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Due to the difference in the amount of power that could be added to the sword manual, the power of the sword manual itself could vary greatly from person to person.

This included the cultivators comprehension and test of the power of heaven and earth, their observation of the enemys environment, and their choice of sword moves that they could deal with after discovering different powers.

At the same time, there was a great deal of attention paid to the other powers contained within this sword move.

After reading through the sword manual, Lin Mo felt that it was indeed worthy of being a top ninth-level sword manual!

Not only was the power contained within it explosive, but it also contained all sorts of potential.

This meant that this sword manual contained endless changes and possibilities!

This was an improvement that was extremely compatible with ones body and could encourage ones growth!

When Lin Mo thought of this, he could not help but feel extremely happy.

Was it not just his control and understanding of different powers With his God Devouring Body, as long as he devoured enough powerful treasures, what kind of power in this world could not be controlled by him

Hence, he was completely in control.

Just like that, from the very beginning, Lin Mo had solved the two biggest obstacles in cultivating this top ninth-level sword manual!

It could even be said that because of Lin Mos memories from his previous life as well as the augmentation of his God Devouring Body in this life, the speed at which he cultivated this ninth-level cultivation technique had even surpassed ordinary sixth or seventh-level cultivation techniques!

Following that, an idea flashed through Lin Mos mind.

Since this cultivation technique was able to simulate the movement of heavenly bodies, then why not bend his body into a black hole, and use the power of each sword move as the endless stars circling him

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Would that not be closer to reality Presumably, the power of the sword move should also be stronger, right

After that, Lin Mo arranged the many strands of energy in his body according to the description of the 10,000 Stars Sword Technique.

However, the matter of improving the ninth-level cultivation technique was obviously a heavy task with a long way to go!

Not a single slight change in a single cultivation technique could cause a huge difference in the final outcome.

Furthermore, threatening the life of the experimenter was the most common!

Before he had absolute confidence, Lin Mo would not joke about his own life.

Crazy cries continued to ring out from within Lin Mos body.

These were all different types of energies.

Under the effects of the 10,000 Stars Sword Technique sword manual, when they were arranged and combined, it would affect the outside world.

As for his current strength, Lin Mo no longer had any standards to refer to!

This was because he felt that every time the power within his body underwent a change, his strength would welcome a rapid expansion!

It was as if every second of his was able to kill the previous him!

When everything finally settled down, Lin Mo felt that he had already arrived at the perfect stage of the ninth-level of the dragon transformation realm, as if there was no room for improvement!

Even his own strength was no longer as simple as ten times that of an ordinary stage!

Lin Mo immediately stopped cultivating and broke out of seclusion.

Not long after, Lin Mo, Miao Qing, and the Xu Feng Regiments commander, Xu Youqing sat in a reception room.

“Xu Youqing, are you sure you want to hand these treasures over to our Lin auction house”

Lin Mo looked at a wooden box that had already been opened in front of him.

Within it, there were five pearl-like objects that each had a different faint glow.

These were the demonic beasts inner cores.

Moreover, from the energy fluctuations, they were all top sixth-level!

Two days had already passed since the last auction ended.

This also meant that the Lin auction house would hold another auction the day after tomorrow.

The Xu Fengs Regiments commander, Xu Youqing, had taken a detour from the Dark Forest on his way back after the last auction to avoid possible enemies and pursuers.

After narrowly passing the test, he finally obtained these five demonic beasts inner cores.

As everyone knew, the value of demonic beasts inner cores was high.

Moreover, their internal vital energy was extremely rich.

They were necessary items for refining pills and making talismans and other precious treasures.

Although the inner core contained an extremely rich qi, it could not be used to absorb and cultivate.

This was because the inner core contained a wild and violent nature.

It was something that humans weak meridians could not withstand.

After struggling for a while, the Xu Fengs Regiment commander, Xu Youqing decided to hand these items over to Lin Mo and the Lin auction house in exchange for spiritual stones with even more gentle spirit qi!

“Yes, Lin Mo! I believe in you! I really like the items I obtained from the last auction.

It was the most enjoyable auction Ive had in recent years.”

Looking at Xu Youqings trusting gaze, Lin Mo nodded and said, “Alright, since you trust our Lin auction house, then I definitely wont let you down! Miao Qing, put away these demonic beasts inner cores and arrange for the next auction.”

“Yes, Master!”

Miao Qing then kept the box of demonic beasts inner cores.

“Alright, since the matter is over, Ill take my leave first.”

After the Xu Fengs Regiments commander, Xu Youqing left, Lin Mo called out to Miao Qing who was about to leave.

“Miao Qing, how much did we gain from the last auction”

Even though he knew that they were all spiritual stones, and most of them had to be returned to the clients who had placed them in the auction, he still had to give more than half to the Lin clan.

Then, the rest could only fall into his hands.

However, at the end of the last auction, the shocking figure of over a million spiritual stones still made Lin Mo look forward to how many much he would be able to obtain.

“Master, after the last auction, the final amount that we obtained was about 1.2 million spiritual stones.

Among them, the Bai clan leader, Bai Wuheng, had contributed a large amount of land and shop deeds, among other things.

All of these things added up together were similarly worth quite a lot!”

Miao Qing answered respectfully.

“Not bad, not bad.

Then how many people came to the Lin auction house for the commission auction these two days”

“Master, these two days, quite a number of people came to the Lin auction house to commission the auction.

Moreover, most of them were from the various mercenary groups in Lin City.

Moreover, the treasures they entrusted were of a high level.

“Its like when we specially stored a batch of demonic beasts inner cores before, and then suddenly released them all.

“So far, weve received 23 sixth-level demonic beasts inner cores, over 10 demon beast bones, dozens of other precious parts of demon beasts, and some other fourth-level treasures.”

“Good! Youve arranged all these things.

It seems that those guys who wanted to scheme against me didnt succeed this time.

I wonder how Lin Huaiyuan is doing now…”


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