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Therefore, he did not care about the royal familys bids at all!

As the first round of bids came to an end, Miao Qing, who was on the auction stage, gently placed the ancient sword manual in his hand on the tray carried by the maidservant beside him.

“Everyone, this is the seventh-level sword manual, Astral God Sword Technique! It has the power to depict the stars in the sky and it also contains the truth of heaven and earth between the stars!

“Everyone knows that the ultimate goal of all cultivators is to comprehend the truth of heaven and earth, right

“Whether its the path of alchemy, formations, or great daos, they can all be enlightened after obtaining this sword manual, or even further.

“With such a secret manual containing the rule of heaven and earth, even if one doesnt cultivate it, its still an inexhaustible treasure trove!”

“Damn it! All the secrets of the sword manual have been revealed by him!”

“The other clans in Lin City dont give face to our royal familys auction.

Looks like we can only raise the price.

Later, we must inform Lord Sikong! Nowadays, any cat or dog dares to come out and compete with the royal family!”

“500,000 spiritual stones!”

Since they had already decided to participate in the bid, the royal auction house did not hide anymore.

After all, with the backing of the royal family, if they said that they were second in wealth, then no one would dare to say that they were first!

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At least, in their knowledge, no one had ever been richer than the royal family!

“550,000 spiritual stones!”

No one had expected that Bai Wuheng would be the first to bid after the people from the royal auction house had finished bidding!

Only the people from the royal auction house could not see Bai Wuhengs arrogant look and attitude.

It was as if he did not care about the royal auction house at all!

The royal auction house looked in the direction where the voice came from and picked up the precious artifact that was used for the communication between the VIP rooms.

“Bai Wuheng, do you not know whos the one behind the royal auction house If you continue to provoke us unscrupulously, do you believe that I can make your Bai clans business fail in this Yanhuang Dynasty

“I wonder what will happen if your Bai clan offends the head of the tax and grain department, Sikong Huan.

Have you thought about that”

However, the response was silence.

The royal auction house wanted to make him retreat because they thought that he was just a member of the Bai clan.

However, behind him was the Eighth Prince who had the potential to fight for the pinnacle of power in the Yanhuang Dynasty!

At this time, he naturally would not put Sikong Huan, the head of the tax department, in his eyes!

However, Qi Yueheng made another bid.

“560,000 spiritual stones!”

In fact, this was already approaching the limit of the spiritual stones that Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming could afford.

After that, they would have to sell their assets.

Unless it was necessary, they were not willing to go that far.

“Heh! The big clans in Lin City are really interesting.

They took turns to provoke our royal auction house and even the head of the tax and grain department, Sikong Huans authority They are really brave! I want to see if youre really not afraid of death, or are you just acting like a wolf with a big tail!”

The elder of the royal auction house repeated what he had said to Bai Wuheng earlier to Qi Yueheng.

This was because Zhao Gongming had remained silent the entire time! He knew that he had retreated.

Not bad, he knew when to advance and when to retreat!

However, Qi Yueheng was struggling in his heart.

He was not an idiot.

He knew that the reason why the royal auction house was named as such was because it was the representative of the royal family!

However, this was an opportunity that could change the foundation of his clan.

If he was afraid, he would not have contacted Zhao Gongming.

Even if he withdrew from the bidding, he was sure that the people of the royal auction house had already remembered him.

In fact, no matter what Qi Yueheng did at this time, it was already useless! Since he had already offended the tax and grain department, he might as well offend them to the end.

On the contrary, if he won, he would have a chance of survival.

At worst, he could just bring the Qi clan and leave the Yanhuang Dynasty.

Compared to the destruction of his clan, this was not an unacceptable outcome.

His own strength was what a clan leader like him cared about the most!

“600,000 spiritual stones!”

It was still that mysterious, black-robed man in the corner on the first floor of the auction house!

Other than placing his bid, he did not move at all.

He was indifferent to the complicated gazes of the people around him.

“640,000 spiritual stones!”

The Xu Feng Regiment commander, Xu Youqing, gritted his teeth with bloodshot eyes and struggled to bid.

Fortunately, he had accumulated some wealth over the years.

Otherwise, the Lin auction house would have bankrupted him.

At the same time, he decided in his heart that if there were other people bidding, he would not make a move.

Although he was very unwilling, the truth could only be so.

“Everyone! This is a top seventh-level sword manual! You have to think carefully.

If you miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, youll never know when the next time would be.

“This is a key treasure that concerns your cultivation career! Its not an exaggeration to say that its a chance given by the heavens to change your fate.

What are you all hesitating for

“Think about it.

Historically, its rare to see fifth and sixth-level treasures.

Now that a complete seventh-level cultivation technique has been placed in front of you, are you all really not tempted”

“Not good.

We cant let this kid continue!”

In the auction room on the second floor, the expressions of the elders of the royal auction house changed.

This was because the previous fights between the major clans and forces were all conducted in secret, so it was still fine.

However, with Miao Qings words now, it was very likely that he would incite those who did not have a high desire to bid but had the strength to do so!

“800,000 spiritual stones!”

The royal auction house gritted its teeth and raised the price by more than 100,000 spiritual stones, hoping to extinguish the impulsive thoughts of the others.

At this moment, in the VIP room where the people of the royal auction house were, the other elders of the royal auction house were also extremely regretful of the current situation.

If no one had come to compete with the royal auction house earlier, the price of a seventh-level sword manual would probably not be like this.


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