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At this moment, Yan Rong appeared beside Lin Mo and said, “Master, I feel that there are a lot of experts in the auction today!”

“Of course, those who can appear here today are all influential figures in Lin City.

Which one of them doesnt have some strength”

“But theres one thing that I find very strange!” Yan Rong said.

“Oh, Whats strange about it Tell me!”

“Its the auction room in the middle of the second floor.

Originally, it was quite normal.

But when the fifth and sixth auction items were auctioned, I could clearly feel that the people in that room were very excited.

The fluctuations are extremely intense! Furthermore, not long after the sixth item appeared, they all left the auction house together!”

‘Is that so Are they sensitive to the fifth and sixth items Lin Mo pondered for a moment.

“Those two items were obtained from the person who sneaked into the Lin auction house.

Looks like the people who appeared in that VIP room today have some connection with the person who almost killed you!”

At this moment, in the auction room on the second floor, Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming opened their microphones to communicate.

“Qi Yueheng, during the break, arent you going home to gather more spiritual stones The real climax of the auction is coming up next.

Do you still have enough spiritual stones” Zhao Gongming said into the microphone.

“Hehe, same to you too.

Zhao Gongming, do you still have enough spiritual stones” Qi Yueheng asked jokingly.

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“I havent even started any bid yet so I have plenty of spiritual stones!”

“If you continue to say like this, I dont think theres a need for us to continue our conversation!”

Qi Yueheng felt a little guilty as if he had already spent a lot of spiritual stones.

“Dont panic.

The reason why Im talking to you is because I want to discuss something with you.”

“Hmm What is it”

“Logically speaking, the spiritual stone reserves of our two clans are inferior to those of Bai Wuheng and the people from the royal auction house.

However, this isnt a reason for us to surrender.

“Why dont you and I gather the remaining spiritual stones together I feel that the next four treasures are all extremely useful.

However, the price is not something that you and I can easily bear alone!

“We already have the VIP cards here, so we already know what the next treasures will be.

If theres something that we need at the same time, we can bid for it together.

The two great clans can use it together.

What do you think”


“Instead of not being able to get any, why dont we share one At least well be able to grasp this opportunity!”

Zhao Gongming, who had clearly not bid anything today, for some reason, sounded a little weak at this moment.

It was as if there was something he urgently needed in the upcoming auction.

“Clan leader Zhao Gongming, youre right!”

“Lets not talk about those people from the royal auction house.

They only came to Lin City to take charge of the auction house for a period.

The main reason is that Bai Wuheng has been plotting against us all these years!

“He has done many small tricks in the dark.

He always thought that we didnt know but in fact, his petty tricks have long been exposed!

“Like colluding with the Eighth Prince in the imperial city, providing him with funding for secret operations, and colluding with the ministers in the imperial court, wanting to change the tax laws of Lin City.

In the end, wasnt it all for the convenience of the Bai clan to do their business”


“I know that he, Bai Wuheng, has secretly accumulated a lot of forbidden things.

However, the people who reported him previously were all suppressed by the Eighth Prince.

“After the Lin auction is over, Im afraid Bai Wuheng will have a lot of little tricks up his sleeves! Looking at his usual arrogant appearance, if he really managed to curry favor with the royal family, Im afraid that the situation in Lin City will change.”

“Who says so Lets join forces.”

“Mm, lets join forces.”

During the intermission, other than the three big clans in the VIP room on the second floor and the people from the royal auction house, other clans were in chaos.

After all, before this, not everyone had such strong confidence in the Lin auction house.

Now, after witnessing the level of the precious items in the first half of the auction, over a hundred people immediately left the auction venue.

They were all the representatives of the big and small clans in Lin City.

At this moment, the situation at the auction hall was so serious that they could not make any decisions, especially for the second half of the auction! So, they needed to return to their clans in time to inform their respective clan leaders!

“Clan leader, something bad has happened!” Someone rushed back to his clan.

“Something bad Whats the big deal Will the weather change in Lin City Youre making such a fuss every day! Learn from your brother, drink tea, play chess, improve the state of mind, go out on behalf of the clan, and calm down!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Youre right! But if we dont prepare for todays event, Im afraid the situation in Lin City will really change!”

‘What nonsense are you talking about Can such a matter be treated as a joke The clan leaders face turned cold as he turned his head and reprimanded.

He really thought that this was a joke.

“But this matter is really urgent!”

“Whats the use of being urgent Can you solve this matter if youre anxious”


“There are no buts! Come here, sit down and talk!” the clan leader picked up the tea on the table and said calmly.

“Ah Yes…”

Seeing his youngest son sitting down, the patriarch said slowly, “Are you calm now What did you want to say”

“Yes! Im calm now! Clan leader, with your enlightening words, I think Lin City will never change.”

“Yes, thats more like it!”

“But if we dont interfere, Lin City might change its fate soon! Clan leader, I just came back from the Lin auction house.

You guys dont know that in the past hour, the Lin auction house had auctioned off six treasures.

The key was that all of them were at least mid fifth-level!”

“Now is the half-hour break so I came back to update you that after this, the second half of the auction will be held!”


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