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“The items in this second half of the auction are basically all sixth-level items, and I heard that theres even a seventh-level treasure!”

“Spit!” The clan leader spat out the tea that he had drunk earlier.

“What! Why didnt you say so earlier!” The old patriarch roared angrily!

“Sixth and seventh-level treasures havent appeared in Lin City for ten years.

I havent even seen a real seventh-level treasure in my entire life!”

“You little brat, how can you sit and drink tea at this time Why cant you learn from your big brother You dont have any manners at all!”

“Ah Clan leader, didnt you say that I should learn from my big brother and sit down and calm down”


“Forget it, I dont care about you anymore!”

The old clan leader pretended to leave, and that little brat was still sitting on the spot.

He did not expect that the clan leader would suddenly turn his head over.

“How can you still have the nerve to sit there! Why arent you going to the accounts room to check how many spiritual stones we still have Hurry up and call your brothers.

Lets go to the Lin clan auction house!”

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“Father! Something bad has happened!”

“Wife, hurry up and take all the spiritual stones we have.

Hurry up and go to the Lin auction house!”

“Big Brother, why are you still here to settle accounts Lin City is about to change.

Hurry up and take all the spiritual stones you have in reserve and go to the Lin auction house!”

“Ah, whats the point of going to the Lin auction house This isnt the imperial city.

Fourth-level treasures are precious.

Its already amazing to have fifth-level treasures.

You still want changes in Lin City Im afraid you havent woken up yet!”

“No, its the Lin auction house thats auctioning off a large number of treasures this time! Fifth-level treasures are only the most basic ones.

They have already auctioned off six of them earlier.

Half an hour later, there will be sixth and even seventh-level treasures to be auctioned off.”

“What Then hurry up and leave!”

The entire Lin City was in an uproar.

This city was initially like a sleeping giant beast.

Only at this moment did the Lin auction house gradually wake the city up.

The Lin auction house was still very crowded even though many people had left.

In the final ten minutes of the break, a large group of people suddenly rushed in.

The Lin auction house was one of the two largest auction houses in Lin City.

There were nearly a thousand seats in the auction house, but at this moment, there were no empty seats left.

Those who came early had seats while those who were late stood around in the hall.

There were even people who spent hundreds and thousands of spiritual stones just to buy a seat in the Lin clan auction house.

At this moment, this batch of people who came in were the real leaders of the various great clans in Lin City.

They had a large amount of spiritual stones on them to participate in the auction.

Lin Mos sudden action of releasing a large number of treasures for auction had unexpectedly allowed quite a number of low-level cultivators in Lin City to earn a fortune.

“Welcome everyone back to the Lin auction house.

Next, well proceed with the second half of the auction where a total of four treasures will be auctioned off.

The final item will be a seventh-level treasure.

Everyone, please rest assured of the reputation of the Lin auction house.”

If Miao Qing had said this in the first half of the auction, everyone present would not have believed it.

Some would even curse at him.

However, now that he had said it, it suddenly gained some credibility!

“I wonder what kind of treasure the Lin auction house will be auctioned this time.

Ive brought all my wealth here.

If there really is a treasure that can increase my strength, that would be great! Its also possible to avenge my parents…”

“If I can bid a suitable weapon this time, I have the confidence to defeat the guards in that underground palace…”

“If I can bid a more advanced cultivation technique, Ill have the confidence to lead my clan out of Lin City and even go to the imperial city to compete with those who are high and mighty!”

“The next treasure to be auctioned is a mid sixth-level Barrier Breaking Pill.”

“The starting price is 30,000 spiritual stones.

Each bid must not be less than 5,000 spiritual stones!”

Similar to the first half of the auction, the treasure used for the warm-up was still a pill.

After Miao Qing showed the treasure bottle carved from yellow jade, he pulled out the bottle stopper in the direction of the crowd below.

In the next moment, a fragrance instantly spread throughout the venue!

Everyone who smelled the scent felt their minds clear up in an instant, and the irritation in their hearts disappeared without a trace!

“Oh my god! This is just the smell of the pill, and it already has such an obvious effect!”

“I… I feel that the realm that has trapped me for ten years is somewhat loosened!”

Someone below the auction stage was breathing heavily with his red eyes.

His eyes were burning as he stared at the pill in Miao Qings hand.

It was said to be a good item that could allow one to break through the limit of the ninth-level of dragon transformation realm!

“Thats right! My master once said that there were as many as forty levels to the pinnacle of the dragon transformation realm! The first nine levels are just ordinary cultivation realm, and if you can get the legendary Barrier Breaking Pill, you can temper all 31 sections of the spine!

“Once you do that, youll be able to manifest a dragon in your spine.

When you break through, youll be able to enter the next level of dragon transformation realm!

“Yeah, if I were to cultivate to the dragon transformation realm, Id at most be able to cultivate to the ninth-level.

After that, Ill be stuck in this realm for the rest of my life.

Its said that this is a restriction from the imperial city, and its to control the number of experts other than the Imperial City!”

“Ah, theres such a thing”

Some people were communicating in whispers, and some people were shocked that there was such a secret in this world.

However, the people who were bidding had already begun to compete!

“35,000 spiritual stones!”

“40,000 spiritual stones!”

“45,000 spiritual stones!”

“50,000 spiritual stones!”

To ordinary people, this news might be a secret that they had never heard of.

However, to the clan leaders of the big clans in Lin City, it was an extremely ordinary small matter!


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