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After tidying up his spatial equipment, Lin Mo first took out the low fifth-level Heaven Splitter Meteor Hammer.

This weapon might be able to fetch a decent price at auction, but now…

Lin Mo stretched out his hand and a pitch-black devouring power immediately erupted.

Time and space seemed to distort as the hammer directly disappeared!

At this moment, he could only feel a shocking wave of qi being emitted from within the body! His cultivation of the fifth level of the dragon transformation realm instantly started to loosen up.

Next was the fifth-level Ice Lotus.

The ice-blue leaves glistened in the air, reflecting an azure-blue luster.

After the same process, Lin Mos entire body trembled, and an even stronger feeling of merging could be felt within his body!

Shockingly, he was already at the sixth level of the dragon transformation stage!

Next was the seventh-level Dragon Transformation Pill, the sixth-level Golden Snake Inner Pill, fifth-level Profound Breath Pill, sixth-level Spirit Concentration Pill, sixth-level Wind Severing Scythe, and sixth-level Killing Spear…

Lin Mo emptied his spatial equipment and placed all the main weapons he planned to use in the future to the side, before devouring all the other items!

Waves of aura continued to take effect.

When Lin Mo stopped his movements, his cultivation had already reached the ninth-level of the dragon transformation realm! Moreover, it was three times the strength of a normal level!

At this moment, Lin Mo stopped his cultivation.

It was time to go out and meet Miao Qing and Yan Rong.

As there might be many people coming to the Lin auction house tomorrow, it was better to give them some advice!

However, to his surprise, when Lin Mo came out, he realized that it was already night.

He clearly felt that only a short period had passed!

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This might be cultivation without time!

As Lin Mo walked toward Yan Rongs room, he thought to himself that he should still be cultivating at this time!

Suddenly, he felt that someone had barged into his domain through his spiritual sense!

Lin Mo frowned slightly and instantly understood.

So, it was the notification of the Ten Directions Formation.

Someone had barged into the Lin auction house Oh my, this person was really brave!

Since there was an enemy, then Lin Mo was not in a hurry to find his two subordinates.

He would first go and see who it was.

It just so happened that his strength had increased.

He wanted to see how his combat strength was!

At the top of the Lin auction house, the people from the Battle Immortal Sect were standing in the breeze with angry expressions.

“Eldest Senior Brother, what are we waiting for Lets just charge in and kill Lin Mo.”

“Thats right, Eldest Senior Brother! Now that I think of our Junior Brothers Lu Gan and Yu Shenkong, they died without any reason.

I cant help but feel angry!”

Second senior brother, Su Zhican, and third senior brother, Jonas, advised him one after another.

“Lets take action tonight! As for junior brother Lin Huaiyuan, forget about it! Hes already weak.

Besides, such a big accident happened at the auction today.

I think he should explain to their second elder in the Lin clan.

Lets not wait for him!”

At the mention of Lin Huaiyuan, all the people floating in the air were speechless.

According to what he said, he should have called their senior brothers to watch the show.

However, he did not expect that he was the one who was watching the show!

This was an unexpected result.

After calling the other junior brothers, eldest senior brother Zhao Liren took the lead and left.

Facing Lin Mo who was insignificant in their eyes, they did not even have the thought of laying out the formation from all directions!

These few Battle Immortal Sect disciples planned to enter the auction house.

Lin Mo could sense that their bodies were filled with killing intent! Thinking about it, it was unlikely that he would want to hover around with them for a while!

“Who Are you guys”

A lazy and impatient voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Second senior brother Su Zhican was so scared that he turned around and shouted, “Who is it Where are you”

He did not sense anyone approaching before!

“You guys sneaked into the Lin auction house in the middle of the night.

What are you trying to do You even asked me who I am the moment you saw the owner.

Youre all thieves, right Ill send all of you to the officials!”

“Owner Youre the owner of the Lin auction house Youre Lin Mo”

Second senior brother Su Zhican only felt a flash of inspiration in his mind as he immediately deduced Lin Mos identity from the words of the person in front of him.

“Correct! But theres no reward although youve guessed correctly!”

Lin Mo did not intend to give this group of people any more chances to spout nonsense.

In addition, he had relied on the Crystal Blood Mosquitoes that had hidden in their guest rooms previously and already knew that these people were the accomplices of those who invaded his Lin auction house previously!

Since they were all enemies, Lin Mo did not stand in ceremony.

He took a step forward and activated his fifth-level Star Shattering Dragon Fist!

Golden specks of light seemed to emanate from Lin Mos body.

It was the seventh-level Golden Shield Mantra!

“Second Senior Brother, what are you doing there Quickly follow us!”

At the corner in front, another figure suddenly appeared and shouted while turning backward.

At this moment, Lin Mos fist had already landed on second senior brother Su Zhicans head.

In an instant, a huge watermelon exploded in the air.

The last thing this junior brother saw was a bloody mist flying all over the sky.

“Second Senior Brother! You killed Second Senior Brother! Ill kill you!”

As he said that, that person suddenly pulled out a large blade from his back and charged over.

At this time, Lin Mo had also heard the movements behind him.

It seemed like the other invaders had heard what he had said and were rushing over.

By controlling the wind via Wind Controlling Pearl in his arms, he made the resistance around him even smaller.

With the help of the seventh-level Swimming Dragon Step, Lin Mo appeared beside the newly appeared person in a flash.

Then, he sent out a simple palm strike.

In that persons field of vision, Lin Mos figure suddenly flashed and appeared in front of him.

With a shake of his arm, he pushed away the arm that he had sent out.

At the same time, he sent out a palm strike, gently landing on his chest.

Although he did not seem to have any killing intent, his pupils could not help but contract.

His spiritual senses told him that this palm strike was able to take his life!

“Quickly dodge!”

At this moment, he seemed to have entered a strange world.

Everything seemed to be slowing down.

He saw it, felt it, but he just could not dodge it!

This was worse than not being able to see clearly! It was simply like being dismembered!


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