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At this moment, regardless of whether it was the big clans or the ordinary cultivators in Lin City, all of them were moved!

Regardless of whether their ultimate goal was for themselves, their families, or their descendants, they had to seize this chance to save their lives at such a critical moment!

This was because no one could guarantee that their own or their descendants cultivation would be free from problems for the rest of their lives.

Even if it was just for peace of mind, they still had to grab this Bright Heart Herb! Depending on its level, the herb could even affect everyone within a certain range.

The effect of it in the clan could be said to be the blessing of the ancestors!

“The starting price for the fifth-level herb, Bright Heart Herb is 10,000 spirit stones.

Each bid must not be less than 1,000 spirit stones!” Miao Qing added.

“15,000 spirit stones!” Qi Yuehengs breathing was erratic as he shouted.

He could not care less about who ended up with the Autumn Frost Sword Technique.

However, it was related to his life, his safety, and his health.

He had no choice but to take it seriously!

“30,000 spirit stones!”

You still want to fight with me Hmph! You little brat!

Bai Wuheng expressionlessly glanced at Qi Yueheng.

“40,000 spirit stones!”

This time, the bidder was Zhao Gongming.

His son, Zhao Yizhi, had always been unhappy with his cultivation due to his lack of talent.

For his sons future, he even acted as if he was determined to get the herb.

The atmosphere at the scene had reached a climax.

Even the itinerant cultivators from the three great clans, whom they had never looked at, suddenly stuck out their heads.

“45,000 spirit stones!”

They saw a person with a big and round waist, dressed in a red robe, with a golden python belt tied around his waist, and a melon-skin hat on his head.

He looked very festive.


“So, its an elder of the royal auction house.

Why did he leave the huge royal auction house alone and come to the Lin auction house” the moment Qi Yueheng saw that person clearly, he immediately asked.

“Didnt the little old man come here because of Lin Mos reputation Recently, he has been in the limelight.

Fortunately, he came today! The Bright Heart Herb has really moved my heart!”

“The number one clan in the northern part of the eastern continent.

This is truly worthy of its name.

This foundation makes people envious.

I cant help but admire it.”

The fat grand elder of the royal auction house shook his head, pointed at Miao Qing on the stage, and said with a smile.

Although many people in the crowd also wanted to participate in the auction, with their strength, how could they possibly be better than the grand elder of the royal auction house

As for the clan leaders of the three great clans, how could they not give face to the person-in-charge of the royal auction house

The elder, who saw that he was eager to hunt, also had a firm attitude at this time.

He raised the price and did not show any mercy.

In the end, he fought against the crowd and successfully bid for the item.

The Bright Heart Herb was sold to him at the price of 80,000 spirit stones.

[ Ding! Congratulations to host for successfully auctioning the fifth-level Bright Heart Herb! ]

[300 times the profit received! ]

[ Obtained top sixth-level Calming Heart Herb! ]

“Next, well proceed to the second last item, a fifth-levelCrystal Blood Mosquito Egg.

The starting price is 13,000 spirit stones.

Each bid must not be less than 1,000 spirit stones!”

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This fifth-level demonic beasts egg was a strange creature that came from the depths of the Black Iron Forest.

It had the ability to travel through time and space and transmit information to each other.

In other words, if one obtained this egg, one would be able to obtain a large group of eggs through cultivation.

Moreover, the eggs were connected hence even in places covered by restrictive powers, the eggs could still transmit information.

When exploring outside, under certain circumstances, such a treasure would appear extremely important!

“17,000 spirit stones!”

“20,000 spirit stones!”

“28,000 spirit stones!”

Although its uses were very unique, the previous few items were too precious.

Moreover, the cultivation process of demonic beasts was extremely difficult, and the cost was extremely high.

The final price of the Crystal Blood Mosquito Egg was only 40,000 spirit stones.

Lin Mo felt that this was because Lin City did not have the inheritance of a familiar clan like the Du clan of Qingyang City.

Otherwise, the price would definitely go up another level.

[ Ding! Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the fifth-level demonic beast Crystal Blood Mosquito Egg! ]

[ You have received 800 times the rebate! ]

[ You have obtained sixth-level demonic beast Crystal Blood Mosquito Egg! ]

“Next, the final item to be auctioned, a sixth-level Eight Directions Forbidden Array.”

“The starting price is 20,000 spirit stones.

Each bid must not be less than 5,000 spirit stones!”

In this first auction at the Lin clan auction house, Lin Mo could be said to have spent all of his wealth!

This Eight Directions Forbidden Array was a part of the large amount of assets that the Miao clan had.

It was originally hidden in an ancient book.

If not for the systems prompt, Lin Mo would not have been able to discover it.

At this moment, the second elder below the stage was so angry that he almost gritted his teeth!

“I dont believe it! A mere man like Lin Mo is just a newcomer.

He has just arrived in Lin City.

How can he have such a deep foundation

“How can he have such a wide network Its only the first day, and someone has entrusted the Eight Directions Forbidden Array to him for auction”

“Third elder! After you go back, immediately investigate where did he get this item!”

Standing behind the second elder, the third elder hurriedly nodded when he heard that.

The Eight Directions Forbidden Array was a type of ancient array that was said to have the ability to isolate all spells and subdue beasts within an area.

It was also the most commonly used array formation in the Forbidden Land of Life.

“Oh, theres a sixth-level defensive array formation, the Eight Directions Forbidden Array! Looks like even the heavens want to give me a chance!”

Bai Wuheng no longer looked as calm as before.

Instead, his eyes were bloodshot as he excitedly looked at the auction tray on the stage.

Miao Qing removed the red silk cloth from the tray beside him and a wooden disc appeared.

The disc was blurry and one could only see dense lines with unknown meanings engraved on it.

There were also strange rays of light flowing within it from time to time.

Everyone could also sense the intense energy contained within it.

Even the qi in their bodies was obstructed from circulating!

This was an auction item specially prepared for large-scale factions.

Countless people silently pondered in their hearts.

Although they were unable to participate in the bid, they enjoyed watching the others battle for it.

“30,000 spirit stones!” Clan leader Qi Yueheng was the first to bid.

“40,000 spirit stones!”

“60,000 spirit stones!”

After a few rounds of bidding, the price of the bid quickly rose to 100,000 spirit stones!

The battle of the pinnacle began!


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