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The office was completely silent!

Everyone was shocked by Lin Yis words!

Wasnt this a little too crazy

Guan Ya clenched her fists tightly.

She knew that this was her chance!

Now that the conditions were good enough, the rest was up to her to seize this opportunity!

Lin Yi was not in a hurry.

On the contrary, he was very satisfied with Guan Yas attitude!

If she agreed right away, then he would have to seriously consider whether to cooperate with them.

The silence lasted for more than three minutes.

Guan Ya looked at Lin Yi with a burning gaze and enunciated each word clearly.

“If Lin can really come up with 800 million dollars, Im confident that Wangjiang Dock will be ten years ahead of the industry, or even more!”


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Lin Yi said, “Ill pay 200 million in advance, and Ill pay according to the progress of the project in the later stages.”

Lin Yi had learned this method of payment from Chaoyang Group.

Party As project funds were paid in batches, not in one lump sum.

“No problem.

As long as Lins project funds can keep up, Im confident that I can complete this mission.”

“Alright, thats it for today then.

You guys go back and plan the second phase of the project.

Come up with the plan as soon as possible.

Dont drag it out for too long.”

“Alright, Ill do it as soon as possible.”

Lin Yi nodded and got up.

He left Wangjiang Dock under the escort of a group of executives.

Yaluos designers stayed in the meeting room.

They had not calmed down yet.

This short meeting was like a roller coaster for Guan Ya.

It was too exciting.

“Director Guan, do you know who this Lin Yi is Isnt his ambition a little too big”

“Its not just big, its already beyond our imagination.”

Recalling the conversation with Lin Yi, Guan Ya had a premonition that the man who had just left might change the world!

Lin Yi did some calculations in his mind as he left Wangjiang Dock and went to his Shari.

The system had rewarded him with 500 million, he had given the orphanage 100 million, bought cars in Yangcheng for 150 million, and had about 250 million on hands.

He only had 50 million left after deducting the money hed paid in advance for the project.

It was really an expensive job.

As expected, even with the system, he was still poor.

There were 80,000 characters in the world, and the wordpoor was the most hurtful one.

After sorting out the matters in front of him, Lin Yi called Tianlong.

“Director Lin, you called me.” Tianlong said with a smile on the phone.

“Wait for me at the entrance of Zhonghai Normal University.”

“Is there another mission”

“Yes, Ill tell you the details when we meet,” Lin Yi said.

“By the way, buy two boxes of Mrs.

Oral Liquid before you come here.

After that, you can get the financial department to reimburse you.”

“Got it, Boss Lin.

Ill go now.”

After giving out the orders, Lin Yi looked at his watch.

The Peninsula Hotel was not far from the university, so Tianlong Wang would be there soon.

He had to hurry up.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would be able to settle this matter before noon.


Zhonghai Normal University, College Committee office.

Dang dang dang.

“Come in.”

Somebody knocked on the door, and a middle-aged man in blue uniform came in from outside.

“Teacher Li, didnt you ask for a uniform this morning I brought it for you.”

“Sure, thank you, Wang Gong.”

“Youre welcome.” The middle-aged man smiled.

“Here you go.

Im leaving now.”

When she saw that the uniform had been sent over, Song Jia said.

“Li Bro, I think you should send this uniform back.

Lin Yi wont have the chance to wear it.”

“Thats not good.

I already said Id apply for his uniform.

It would be bad if theres no movement on that part.” Li Xingbang said awkwardly.

“Director Su gave him three days.

To be honest, hell be gone in three days.

Itd be a waste to apply for his uniform.”

Song Jia did not want Lin Yi to leave either, but if sister Su did not want him to stay, then he would have to leave.

There was no way an arm could beat a thigh.

“Sigh…” Xingbang sighed and agreed.

“Lets keep it for now.

Well have time to send his clothes back when Teacher Lin really leaves.”

It was Lin Yis first day at work, but Li Xingbang thought that Lin Yi was a nice guy.

He was easy to get along with, and he did not want him to leave just like that.

“Thats impossible,”song Jia said.

“Were not the only ones working hard on this.

Even Director Su is trying to think of a way to take care of this.

Its been months, and we still dont have a clue how.

Lin Yi is a newcomer, and he doesnt have any experience.

Its impossible for him to secure the internships right now.”

“Why do I feel like Director Su is purposely making things difficult for Lin Yi Its only their first day meeting, so there shouldnt be any enmity between them.”

“I dont know about that,” Song Jia Lied.

“I only know that Director Su doesnt want to keep him.

If its possible, she doesnt want him to stay in the office for the next three days either.”

“Sigh, although Lin is good-looking, he seems to be quite down-to-earth.

Hes not impatient at all, and hes perfect for the group committee.

Itd be a pity if he leaves.”

Song Jia shrugged.

“Theres nothing we can do about it.

Its only a matter of time before he leaves.

No one can stop it now.”

Thud thud thud.

The sound of high heels could be heard as Sugar walked out of his office.

“Lets go.

Its noon, so lets go eat ,” Sugar called out to Song Jia.


Brother Li, do you want to come along”

“Sure, Ill pack my things.

Lets go together.”

“Whats with the uniform Does someone want to change” Sugar asked.

“Li Bro prepared it for Lin Yi,” Song Jia replied.

“Li, return the uniform later.

Dont waste it,” Sugar said.

“Also, pack the office supplies on his desk.

Hell leave in a few days.

Theres no need to prepare these things for him.

Itll just be a waste.”

Li Xingbang curled his lips.

Song Jia was right.

Director Su really did not want to keep Lin Yi around.

“Got it, Director Su.

Ill pack up after eating.”

“Okay, lets go eat now.” Sugar combed her hair and prepared to leave.

Just then, the office door was pushed open and Lin Yi and Tianlong walked in.

The three of them were a little surprised to see Lin Yi back.

How long had it been since he had left.

Did he come back for lunch

Besides that, Tianlongs presence also made Sugar and the others suspicious.

Why did he bring an outsider into the committees office

Did he have any manners

Tianlong was a little nervous as he followed Lin Yi.

His eyes darted back and forth between Sugar and Song Jia.

One was pretty, petite, and cute, while the other was valiant and had a proud aura.

They were both considered beauties.

Which one was the boss going after

If he got it wrong, hed be screwed.


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