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The price had risen so quickly!

However, no one had expected that the price that the royal auction house thought could overwhelm the entire auction house would be broken in less than three seconds!

“850,000 spiritual stones!”

Bai Wuheng was still the first to bid.

This was because they had prepared almost all the spiritual stones in the clan including the land and shop deeds.

Their preparations could be said to be quite adequate.

Thinking about it, if he were to offer a top seventh-level sword art to the Eighth Prince who had always loved to cultivate the way of the sword, how would he be rewarded

Would he allow his clan to obtain permits to conduct profitable businesses in the Imperial City

At that time, would the Bai clan be able to become one of the top two large clans in the Yanhuang Dynasty

The clan leader Bai Wuhengs daydream was very wonderful.

At the thought of the huge changes that the Bai clan might experience in the future, his entire body began to tremble with excitement

In the next moment, the sound of 950,000 spiritual stones came from the VIP room next to him.

It was Qi Yuehengs move.

After repeatedly evaluating his and Zhao Gongmings assets, Qi Yueheng decided to give it his all.

The total in the two clans reserves was around a million spiritual stones.

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If it was another ten or twenty thousand spiritual stones, even if the room called out the price of a million low-grade spiritual stones, he felt that in an auction at this price, it would not be able to change the world.

If the next few clans bids were only ten or twenty thousand different from his own, then he might still have a chance.

If there were people who increased the price by hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones, then there was no need for him to give his all now!

If he succeeded at this price, then the last few tens of thousands of spiritual stones could be used to make other preparations.

In reality, an iron fist could never teach people overnight.

Thus, as soon as Qi Yueheng finished speaking, someone in the hall made a bid.

“1.2 million spiritual stones!”

It was the mysterious person in the hall who had not revealed his face.

Instantly, Qi Yueheng shook his head with a bitter expression and said to the communication device beside him, “Clan leader Zhao, it seems that its fated that the Astral God Sword Technique has no fate with our two clans.”

“Hahaha, this auction is an eye-opener for me, to see the wonderful things outside and the truth of this world.

As for participating in the auction, I havent thought about successfully bidding for a single item.”

Although clan leader Zhao Gongmings words were direct, the bitterness and helplessness within could be said to be deeply felt by Qi Yueheng.

Although their two great clans were both among the first to step foot in Lin City, they had always been at the bottom.

They belonged to the type that was unlikely to go up the ranks.

“Hahaha, thats enough! Im already very satisfied to be able to personally participate in the auction of a seventh-level sword manual,” Qi Yueheng smiled and continued.

The price of 1.2 million spiritual stones allowed the royal auction house to see many things.

For example, in this auction house, including himself, only three forces had the ability to compete for the ownership of this sword technique.

“If thats the case, then this old man will have to see just how good you are!”

The elder in the royal auction slightly narrowed his eyes, clenched his fist, and smashed the sofa beside him, then shouted, “1,500,000 spiritual stones!”

“Someone in the VIP room on the second floor has bid 1,500,000 spiritual stones.

Is there anyone else who wants to bid higher

“Such an event will definitely leave an indelible mark in the history of the Yanhuang Dynasty.

Even if you cant get the item at the end of the auction, dont you want to leave a mark in the history books as well

“Everything in the world will decay and fall, but history will not.

This is a story that will be passed down through the generations!

“A few hundred years later, when future generations looked at this piece of history, pointed to a few names and say,Look! In the past, the ancestors of my clan had left a trace of history. Isnt this important”

After going through the recent auctions, Miao Qing gained some insight into the auction method.

At this moment, he could be said to have completely adapted to the atmosphere on the stage.

He was like a fish in water, able to easily stir up the emotions of the crowd!

This was a huge improvement!

However, in reality, what Miao Qing said was not important to those who could participate in the auction.

Instead, it was the cultivators who had given up first in the auction hall.

Their eyes were so excited that they were about to sparkle.

After all, from the results, Miao Qings words were undoubtedly effective!

“Haha, leave a mark in history Then if I help the Eighth Prince carry out his plan successfully, wont this experience add to the legend of our Bai clan”

“1,700,000 spiritual stones!”

Bai Wuheng laughed heartily, estimated the number of spiritual stones in his hand, and then bid.

Miao Qing, who was on the stage, planned to start counting, to confirm that the item was about to be taken.

Finally, a voice came from the royal auction halls room sounded.

“2,000,000 spiritual stones!”

At this moment, in the VIP room of the royal auction hall, the old man sitting on the sofa was almost hysterical.

Even though he was the general manager of the royal auction hall and was responsible for such a large amount of spiritual stones, he would still have to report it to Sikong Huan of the tax and grain department.

Since the decision was in the hands of his superior, the less he spent, the better it was.

The amount of two million spiritual stones was almost the limit that he could mobilize!

Miao Qing saw the current situation clearly.

There were only two clans left to compete.

To continue exerting psychological pressure on them, Miao Qing began to count down.

“Two million spiritual stones.

Is there anyone else who wants to bid higher Are you sure no one wants to own this seventh-level sword manual, Astral God Sword Technique”

“Two million spiritual stones, going once!”


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