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“Master, where did these guys come from”

Yan Rong, who was cleaning the place, asked.

Beside Lin Mo was Yan Rong, who was quietly working.

“I dont know either.

These guys mustve jumped through the window and then attacked each other here.

When I arrived, they were already like this.”

Lin Mo did not plan to tell them about the Battle Immortal Sect.

“Looks like I have to go pick a group of guards for the Lin auction house tomorrow.

The number and frequency of night patrols should also be increased.

I cant let these guys have their way too often in the future!”

“Oh right, search their belongings.

Bring them to me!” Lin Mos mouth twitched as he said.


Not long after, a total of five cultivation techniques, a formation technique manual, eight weapons, and a brocade box were placed in front of Lin Mo.

He took a look at those cultivation techniques.

They were probably fifth-level cultivation techniques that belonged to the five elements.

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Lin Mo did not like them, so he handed them over to Miao Qing along with those weapons for the next auction.

He opened the brocade box, and in the middle of it was a milky white pearl.

At this moment, Yan Rong, who was at the side, looked over and exclaimed, “Master, these people are disciples of the Battle Immortal Sect!”

Lin Mo immediately raised his head.

He did not expect Yan Rong to recognize these people.

‘Could it be that he had already guessed that I was the one who made a move I wonder if he saw it That evil side will affect my image!

“Master, look! Theres the Battle Immortal Sects emblem here!”

‘Oh, so its this.

It gave me a fright!

“Its said that the Battle Immortal Sect has always sought revenge for the smallest grievance.

If you attack the younger disciples, the older ones will take revenge.

Master, I think its better to just dispose of these peoples corpses!”

“These eight people seem to be disciples of the Battle Immortal Sect.

Why were they fighting among themselves Its unbelievable.

If news of them here were known, it might even have an impact on our auction house…”

“Alright, Ill leave these matters to you.

Ill take my leave first.”

Lin Mo tossed the milky-white pearl in his hand.

He did not discover any energy aura within it, nor did he sense the charm of a divine weapon.

It was as if it was just an ordinary pearl.

However, Lin Mo knew that the fellow who wielded a pair of Purple Gold Hammer would not just keep a normal item.

Therefore, there must be other secrets hidden within this pearl!

After giving Miao Qing a few more instructions, Lin Mo finally felt at ease and returned to the cultivation room.

Regarding the true level of the dragon transformation realm, as well as the five levels after the ninth-level, Lin Mo naturally understood.

Adding on to the fact that he already had a mid sixth-level Barrier Breaking Pill in his backpack, there was no reason for Lin Mo to break through to the ninth-level of the dragon transformation realm at his current level.

It just so happened that he also had many treasures on him.

For example, the seventh-level Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, the seventh-level Wind Controlling Pearl, the seventh-level Ice Soul Silver Light Sword, the Eight Precepts Treasure, the Divine Flame Bird Fan, and the sixth-level Empty Treasure Chest!

The choice of these treasures seemed simple, but, it involved the direction of his future development.

Hence, Lin Mo did not dare to neglect them.

After mulling over it a few times, Lin Mo discovered that he already had a low ninth-level sword, as well as three top ninth-level sword manuals.

Although there were many cultivation techniques, their power should be placed at the top of his concerns.

Therefore, he should be focusing on cultivation techniques for his next cultivation.

Hence, Lin Mo decided to devour all the remaining treasures and cultivate them!

Was it not his ultimate goal to increase strength Then, it was time!

The pitch-black devouring light from the God Devouring Body enveloped his hand.

First was the seventh-level Ice Soul Silver Light Sword.

This was a treasure that had accompanied him for a period.

The ice-blue light that flowed from the body of the sword rapidly converged and flowed toward the black light from the God Devouring Body.

At the same time, his body was constantly emitting creaking sounds as if he could not bear the weight!

At this moment, Lin Mos cultivation base was still at the normal level.

It was only at the great circle level that his strength became three times that of an ordinary level cultivator!

Lin Mo was still not satisfied!

Hence, Lin Mo extended his hand and touched the Wind Controlling Pearl.

Although it possessed the ability to control the power of the wind, it could reduce the resistance of the wind to his body when he was moving.

In the end, it was not as convenient as using the great dao laws.

Thus, it overlapped with his own strength.

The pearl that emitted an azure light did not even last ten breaths of time in Lin Mos hand before it turned into a pile of fine powder!

Along with the Wind Controlling Pearl, Lin Mos strength had reached the perfect stage of the ninth-level dragon transformation realm!

This was six times the strength of an ordinary cultivator!

Normally, a cultivator would need to maintain at this level for around ten years before reaching the next level of attainment.

“Not bad!”

Lin Mo muttered in his heart.

He continued devouring the rest of the treasures.

The sixth-level Empty Treasure Chest also slowly disappeared from Lin Mos hands.

The seventh-level Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, the eighth-level Divine Flame Bird Fan…

Perhaps their levels were high enough.

If they were auctioned off, they would fetch a lot of spiritual stones.

However, how could spiritual stones increase ones strength as compared to devouring treasures

After devouring the various treasures, the God Devouring Body would fuse the special characteristics of these treasures into Lin Mos body.

Therefore, Lin Mo could feel a few forces of unique aura within his body!

There were the flames of the Divine Flame Bird Fan, the space-time and life force of the Empty Treasure Chest, the power of the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, the icy aura of the Ice Soul Silver Light Sword, and the power of the gale in the Wind Controlling Pearl!

It was also because of the devouring of these last few treasures that Lin Mos strength had reached the peak of the perfect stage of the ninth-level dragon transformation realm.

From then on, he possessed ten times the strength of an ordinary dragon transformation stage martial artist.

Lin Mo could feel that he was still a distance away from the legendary perfect stage of the ninth-level dragon transformation realm!

However, this last bit of distance was now like a carrot hanging on a donkeys neck.

He could not touch it for now!

Since the opportunity had yet to arrive, there was no need to force it!

Following which, Lin Mo felt the surging spiritual power in his body.

It had already increased his strength by tens to hundreds of times compared to before the auction.

Lin Mo could only feel his heart getting excited!

If the current him were to compete with the previous him before the auction, he would probably only need a single finger to defeat the previous him.

A burst of loud laughter rang out.

Lin Mo did not regret devouring all the treasures.

“Oh right, there are still a few cultivation techniques that need to be cultivated!”


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