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It was also because they had obtained the secret order that they did not usually put all their energy into cultivation.

Instead, they racked their brains to please some people in the Imperial City!

However, they did not expect that after spending a great deal of effort, the thing they longed for the most would appear on the auction stage at this moment!

Therefore, the atmosphere of the entire auction hall reached a climax right at the start of the second half of the auction!

On the second floor of the Lin auction house, in the VIP room where the people from the royal auction house were located, other than the elders, everyones breathing immediately stopped.

Their eyes were similarly burning as they looked through the window at the figure on the auction stage.

Their eyes were somewhat piercing.

“Everyone, if you cooperate with me and manage the royal auction house during this last period, the person in the Imperial City will directly give you the Barrier Breaking Pill when your term ends!

“Everyone, dont forget that were here to find out the true situation of Lin Mo.

Were not here to participate in the auction!” the person from the royal auction house frowned and said seriously.

Only after hearing these words did the fervor in the eyes of the people in the room subside a little.

“Thats right! Elder, please be at ease.

Assisting in management is our responsibility.”

“Thinking about it, Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming, along with the beasts below the stage must really want the Barrier Breaking Pill!”

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A strange smile appeared on Bai Wuhengs face.

He called the cultivators below the stage as animals!

“70,000 spiritual stones!” Qi Yueheng made his move.

“80,000 spiritual stones!” Zhao Gongming followed up with a bid.

This kind of precious item could only be used by one person.

Even if they formed an alliance, it would be useless.

Therefore, they began to bid against each other tacitly.

“85,000 spiritual stones!”

The uncle below the stage did not know what identity he had, but he made another bid at this time.

Previously, he was the one who had bought the Pure and Exquisite Divine Art!

“90,000 spiritual stones!”

The Xu Fengs Regiment commander, Xu Youqing, also had intense emotions.

Although he wanted to repeat the promise he had made to everyone, the people around him did not give him the chance to speak.

Who would be willing to give up such a precious pill that could change their lives

“110,000 spiritual stones!” Bai Wuheng made his move, raising the price of the auction venue by another level.

When the people on the first floor heard this, they immediately felt a bucket of cold water pouring down from their heads.

Then, the scene instantly became much quieter.

“Look at the expressions on their faces now, its really wonderful.

I havent been in such a good mood like today for many years.”

In Bai Wuhengs VIP room, there was only him and his son, Bai Yanlang, so he spoke without thinking.

On the other hand, his son was looking at the people on the first floor from the window.

He was so excited that he did not have the time to respond to his fathers words.

“Damn it! It looks like Im going to have to pay a huge price.

But this is only the first item to be auctioned!”

Zhao Gongming sat in the auction room with a bitter expression.

Their Zhao clan was good at making talismans.

Other than making techniques, they valued cultivation and qi control greatly.

There was one expert who had a qualitative change! Hence, to them, this pill was a treasure that they were determined to obtain!

“130,000 spiritual stones!”

The thought was just a thought, but Zhao Gongmings hands were not slow at all.

“150,000 spiritual stones!”

Qi Yueheng followed closely behind and immediately increased the bid.

180,000 spiritual stones!

200,000 spiritual stones!

The various large clans were unwilling to give up this hard-earned pill.

The auction price was also rapidly rising, and many small clans had spent all their wealth on this.

Such a rapid rise in price was something that even the clan leaders in the VIP rooms on the second floor could not bear.

In the end, this sixth-level Barrier Breaking Pill was bought by the determined Zhao Gongming at the price of 300,000 spiritual stones!

[ Ding! Congratulations to host for successfully obtaining the sixth-level Barrier Breaking Pill! ]

[ Congratulations to host, you have obtained 900 times the profit! ]

[ You have obtained a seventh-level Spirit Barrier Pill! ]

“The next treasure to be auctioned is sixth-level Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger!”

Miao Qing led four guards from the auction house backstage and carried a huge iron cage up.

“The starting price is 30,000 spiritual stones! Each bid must be no less than 5,000 spiritual stones.

You can start bidding now!”

“What! A Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger Thats a high-level exotic beast even in the Dark Forest, right”

“I heard that a caravan took the risk to transport goods from the east side of the Dark Forest previously.

In the end, all of them died mysteriously! But their goods werent missing! According to the investigation of the Lin City authorities, it seemed that the Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger was the one who made the move!”

“Ive never heard of any clan in Lin City that specializes in beast fighting.”

“If this treasure can be completely tamed, it would be enough for any clan to do whatever they want in Lin City.”

“Speaking of which, the Lin auction house is auctioning off such a high-level treasure Arent they afraid that after someone buys it, they will sweep the Lin clan clean”

“Hahaha, if you have such thoughts, I can only say that youre still too young! If you dont have enough confidence, would the Lin clan dare to take out such an item to auction Cant they use it themselves”

“Thats true.”

Miao Qing removed the red cloth covering the cage and a tiger instantly appeared before everyones eyes!

As if it was the first time it had seen so many humans, the Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger was a little nervous and immediately stood up on guard.

Its front legs were half-sprawled, and its back legs were slightly bent, maintaining a posture that was ready to attack at any moment.

It bared its teeth and roared.


As expected of the king of beasts, the Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger.

When it roared, the faces of the cultivators closest to it turned pale, and there were even some who were trembling from head to toe.


“Theres a strange beast here that wants to eat people! Save us!”

The chaos in the auction hall didnt last long before Bai Wuheng, who was in the VIP room on the second floor, made his move.

“50,000 spiritual stones!”

“Even if we cant get this beast at the auction, we must let the other clans directly lose the right to continue bidding against our Bai clan on the other items!”

“There are still two items left.

They look very compatible.

I dont want to miss them.”

60,000 spiritual stones!

70,000 spiritual stones!

75,000 spiritual stones!

The price was slowly rising.

It could be seen that there were not many people who wanted to buy a sixth-level exotic beast, the Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger.

This was mainly because in Lin City, the strength of an individual was more revered.

Suddenly, an aged voice sounded from the VIP room on the second floor.


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