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After that, the two of them decisively stepped into the warehouse.

After looking around, their eyes were filled with excitement.

They grabbed the brocade box on the shelf next to them and put it into the bag behind them.

“Senior Brother, I never thought that there would be so many good things in this place! Fortunately, we were quick-witted and decided to loot this place first!”

“Dont talk so much.

Hurry up.

Dont forget that we still have to kill people!”

“You two are really powerful! Even this steel door cant defend against you!”

A voice suddenly came from behind the two who were working hard, followed by the sound of a deep breath.

“Youre courting death!”

One of the black shadows turned his head and looked at the person at the door.

He gritted his teeth and said in a cold tone.

He pulled from his back.

A long sword instantly appeared in his hand.

At the same time, he quickly rushed over.

After taking a look at the targets position, he saw that persons right hand slide over from top to bottom.

A green arc of light flashed in the air!

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Seeing that the enemy was coming over, Yan Rongs eyes showed no fear.

He took out his weapon and struck out with his rod.

After a hasty attack, the two were evenly matched.

“Seventh-level dragon transformation realm strength… Who are you There shouldnt be people with such level in this place!” Yu Shenkong looked at Yan Rong and said in puzzlement.

“To be able to fight to a draw with me, a ninth-level dragon transformation realm, it seems that your cultivation is quite high-level.

But in a while, youll be defeated by me!”

Lu Gan also walked over.

Then, the two watched Yan Rong suddenly attack at the same time.

Lu Gan used a pair of iron fists, causing a whistling sound in the air.

It was obvious that his power was strong.

As for Yu Shenkongs longsword, it was as graceful as the wind and like a shadow.

Yan Rong was indeed worthy of being a disciple of one of the nine great holy lands.

Even when facing the pincer attacks of two people whose strength surpassed his own, he was able to fight evenly with them.

“Looking at the way you two are dressed, you dont look like assassins or thieves.

Tell me your names! If there really is a problem, I can plead for you with the owner.

Perhaps we can deal with todays matter easily!”

“Still calling him the owner The two of us are here today to take his life!” Yu Shenkong said with disdain.

“Since you dare to speak so rudely about the owner, then dont blame me for not being polite!”

Yan Rong, who had been treated as a good Samaritan, felt his heart sink.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and the rod in his hand attacked more frequently.

It even left afterimages in the air.

Seeing that the mysterious person who had suddenly appeared was being pincer attacked by the two of them, Yu Shenkong, who seemed to have already known that the mission today would not go smoothly, gradually gained the upper hand.

Yu Shenkong seemed to have made up his mind as he suddenly shouted, “Junior Brother Lu Gan! Get out of the way!”

Then, he reached out and took out an orange stone from his chest.

Then, without any hesitation, he aimed at Yan Rong and threw it out!

As soon as Yu Shenkong finished his sentence, Lu Gan threw Yan Rong, who was fighting with him, to the side and dodged.

The moment the orange stone was thrown by Yu Shenkong, it emitted a bright orange-yellow light, and its aura gradually became intense.

The explosive stone contained a large amount of violent fire elements.

As long as one used a little yuan qi to stimulate it, a violent explosion would occur after three breaths.

Its power was comparable to the full strength of a ninth-level powerhouse of the dragon transformation realm.

Yan Rong noticed the thing that Yu Shenkong threw at him from the corner of his eye.

He snorted lightly and said, “You want to deal with me with just a small explosive stone”

As he said that, he raised the rod in his hand and poked the tip.

The rod gradually emitted a faint blue luster.


Suddenly, Yan Rongs entire body jolted!

Even his hand that was reaching out paused for a moment.

Even so, his actions did not seem to be affected much.

The rod continued thrusting out as though it was carrying out its mission.

Through the activation of the qi in Yu Shenkongs body, the fluctuation of the explosive flame stone had reached its peak.

It was about to explode at the next moment, but it had come into contact with Yan Rongs rod!

Following that, in the blink of an eye, the azure glow on the rod enveloped the unstable fluctuation on the flame stone and quickly suppressed it.

The explosive flame stone that had already been stimulated was forcefully suppressed.

At this instant, Lu Gan and Yu Shenkong had also noticed Yan Rongs flaw! The danger was imminent!

Just as Yan Rong sealed the explosive flame stone, Lu Gan and Yu Shenkong attacked at the same time.

The two of them, one on the left and one on the right, attacked at the same time with a longsword and an iron fist.

They were about to land on Yan Rongs body.

Although he was in danger, Yan Rong was still as calm as a breeze.

He did not seem to care about his situation.

He slightly raised his rod and drew a strange arc in the air.

From the trajectory, it seemed that he would be able to block all the attacks.

However, his body trembled violently again.

This time, it was even more intense.

Blood even flowed out from the corner of Yan Rongs mouth!

“Hehe, prepare to die!”

Seeing that he could no longer block the attacks, Yan Rong could only close his eyes helplessly.

He had already tried his best, but in the end, he was no match for the two of them.

If it was not for the restriction in his body, then there was still a chance for him to win this battle, right

Thinking about his life, although Yan Rong had lived a miserable life, he felt that he was worthy of the heavens and earth and worthy of his master! However, not being able to clear his masters name was a great regret in his life.

Dying here today could be considered as not disgracing his masters usual teachings!

“This life is over!” Closing his eyes, Yan Rong began to wait for the final moment of his death.

However, after waiting for a long time, he did not feel any pain as he had expected.

Instead, he heard two heavy objects falling to the ground in front of him and being dragged along.

Opening his eyes in surprise, Yan Rong discovered that the two people who had fought with him previously had been thrown more than twenty meters away.

They had even left two black scratches on the ground!

This… They were staring behind him in disbelief.

‘Whats happening behind me

Yan Rong turned back to look, only to discover that it was the auction house owner, Lin Mo.

“Why are you here” Yan Rong, who had been saved by Lin Mo, asked somewhat awkwardly.

“Hmph, if I dont come now, youll be killed by them!”

Lin Mo glanced at him, then walked forward.

Lin Mo possessed many top level cultivation and sword techniques.

He was definitely able to easily defeat these people!

“Looks like some people really dont give up on their evil intentions! Since they cant win in the open, theyre going to play dirty, right” Lin Mo muttered as he walked.


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