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“Are you injured” Lin Mo looked at Yan Rong and asked.

Previously, when Lu Gan and Yu Shenkong entered the Lin auction house, Lin Mo had noticed them.

However, he did not make a move immediately.

Instead, he followed them to see what their motives were.

What happened next made him feel extremely gratified.

Not long after, Yan Rong discovered the abnormality in the warehouse and immediately headed there to fight with the other party!

With the strength of a mere seventh-level dragon transformation realm, not only was he not at a disadvantage when fighting with the other party who was at the ninth level of the dragon transformation realm, he even gradually gained the upper hand and showed signs of suppressing the two of them.

However, Lin Mo did not know what happened mid-way.

Yan Rongs body paused twice and caused two mistakes which resulted in grave consequences.

It even caused him to almost lose his life!

When Lin Mo saw the fresh blood spewing out from the corner of Yan Rongs mouth, he understood that this disciple who wanted to avenge his master was probably already heavily injured before coming to Lin City!

Therefore, Lin Mo did not wait any longer.

Instead, he personally made a move and used the might of lightning to shatter the enemys conspiracy.

“I wont hide it from you! Previously, when I was traveling outside, I got into an argument with a group of bandits.

To save the innocent villagers, I fought with them.

Although I managed to save the villagers in the end, I suffer some internal injuries.

“You still believe in my strength.

After I recuperate, I definitely wont end up like today, almost losing my life to those two rats!” Having said that, Yan Rong lowered his head in shame.

It was not as simple as just suffering a little internal injury! Back then, Yan Rong had fought with the mountain bandit leader, but because the other party had a large number of people and Yan Rong still had to take care of the villagers, he could only fight while retreating.

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Although he had stopped the many bandits who wanted to pursue him with his own strength, he had also been struck by the mountain bandit leaders palm.

The qi that had been stuck into his body contained a damaging explosive power.

After that, Yan Rong even used the remaining medicinal pills to seal that power.

During the battle previously, it was also because he had used too much strength that caused the medicinal pills seal to loosen.

The destructive power had affected his movements, which resulted in the two dangerous incidents earlier.

“Thats not what I meant! I believe in your strength, but I also believe in your vision.

Youre already heavily injured, yet youre still so dutiful in fighting the enemy.

Come! I have a pill here.

Eat it.

It should be able to heal the injuries in your body!” as he spoke, Lin Mo took out a snow-white pill the size of longan and handed it to Yan Rong.

Since he had already decided to let this person be his guard, then Lin Mo trusted him.

To protect his auction houses collection, the other party had almost lost his life.

So what if he gave him a pill to treat his internal injuries

Looking at Lin Mo who not only did not blame him but also handed him the healing pill in a friendly manner, Yan Rong suddenly knelt on the ground with a red face.

“Youve done me such a great favor.

I really cant repay you! Ive let down your trust.

Today, Ill perform a blood oath.

No matter what happens in the future, Ill always be loyal to you!”

Saying that, without waiting for Lin Mos reaction, Yan Rong bit his right index finger and quickly drew a few mysterious lines on his left palm.

Then, Lin Mo saw a drop of bright red blood squeezed out from between Yan Rongs eyebrows and flew toward him.

“Please accept it, Master!”

It was Yan Rongs years of wandering outside and being bullied that made him have a deep understanding of human nature.

It was Lin Mos trust and behavior that touched him.

Looking at Yan Rong kneeling in front of him and seeing his determined look without raising his head, Lin Mo sighed lightly.

He knew that he could not refuse, so he accepted the blood.

If he did not accept it, not only would he hurt Yan Rongs heart but he would also not accept the pill!

From what Lin Mo could sense, the injuries in Yan Rongs body were very serious.

If he did not take the pill, there was even a possibility of sudden death!

As the blood merged into his palm, a thin thread of blood appeared in Lin Mos mind.

When he sensed the existence of the thread of blood, Lin Mo understood that from this moment on, he had complete control over Yan Rongs life.

No matter how far apart the two of them were and what kind of obstacles they faced, with a single thought from Lin Mo, Yan Rong would die and his dao would vanish!

Only at this moment, when he saw Lin Mo accept the blood drop that symbolized loyalty, did Yan Rong look at the snow-white medicinal pill in front of him.

This medicinal pill was also the last remaining stock that Lin Mo had gathered from the Miao clan.

It contained a powerful life force.

After swallowing the medicinal pill in one gulp, Yan Rong sat cross-legged on the ground and assumed a cultivation posture.

A wave of impure vital energy and the life force of all living things erupted from his lower abdomen.

It was like spring rain, nourishing every inch of Yan Rongs body, replenishing energy in every meridian.

Even the injuries caused by the mountain bandit leaders qi were being rapidly eroded and expelled!

In a short while, the mutated qi that had been sealed had all dissipated.

Meanwhile, the rich vitality contained in the medicinal pills was also rapidly repairing all the injuries.


Yan Rong let out a long breath.

The dense white breath was more than three feet away from his body, yet it was still condensed and did not disperse.

It was enough to show that his martial arts were profound!

After that, Yan Rong opened his eyes and looked at Lin Mo with a ruddy face.

At this moment, he felt that he had never been in such a good state!

His entire body was filled with strength.

Even the slightest injury had been healed, and the vital qi in his dantian was pure and gentle.

“Thank you, Master, for the medicine!”

Yan Rong was so excited that his eyes were filled with tears, and he knelt to Lin Mo again.

“Master, these are the items on the two of them!”

Miao Qing walked in with a tray in his hand.

There were two books on it, as well as some scattered raw stones and a longsword.

“Heh, they sure are clean!”

“A bunch of paupers!”

There were two books in total.

One was the Pure and Exquisite Divine Art, while the other was the Gale Divine Breath Slash.

It seemed like these were the cultivation techniques that the two of them were cultivating.

They were both fifth-level cultivation techniques.

After flipping through the cultivation technique manuals twice, he placed them beside him.

Lin Mo said to Miao Qing, “Im going to cultivate now.

Dont call me before the next official auction starts!

“Also, tomorrow, youll send three VIP cards to the three great clans that bid the highest at todays auction.

“Remember to tell them that with the VIP cards, theyll be able to obtain the list of auction items in advance.

If theres anything that they wish to entrust to our auction house to auction, well only take a 10% commission.”

“Master, then the Bai clan… Should we still give them the VIP card”

Miao Qing asked hesitantly.

He had quite an impression of the three people who had bid the highest today.

Naturally, he was willing to give them the VIP card.

However, if the other party was the Bai clan who had already formed a grudge with his master, then he would not be happy.

“Give it to them! If they dont come, we wont be able to complete our plans!” Lin Mo said in an unfathomable manner.

“Yes, Master!”

Although Miao Qing was a little unwilling, he still decided to carry out Lin Mos orders loyally.

After Miao Qing left, Lin Mo looked at the Gale Divine Breath Slash in his hand.

He decided to first cultivate the Four Seasons Sword Technique that the system had returned.

These two cultivation techniques could be auctioned off at the next auction, and he could cultivate and return them later.

Opening the Four Seasons Sword Technique in his mind, he saw that it was a top eighth-level sword technique.

The Four Seasons Sword Technique, as its name implied, was divided into four parts.

They were all sixth-level Autumn Frost Sword Technique, Spring Thunder Sword Technique, Summer Sea Sword Technique, and Winter Fur Sword Technique.

According to the description in the sword manual, if all four parts could be cultivated, there was a chance to comprehend a new skill called Spring and Autumn Alternation, which had a trace of the power of the law of time.


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