moment, the Lykans headlights lit up.

The red scissor door opened, and everyone was stunned!

It was too cool!

“Oh my God, this is the Lykan 7, right” Gu Jingshu said with her eyes wide open.

“Thats right.

This car sells for 66 million yuan in China, and there are only seven of them in the world.

Its not something that can be driven with money alone,” Qiao Zihao introduced.

“As expected of Young Master Qins barbeque shop.

Theres actually such a rich man here to support it.

Ive never seen so much money in my life.”


Spending 66 million dollars to buy a car is not something that ordinary people can do,” Qiao Zihao said self-deprecatingly.

“I dont think I will ever have such a chance.”

“I dont dream to buy a car like this anymore.

I just want to sit inside,” Gu Jingwu said enviously.

“If you want to sit, then sit.

Its not a big deal,” Lin Yi said.

“Brother-in-law, dont make a scene.

The car door is already open, which means the owner is nearby.

If I get in, wont I be scolded”

“Lin Yi, what are you thinking!” Qiao Zihao questioned.

“People who can buy a car like this usually cherish their cars very much.

How could they freely let others sit in it I think youre deliberately making Jingwu look bad.

You really dont have good intentions!”

“This car is mine.

Whats wrong with letting him sit in it” Lin Yi smiled.

“I should have the right to determine my passengers.”

“What did you say! This car is yours !”

Lin Yi took out the car keys.

“Isnt it just a car Why cant it be mine”

“Impossible! Isnt your car a two-seater motorcycle”

“Can you find a third seat in my car”

Qiao Zihao was dumbfounded!

He felt like he was a retard.

Why did he ask such a stupid question

Supercars had two seats.

“Brother-in-law, youre too awesome.

You can actually afford a Lykan!”

Gu Jingwu did not know how to describe his feelings anymore.

It was simply awesome!

“Its just a car.

Dont make a fuss.

Its nothing amazing.”

“Brother-in-law is awesome,” Gu Jingwu said with a smile.

“Can I sit in your Lykan”

“Why should you sit in it You guys can take a taxi.

Ill go with Lin Yi,” Gu Jingshu said.

At this time, Gu Jingshu was not in good condition either.

She was holding her forehead, pretending to be calm.

The Gu family did not care about this detail because Gu Jingshu normally could not drink.

She could typically only drink one cup.

It was normal for her to be in such a state after that.

Besides, Lin Yi was still by her side, so she did not have to worry about anything.

“Sis, please let me sit just this once.” Gu Jingwu begged.

“Alright, Little Wu, dont cause any more trouble.” Gu Jingshus mother said, “Lets take a taxi.”


“No, I have a ready-made car here.

Why do you need to take a taxi”

Qiao Zihao opened the car door, ready to welcome Gu Jingshus parents.

This was his last chance, if he did not fight for it, he would really be finished!

Seeing Qiao Zihaos enthusiasm, the Gu family could not refuse, so they got into his car.

After Qiao Zihao and the others left, Gu Jingshu could not hold on any longer.

“Lin Yi, help me, I cant stand anymore.”


Lin Yi reached out to help Gu Jingshu up.

The latters entire body was leaning on him.

“You hold on for a while.

Ill help you get into the car.”

“Okay.” Gu Jingshu said in a muffled voice.

“Actually, I can drink a little, but I dont know whats wrong with me.

I cant hold on after drinking just half a cup, and I feel really hot.”

“Wait, dont pull your clothes off.

Lets talk about it after we get into the car.”

“I dont want to get into the car right now.

I want to get some fresh air outside,” Gu Jingshu said.

“Alright, lets find a step to sit down on.”

Lin Yi locked the car again.

It was impossible for him to leave since he had to deal with Gu Jingshu first.

Just then, a white Audi A6 parked in the parking lot, and a young woman got out.

The two women were not old.

One of them was wearing a long dress and had an outstanding figure.

Her facial features were exquisite and three-dimensional, which made her especially eye-catching.

Her temperament was especially attractive.

The woman in the long dress was called Sugar, the Director of the Youth League Committee of Zhonghai Normal University.

The other one was Song Jia, a colleague of Sugar and the secretary of the Youth League Committee of Zhonghai Normal University.

“Sister Su, there should be fewer people coming at this time.

Lets go in quickly.”

“We just ate hotpot yesterday, and now were here to eat barbecue.

Arent you getting tired of it” Sugar said.

“This barbecue shop is different.

It was opened by Qin Han.

We have to come and have a taste.”.

“Qin Han Who us that”

“No way.

You dont even know the famous Qin Han He is a second-generation rich kid who is as famous as Principal Wang!” Song Jia complained.

“You are too lonely and ignorant.”

“My time is being taken up by work, I dont have time to pay attention to these things.” Sugar said.

“Why are you still standing there Lets go.”

“Wait, Sister Su, look over there, theres a little brother.

Hes so handsome.”

Looking in the direction Song Jia had pointed at, Sugar instantly saw Lin Yi and Gu Jingshu sitting on the steps.

“Whats the use of being handsome Hes obviously a scumbag.”Sugar said in disdain.


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