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“I must get this longsword this time!” Bai Wuheng clenched his fists and said fiercely in the room.

“Oh I didnt expect that there would be such a good thing to be auctioned in the final month of our term in Lin City,” an elder of the royal auction house said in the VIP room of the royal auction house.

“Hahaha, it seems that the most precious treasures in this auction are none other than our royal auction house!”

“Speaking of financial competition, our royal auction house has never been afraid of anyone!”

“My lifelong wish is just to find a small sword thats worthy of my fifth-level sword technique.

Thank you for your favor.

I wont stand on ceremony! Lets see who dares to compete with me”

“400,000 spiritual stones!”

Miao Qing on the auction stage instantly read out the price.

“400,000 spiritual stones! Is there anyone else who will bid higher than this Think it through, this is a sixth-level sword!”

“430,000 spiritual stones!”

As this price had already exceeded the scope of Qi Yueheng or Zhao Gongmings financial resources, the two clans decided to make a joint bid after contacting each other.

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“450,000 spiritual stones!”

Bai Wuheng gritted his teeth and reported a number with his eyes wide open!

Bai Yanlang, who was standing at the side, immediately reported the price for his father.

“500,000 spiritual stones!”

As if after a long period of struggle, the Xu Feng Regiment commander, Xu Youqing, raised his right hand with bloodshot eyes and also made a bid.

Everyone in the hall was instantly shocked.

There was a wealthy man who could take out so many spiritual stones!

Therefore, they all cast a mixture of admiration, envy, and shock at him!

Could it be that being a mercenary group made money this way

“Lets not talk about it anymore.

Todays auction really opened my eyes.

After leaving the auction house, Ill report to the Xu Feng Regiment.

I also dont have the ambition to casually auction like Commander Xu Youqing.

As long as I can buy a shop and marry a wife, Ill be satisfied for the rest of my life!”

“500,000 spiritual stones!”

“This is the offer of Xu Youqing, the commander of the Xu Feng Regiment.

Is there anyone who can offer more”

“If this sword could split the iron plate in a single strike, then in the battle, how would it perform”

“Will the enemys weapon be broken by your sword Furthermore, no one said that one couldnt infuse ones vital energy into it during a battle.

After infusing ones vital energy into such a powerful sword, how sharp would it be Could it be that everyone didnt wish to bring it home and try it out for themselves”

It seemed like Lin Mos earlier warning had some effect.

At this moment, Miao Qing was trying to stir up everyones emotions, continuously describing the strength of this sword to the people in the hall.

“600,000 spiritual stones!”

Bai Wuheng deliberated for a long time before he finally made up his mind.

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and bid.

“Good! Everyone, this is the bid from the VIP room.

600,000 spiritual stones.

Is there anyone who wants to bid higher”

At this moment, Miao Qing seemed to have just entered the state of an auctioneer.

His entire being became excited, and he finally let go of himself.

He walked around the auction stage, displaying the sword!

At this moment, in the VIP room of the royal auction house, the elder who wanted to bid for the sword could only bitterly shake his head at the crowd.

“This wont do.

After all, this old man hasnt dealt with young people in a few years.”

“This price is a little too high.

This old man will not follow.

If you have regrets, then leave it!”

It was true that the people of this district were in charge of the royal auction house, but the wealth of the royal auction house was not equal to their wealth.

If there was no sufficient reason and it was only for the will of an elder, then the royal auction house would not help him!

“600,000 spiritual stones!”

The atmosphere in the auction hall was still hot, but there were more sighs and jeers.

“600,000 spiritual stones twice!”

On the second floor, Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming also slowly exhaled as they communicated and closed their eyes as if they were resigned to their fate.

This price had already exceeded the price in the hearts of the two clan leaders, so they had no choice but to give up.

“600,000 spiritual stones thrice!”


As Miao Qings gavel that symbolized the success of the auction fell, this sixth-level sword, Joan of Arc Secret Room, was bought by Bai Wuheng with an exaggerated price of 600,000 spiritual stones!

Generally speaking, the price of a sixth-level sword was around 400,000 spiritual stones.

However, this price was only the official price.

It was a little high to buy it at a price that exceeded half of the official price.

However, it seemed that Bai Wuheng did not seem to care.

His relationship with the Lin auction house was one that was willing to take a beating.

[ Ding! Congratulations to the host for auctioning top sixth-level Joan of Arc Secret Room! ]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining 7,000 times the profit! ]

[ The host has obtained a low ninth-level weapon – Plain-clothed Snow White! ]


“The next item to be auctioned is the final item of this auction.

Everyone, please wait and see!”

Miao Qing stood in the middle of the auction stage, wearing white gloves and clapping his hands.

The maid next to him carried a tray up again.

This time, even though she had not shown it to everyone yet, everyone present felt that there was a sharp aura in the air around them!

This aura scraped their skin until it hurt!

Everyone stared at the stage in shock, guessing what kind of treasure it was

“The last treasure of this auction – seventh-level sword manual, Astral God Sword Technique!”

As he said this, Miao Qing turned around and lifted the red cloth on the tray.

He picked up a book with a blue cover.

At this moment, the entire auction hall seemed to be suffused with a blue light.

Everyone seemed to be in a boundless starry sky.

In the pitch-black background, white light spots suddenly formed.

Those white light spots drew mysterious traces in the sky, and they seemed to contain a mysterious connection with each other.

“This… I seem to have seen the great dao of stars marks from these traces!”

Some people asked their questions in shock.

“I seem to have felt the ultimate mystery of the great dao of Raging Flame from this star!”

“Yeah! This star seems to contain ice from thousands of years.

Just one look at it and you feel like youre going to freeze to death.”


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