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“Ive already cleared your desk for you.

Have a seat over there,” the male teacher said.

“Let me introduce myself first.

My name is Li Xingbang, and this is Song Jia.

There are four other people who are currently busy.

You can meet them when they come back.”

“Okay, thank you, Teacher Li,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

His new colleague wasnt too bad.

They should be able to get along very well in the future.

“Teacher Song”

Seeing that Song Jia was still in a daze, Li Xingbang probed.

“Brother Li, you called for me.”

“Why are you still in a daze” Li Xingbang teased, “Whats the matter When you saw that teacher Xiao Lins looks are outstanding, did you get any ulterior ideas”

“No, no.” Song Jia said nervously, “Brother Li, youre already an adult, yet youre still making fun of me.

Thats too unkind.”

Li Xingbang laughed out loud.

“Teacher Lin just came to work and doesnt know anything.

Give him a brief introduction of the work of the schools Youth League Committee.”

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“Oh, okay.”

Song Jia answered randomly, she said, “The main work of the schools Youth League Committee is to manage the student organization, be in charge of the ideological publicity, run student job creation organizations, and implement the various policies and guidelines of the schools leadership.

Other than that, there are some other jobs that I cant explain in detail.

Youll slowly become familiar with them over time.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Thats all for now.

As for the specific job that Ill arrange for you, itll depend on the directors arrangements.”

“Got it.”

Then, Li Xingbang went to the filing cabinet and prepared a set of office supplies for Lin Yi.

“Xiao Lin, tell me the size of your clothes later, and Ill apply for a set of work clothes for you.”

“Okay, thank you, Brother Li.”

“Youre welcome.

Well be colleagues from now on.”

After a simple exchange, the people in the office began to busy themselves.

Song Jia held her phone and sent a WeChat message to Suge.

Song Jia, “Sister Su, when are you arriving at the office Something big just happened!” Followed by a frightened expression.

Sugar, “Ive already entered the school gate.

“What Happened”

Song Jia, “Do you still remember that handsome guy we saw at the entrance of the barbecue restaurant yesterday”

Sugar, “Your Infatuation has blinded you again, right Hes clearly a scumbag.”

Song Jia, “But hes the new member of the schools committee who was hired yesterday! Hes already in the office.”

Suagr, “No Way.

What a coincidence!”

Song Jia, “I couldnt believe it at first glance either, but I wasnt mistaken.

Its really him.”

Sugar, “Just find an excuse to get rid of him.

I dont want a person with bad conduct to work in the schools Youth League Committee.”

Song Jia, “But he already passed the interview, so we dont have the right to dismiss him.”

Sugar, “Isnt there a probation period Ill report it to the school afterwards and say that he didnt pass the probation.”

Song Jia, “Sis Su, the probation clause in the contract is just a formality.

There are so many teachers in our school, but we havent seen anyone who didnt pass the probation period.”

Suagr, “Thats it, hes the first one.”

Not long after, the office door was pushed open and Suge walked in.

Lin Yi quickly realized that he had a female boss this time.

She was tall and slender, with a voluptuous figure.

Her eyes were like autumn water, and her eyebrows were like distant mountains.

Her white dress covered her exquisite curves perfectly, giving her the demeanor of a female executive.

Li Xingbang stood up after Sugar entered.

“Miss Lin, allow me to introduce you.

This is Director Sugar from our school committee.”

As he spoke, he turned to Sugar

“Director Su, this is the newly-hired School Committees Secretary, Lin Yi.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Sygar glanced at Lin Yi indifferently, her beautiful eyes filled with disdain.

She then walked back to her office in her high heels.


Lin Yi was a little confused.

Was Director Su on her period

He had only just come to work, yet this was her attitude

Did she look like her ex-boyfriend

Sugar returned to her office, and Song Jia followed closely behind.

“Sister Su, have you thought about how to deal with it”

“Do you need to think about it Just find a random reason to get rid of him.”

Song Jia curled her lips.

Judging from Sister Sus attitude, she was determined to chase Lin Yi away.

In the office, Sugar took off her dress and took out the uniform from her wardrobe before putting it on.

“Sis Su, do you need me to help you with your buttons”

“Dont be so rude.

Do you ever need help with your buttons”

“Its mainly because my assets are too small, so I dont feel anything when buttoning up,” Song Jia teased.

“Its not like you, Sis Su.

You can even pop the buttons just by flexing.”

“Go, go, go.

You even dare to joke with me.

Would you believe me if I said Id deduct your salary”

Sugar was also a little puzzled.

Her food and clothes were not any better than normal peoples, so how did she grow so big

If he did not wear a smaller size, he would not be able to wear his work uniform.

Song Jia chuckled and asked in a low voice,

“Sister Su, do you think what happened yesterday could be a misunderstanding”

“A misunderstanding”Suge asked.

“You mean, he got that woman drunk, sent her to a hotel to rest, and then left alone”

“Yes, thats what I meant.”

“Are you really stupid or pretending to be”Suge was speechless.

“If it were you, would you do that”

“I dont think so.”

“Thats it then.”

“But hes really handsome.

He can still look good in the office,” Song Jia said as though she were smitten.

“If you dont even have this bit of willpower, be careful that he doesnt hurt you one day.”

Song Jia pursed her lips and complained in her heart, “Hes so handsome.

Its okay to be hurt once in a while, as long as there are no accidents.”

“By the way, how are the graduates from the Tourism Academy handling the internship employment” Sugar asked.

“Only the students majoring in hotel management have yet to find aplace for an internship.

Were trying to get in touch with them.”

“Arent there any suitable employers”

“Yes, there are.

However, those units dont want to pay, and they take care of their own food and accommodation.

We havent been able to reach an agreement,” Song Jia said helplessly.

“These people are too evil.

Are they treating our students as coolies”

“You can say that.

In any case, we only have one major left who doesnt have internships.

The higher-ups have grilled me many times about this, and I dont know how to deal with them.”

“Give me the specific list, and Ill handle this.”

“Okay, Ill send it to your email.”

After a simple discussion, Song Jia returned to her seat with a face full of regret.

With Sister Sus temper, she definitely would not keep Lin Yi around.

Sigh… too pitiful.

Not long after, Sugar walked out with a few pieces of A4 paper and placed them in Lin Yis office.

“Teacher Lin, I have a task for you now,” Sugar said lightly.

Song Jia and Li Xingbang glanced at the A4 paper on the table and saw that it was a list of graduates from the hotel management major.

Both of them had a bad premonition in their hearts.

Was Lin Yi supposed to contact the internship unit

Wasnt that ridiculous He had not even learned the details of the school committees work on the first day, and he was already asking him to contact the internship unit

It was asking for too much!


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