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There was no curfew in Lin City at night.

There were still many pedestrians strolling on the long street, enjoying the prosperity of the second largest city in the north of the East Continent.

There were many people on the brightly-lit avenue.

In fact, there were also many people in the dark alleys.

After Lin Huaiyuan finished his conversation with his father, Lin Yuanbai, he directly left the Lin clan and entered the alley.

After several twists and turns, he arrived at an inn in a remote place.

Lin Huaiyuan did not go through the front door.

Instead, he jumped onto the roof.

With his feet hooked on the beam under the eaves, he stretched out his right hand and knocked five times in front of a window.

The next moment, that window opened leisurely.

Lin Huaiyuan jumped in without hesitation.

“Eldest Brother! Second Brother! Third Brother! Senior Brother Lu Gan! Senior Brother Yu Shenkong!” Lin Huaiyuan greeted over 10 people in the room one by one.

“Junior Brother Lin, why did you come so late Master said that there was a prosperous event waiting for us here.

Fortunately, I sneaked into Masters study.

You wouldnt know what I found!” second senior brother Su Zhican said with a mysterious look.

Lin Huaiyuan glanced back and forth at the other people present.

First senior brother Zhao Liren and third senior brother Jonas were also looking at him quietly as if they were waiting for his answer.

“I dont understand the reason! Please enlighten me! However, no matter what the real reason is, Im on the same side as the other senior brothers!”

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Lin Huaiyuan understood that this was not the key.

The key was that these senior brothers were testing him.

After figuring it out, he admitted it frankly.

“Hahaha, good! I knew that youre not stubborn! Those who stick to cultivation should cultivate diligently,” second senior brother Su Zhican said with a resentful tone as if he meant something.

Meanwhile, the others in the room did not say anything.

“I found a secret letter from the sacred land of Shenji in Masters study!”

“What! The sacred land of Shenji”

“Isnt that the sacred land that can pry into the secrets of heaven and earth and predict the future of the era”

“What did they say in the letter, Eldest Senior Brother” Lin Huaiyuan asked hurriedly.

After all, this was related to the future of his clan.

“There are no words in that letter! Theres only a picture.

Whats weird is that it seems to be seen from the lake.

The sun, the moon, and the stars are below, but the mountains and lakes are above” second senior brother, Su Zhican, also scratched his head and said in a calm and doubtful tone, because he did not understand the meaning of this picture.

Lin Huaiyuan thought for a long time but still could not figure it out.

Therefore, he turned around and said to over 10 people in the room, “Senior Brothers, since Master said that wealth is waiting for us in the human world, why not start from Lin City”

“Thats exactly what we thought.

After all, Junior Brother Lin is the richest among us.

Otherwise, we wouldnt follow him to Lin City!”

“But weve been cultivating for many years and dont care about the affairs of the world.

Where exactly is this wealth I still have no clue!” eldest senior brother Zhao Liren shook his head and asked with frustration.

“Eldest Senior Brother, please dont do that.

Thank you for your trust! Junior Brother, you have a chance to become rich.

I wonder if youd want to”

“Oh What is it Tell me!”

Eldest senior brother Zhao Liren hurriedly looked over.

Therefore, Lin Huaiyuan briefly recounted what Lin Mo had done recently.

Then, he looked at his senior brothers and said, “Senior Brothers, if we can remove Lin Mo from the position of the owner of the Lin auction house and help my father take over the Lin clan, then I can give five years worth of taxes in Lin City to all the Senior Brothers present here!”


“What do you think”

Although Lin Huaiyuan seemed to be asking for his senior brothers opinion, he had already made up his mind.

First senior brother Zhao Liren, second senior brother Su Zhican, and third senior brother Jonas exchanged a glance.

When they were cultivating in the sect, they were not even on the same mountain.

However, they felt powerful enough to establish their own sect after leaving the mountain.

Therefore, they called each other senior brothers.

“Since Junior Brother Huaiyuan has such an awareness, how could I refuse Well do as you say!”

“Exactly! How dare an ant who has just entered the dragon transformation realm disrespect us Hes really tired of living!”

“How dare someone bully Junior Brothers family members Ill teach him a lesson for you.

Ill twist that brats head back and kick it for you!”

“Senior Brothers! Junior Brother said that he bravely wanted to kill Lin Mo to vent his anger.

I wonder what Senior Brothers opinion is”

The people in the room started to whisper to each other.

In a short while, Lu Gan and Yu Shenkong stood out and cupped their fists with both hands as they said to senior martial brother Zhao Liren.

“Good! Since the two Junior Brothers have such thoughts, then Im extremely gratified! Both of you are at the ninth-level of dragon transformation realm with a solid foundation.

Dealing with a brat who has just entered the soul formation realm is a piece of cake.

Then Ill wait for your good news here!”

Eldest martial brother Zhao Liren glanced at Lu Gan and Yu Shenkong before nodding his head vigorously.

Their target was merely a brat who had entered the dragon transformation realm.

It was not worth his attention, much less for him to take action personally! It was more fitting to let his junior brother handle this matter.

Therefore, the two of them left the room and headed for the Lin auction house.

Even though Lin Huaiyuan wanted to give them the key to the back door of the Lin auction house, he was rejected by them.

Under the silver moon, a clear and cold light poured down.

Two figures jumped into the room one after another through the window, but none of the defensive and detection methods in the room were triggered!

The two of them also appeared in the warehouse of the Lin auction house without making a single sound.

One of them wiped his eyes with his left hand and immediately emitted a faint red glow.

After scanning the surroundings, one of them shook his head in disappointment at the other.

Thus, the two of them swaggered out of the warehouses main entrance.

It was as if they did not pay attention to the situation here.

In their eyes, all of this did not matter.

It was as if everything was as it should be.

After looking through a few warehouses, they did not find anything.

The two of them looked at each other and decided to split up.

They were already impatient!

After a while, one of them stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers.

Not long after, the other person appeared beside him.

After that, one of them stretched out his hand and drew a line.

A light green light flashed.

The warehouse door that stored precious auction items suddenly opened.

The lock made of fine steel did not have any effect at all.


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