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[ Ding! Congratulations, host! The auction for the fifth-level Pure and Exquisite Divine Art has been successful! ]

[ You have received 800 times the profit! ]

[ You have received the seventh-level Pure and Exquisite Divine Art! ]

“The next item to be auctioned is also a fifth-level cultivation technique, Gale Gods Breath Slash! This is a cultivation technique that allows the cultivator to control the power of the gale.

It can be used for ones own movement, but it can also cause large-scale damage.

Even within a narrow area, it can also cause explosive damage.

“The starting price is 20,000 spiritual stones! Each bid must not be less than 5,000 spiritual stones!”

As Miao Qing displayed the violent Gale Gods Breath Slash, gusts of violent wind surged through the entire auction hall.

The violent wind circled above everyones heads, and the temperature of the entire auction hall dropped significantly.

After Miao Qing explained the characteristics of this technique to everyone, he extended his hands to indicate that everyone could begin the auction.

“25,000 spiritual stones!”

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“30,000 spiritual stones!”

“35,000 spiritual stones!”

The atmosphere in the auction hall gradually reached a climax.

Other than the first few treasures that were purchased by the clan leaders on the second floor, the few items in the middle were basically catered for everyone in the hall!

Although the cultivation technique was equally precious, it was likely that the clan leaders and big shots in the auction room on the second floor had spiritual stones reserved for the final treasures, right

Everyone in the auction hall was red-faced as they started bidding.

No one was willing to lower their bids.

“50,000 spiritual stones!”

“60,000 spiritual stones!”

“65,000 spiritual stones!”

At this moment, seeing that the speed of bidding was gradually slowing down, Xu Youqing started to move again.

“Xiao Song seems to be cultivating a wind attribute cultivation technique… As a brother-in-law, I can take out a mere 100,000 spiritual stones for the sake of pleasing my wife!

“80,000 spiritual stones!”

The people who were struggling in the hall suddenly felt relieved when they heard the bid! After all, this was a price that they could not possibly reach!

“80,000 spiritual stones going once!”

“80,000 spiritual stones going twice!”

“80,000 spiritual stones going thrice! Sold!”

[ Ding! Congratulations to host for successfully auctioning off fifth-level cultivation technique, Gale Gods Breath Slash! ]

[ You have received 1,000 times the rebate! ]

[ You have obtained a sixth-level cultivation technique, Gale Gods Breath Slash! ]

“This is Senior Brother Yu Shenkongs cultivation technique!” someone said with certainty in the VIP room at the center of the second floor.

However, no one cared anymore.

After all, they had no other choice between them and Lin Mo.

They had to fight to the death!

“Lets go!”

With the command of eldest senior brother Zhao Liren, all the Junior Brothers of the Battle Immortal Sect stood up.

Indeed! There was no longer a need for them to continue sitting here.

In addition, they had used up all their spirit stones.

“Tonight, well massacre the Lin clan auction house!”

Looking at the trend of the auction, the subsequent items that would be auctioned later would only be increasingly precious.

Even if they were to sit here, they would not be able to afford to participate in the auction.

Furthermore, after knowing the whereabouts of their two junior brothers, their hearts were filled with hatred.

How could they sit here and watch the auction

All of them wanted to rush up and kill that auctioneer and the owner of this auction house, Lin Mo.

The other senior brothers might leave the Lin clan auction house in a fit of anger but not Lin Huaiyuan.

He could not leave yet because he represented not only himself but also his father, the second elder of the Lin clan!

Even if his plan failed, he had to find out which part of the plan had gone wrong because he had to report the situation at the auction site to his father.

He could not go back like this.

Or else, he might not be able to forgive himself.

Soon, Lin Huaiyuan was the only one left in the auction room.

He climbed to the porthole with great difficulty and stared at Miao Qing who was on the auction stage with a fierce look as if he wanted to eat Miao Qing alive.

“Well, the appetizer is over.

Now, its time for the real highlight of the auction!”

In the VIP room, Bai Wuheng wiped his hands with a wet towel.

Finally, he stood up and walked to the front window.

If the previous two treasures were catered to the people on the first floor, then the highlight of the auction would create a battlefield of the big clans on the second floor.

“Alright, the first half of this auction has been successfully completed.

Congratulations to all the cultivators for bidding on the treasures they desire.

Next, well take a half-hour break! Thereafter, well begin the final four treasures auction! I can assure everyone that all the auction items are extremely precious and unprecedented! Continue your participation.

I guarantee that this trip will not be in vain.”

After Miao Qing bowed to everyone, he temporarily left the auction stage.

At the same time, the employees of the auction house appeared from both sides of the passageway, serving wine and fruits to everyone present.

It was the same for the people in the VIP rooms on the second floor.

This was also due to Lin Mos good strategy.

Although he had already released the news earlier, it was inevitable that some people would think that it was impossible for the auction house to have such valuable treasures and enter the auction hall with a casual attitude.

After the first half of the auction, Lin Mo had already displayed his ability.

During the halftime break, he would give them time to go back and gather more spiritual stones!


After Miao Qing left the stage, he went to Lin Mos room.

“Looking at the people from the royal auction house from your direction, what exactly is the situation in the VIP room theyre in Why didnt they make a move in the first half of the auction”

Lin Mo asked curiously while secretly guessing in his heart.

Could it be that the people from the royal auction house in Lin City were all from the imperial city and they had high standards

Were they very confident in their own collections Or could it be that their items overlapped with their own

“Master! I cant see anything in that VIP room at all!” Miao Qing shook his head and said to Lin Mo.

“Alright then.

When you go on stage later, try to stir up the atmosphere and get more people to bid to give everyone a sense of participation.” Lin Mo suggested.

“Alright, Master, Ill try my best!” Miao Qing replied with a bitter smile.


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