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“Lin Yi, this is the committee office.

Outsiders are not allowed in here.

Dont you know the rules” Sugar said.

Lin Yi pursed his lips.

It seemed like he had been correct in buying the Mrs.

Oral Liquid!

“Didnt you ask me to contact the internship department Now that Ive contacted them, cant I bring the people with me”

“What did you say Youve contacted the internship department”

“Yeah.” Lin Yi said as he sat on the sofa.

“His name is Wang Tianlong, the general manager of the Peninsula Hotel.

I dont understand the details of the internship for a graduate in hotel management, so you can just talk to him.”

“What did you say!”

“Hes the manager of the Peninsula Hotel !”

Sugar widened his beautiful eyes, disbelief written all over her pretty face.

The Peninsula Hotel was a super five-star hotel in Zhong Hai.

It was a super luxury hotel that could be ranked among the top three hotels in the city.

Lin Yi found the manager of the Peninsula Hotel!

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Did I mishear!

“Hello, let me introduce myself.

Im Wang Tianlong, the manager of the Peninsula Hotel.

Im in charge of all the hotel operations.”

Wang Tianlonghanded over a business card as he spoke, “Ive long heard of your schools name, and I believe in the quality of your graduates.

We can accept 32 graduates studying for a hotel management degree with a salary of 3,500, including room and board.

What do you think”

If Lin Yi was Qianlong, Tianlong Wang would definitely be the best candidate for he shen.

At the very least, he would be a eunuch director.


The reason why they increased the salary by 500 was to give face to their boss.

It did not matter if they lost some money, but they could not delay the old man from picking up girls.

“Huh They actually gave such a high salary”

Sugar and the others were dumbfounded.

They could not believe their ears.

In reality, their genuine requirements werent that high.

The company would either haveto pay for the internship, or they would have to pay for food and lodging.

Either way, the students had to be self-sufficient.

They just did not want the students to pay for the experience themselves.

However, now, not only was the hotel paying 3,500 for the internship, but they also provided food and lodging!

Even if they graduated and went out to look for a job right now, they would not get a better deal than this.

Most importantly, it was the super five-star Peninsula Hotel!

To put it bluntly, to be able to go to such an enterprise for an internship was very attractive, even if they did not pay a salary!

“If your school is dissatisfied with something, we will continue to talk,” Wang Tianlong said with a smile.

“No, no, no.

We are already very satisfied with this result.”

Sugar could not calm down for a long time.

She had been trying to look around for several months, but she found nothing suitable.

He had gone out for an entire morning, and he had actually found the manager of the Peninsula Hotel, and the latter had even given him such a generous treatment.

This… This was too amazing!

“You guys can talk about the specific details yourselves.

Its already noon.

Im going to eat.”

“Bro Lin, wait for me, Lets go together,” Xingbang said.

“Sure, Id enjoy some company.”

Lin Yi and Xing Bang left together, leaving Tianlong behind.

As for how they talked about it, that was up to them.

In short, once the internship contract was signed, the systems mission would be completed.

It was awesome.

The cafeteria used credit cards, so cash was not allowed.

Even so, Xingbang bought the lunch.

The two had just finished buying the items when the system notification rang in their minds.

[Mission completed.

Reward: 200,000 experience points.]

[Job completion: 20%.

Reward: Zhonghai Longxin Research Institute.]

Lin Yi was a little dumbfounded.

A research institute This reward was a little special!

Lin Yi did not know much about these things, so he quickly searched it up on Baidu with his phone.

After checking, he discovered that this place was really something.

He found out that this was a research institute that studied computers and mobile phone chips, focusing primarily on the CPU.

It was originally a research institute organized by the state, but because the research results could not meet the market demand, its funding gradually decreased.

The way the research institute was acquired was somewhat similar to what had happened to Wangjiang Dock.

They were all bought by individuals before being acquired by the system.

Lin Yi thought about it for a while.

Chinas chip industry had always been dated , and there was still a big gap between it and the rest of the world.

If it was possible, working hard on this field seemed like a good idea.

However, the only problem was that this was a real technical job.

It was not enough to just spend money, one had to really master real technology.

This was a bit difficult.

“Bro Lin, what are you thinking about Youve been staring blankly into space,” Li Xingbang said with a smile.

“Nothing, I was distracted just now.”

“Bro Lin, youre really something.

Youve only been working for half a day, and youve already solved this problem,” Li Xingbang said in a low voice.

“Let me tell you, even Director Su couldnt do anything about the internship for the hotel management majors.”

Lin Yi was even more certain that Sugar was making things difficult for him when he heard this.

She was an old fox who couldnt even handle it herself, yet she asked him to do it.

She was simply bullying him.

If it were anyone else, they definitely would not be able to do it.

The two boxes of Mrs.

Oral Liquid were really worth it.

Just then, Lin Yi saw Sugar and Song Jia walking towards him.

They were still holding the food they just bought, but their attention was focused on Lin Yi.

They wanted to know how Lin Yi managed to get Tianlong Wang.

It was unbelievable.

“Director Su, are you done with the internship details”

“Itll be done soon,” Sugar said.

“Manager Wang was very cooperative.

He accepted all our requests without any rebuttal.”

“Now I can be confirmed, right” Lin Yi asked lightly.

Sugar frowned.

Even though she did not know how Lin Yi did it, he still helped her solve a difficult problem.

He was not just putting on a show.

He was really something.

“Sure, Ill get Song Jia to help you with the procedures.”

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as Sugar finished speaking, the phone in her pocket rang.

“Teacher Shi, are you looking for me”

The caller was Shi Li, another teacher from the school league committee.

She had just returned from running an errand.

“Director Su, come and have a look.

Your car seems to be…”

“Huh Whats wrong with my car”

“I cant say for sure.

Youd better come and have a look.”

“Alright, Ill go over now.”

Confused, Sugar hung up the phone and said, “You guys go ahead and eat.

Ill go out for a while.”.

“Sister Su, I dont have much of an appetite.

Ill go with you to take a look,” Song Jia said.

“Lets go.”

After walking out of the cafeteria, the two of them went to the parking lot together and noticed that the students were pointing at them.

Sugar saw that there were two big boxes next to her car, and they were connected to the car with tape.


When she got closer, she saw it was two boxes of Mrs.

Oral Liquid!

Suddenly, Song Jia felt the air around her become a little cold, so she subconsciously distanced herself from Sugar.

“This damn guy! He actually put this thing next to my car!”


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