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In the second-floor VIP room of the Lin auction house, Zhao Gongmings face glowed.

He learned in advance through the VIP card, this auction after the auction catalog, for this auction of unprecedented high expectations!

With this VIP card, he can get a lower auction commission from the Lin auction house to borrow low-grade spiritual stones in an emergency!

Others may not be able to use the demonic beasts inner cores, especially high-quality Demonic beasts inner cores, but he could!

These demonic beasts inner cores can be used for the production of runes.

In some parts of the production of runes itself, the requirements for vitality stability were not very high.

Even some of the extreme rune production, but also a special request to enhance the level of damage!

For example, the Explosion Talisman!

Therefore, in his opinion, this auction seemed to be specially organized for him, Zhao Gongming!

As for Bai Wuheng and Qi Yueheng, although they looked forward to it, their respective areas of expertise required a certain amount of demonic beasts inner cores, so they were definitely not as open-minded as him.

They wanted as many as they could get.

At this time, in the temporary widening of the first-floor auction hall, although the people do not know the specific auction catalog, they also looked forward to the auction.

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At this time, in Lin Citys several other major auction houses…

Although they had also acquired a large number of auctioneers at the last minute and had sent out notices and invitations to their customers.

The scene was usually filled with people, so they were surprised that they were actually facing an empty space!

Only one of the auctioneers was left, who had a sad face while noticing his bosses.

“Welcome to the Lin auction house again!”

“This auction will be the same as last time, with ten items being auctioned.

Okay, without further ado, lets take a look at the first item!”

“Five upper third tier demonic beasts inner cores with wood attributes! This time, the five demonic beasts inner cores will be auctioned at the same time.

The starting price will be 5,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

Each increase must be at least 500 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“Although the level of these five demonic beasts inner cores is relatively low, it was a wide range of applications, so a lot of families still need it.

“Whats more, the third-level demonic beasts inner core would only be auctioned separately at higher prices if it was placed in other auction houses.

However, it was a one-off auction in the Lin auction house.

It was obvious that the Lin auction house is very rich!

5,500 low-grade spiritual stones!

6,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

6,500 low-grade spiritual stones!

“7,500 low-grade spiritual stones!”

In the VIP room on the second floor, Zhao Gongming made an offer.

No one on the scene continued to increase the price, because this itself was already the value of these demonic beasts inner cores.

It would not be worth it if they went any higher.

[ Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning five third-tier wood attribute demonic beasts inner cores! ]

[ Congratulations to the host for 300 times the return!]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining an upper sixth-tier wood attribute demonic beasts inner core! ]

“Next for the second item of the auction, seven third-tier water attribute demonic beasts inner cores!”

“The starting price for the auction is 7,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

Each additional price shall not be less than 500 spiritual stones!”

These were third-tier demonic beasts inner cores, so Miao Qing just opened one wooden box and put it in front of his chest to display it.

On the other hand, the people at the scene looked at the round and pleasing shape of the inner pill, the faint fluorescence that accompanied it, and the faint aura of water attribute spiritual force.

Their bodies trembled slightly.

Everyone present was certain about the authenticity of these demonic beasts inner cores!

Water attribute demonic beasts inner cores were more widely used in the human world due to their gentle spiritual power.

For example, some bath centers used them to make pills.

At this time, there are more people auctioning in the lobby on the first floor.

7,500 low-grade spiritual stones!

8,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

8,500 low-grade spiritual stones!

“The water attribute demonic beasts inner cores can neutralize other low-grade spiritual forces in the process of making talismans.

Moreover, they have a wide range of applications.

The Zhao family must take down these water attribute demonic beasts inner cores!”

“10,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

It seems that others sensed Zhao Gongmings determination to win, but no one fought with him.

[ Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning seven third-tier water attribute demonic beasts inner cores! ]

[Congratulations on the 700 times return!]

[Congratulations, the host has obtained a level 6 demonic beasts inner core!]

“Oh, Zhao Gongming, youre very generous today! It looks like youre here to sweep the goods!”

Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming good relationship.

At that moment, Zhao Gongming picked up the communication device and teased.

“Hahaha, its because these things are so important to the Zhao family! We wont refuse anything that comes our way!”

“I know that you, Qi Yueheng, are a little bit of a burden.

Everything you need to forge weapons has nothing to do with the demonic beasts inner cores.

Dont mock me now, okay”

Zhao Gongming also said to Qi Yueheng with slight helplessness.

Really! Sometimes, it was not good for the relationship between the clan leaders to be too good.

Others could guess whatever they were thinking, and would even want to ridicule them! It is very uncomfortable!

‘Hehe, these are just appetizers.

I didnt expect Zhao Gongming to be so keen on these things!

‘You Zhao family deserves to be just average in the Lin City!

Bai Wuheng thought in his heart.

‘The eighth princes emissary will be here soon, and then I will be a member of the Imperial City.

We wont be on the same battlefield anymore!”

‘When I have secured the Bai familys foothold in Imperial City and come back, I will make it a lifetimes honor for you to lick the soles of my shoes!

‘No! Can I use the eighth princes emissary to severely suppress Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming


“‘These two families have no strength, but they are jumping up and down all day long, which makes me very upset!

Bai Wuheng silently thought in his heart, but there was an evil smile on his face.

“Next, the auction for the third item, five metal attribute upper fourth-tier demonic beasts inner core!”

“The starting price for the auction is 10,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

Each additional price shall not be less than 1,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

At this moment, it was not that the Lin auction house ran out of third-tier demonic beasts inner cores, but the remaining ones were scattered with various attributes.

They were not qualified to be auctioned off, so they were saved for later when more inner cores with the same attributes were available.

As for the other treasures, the reasons are pretty much the same.

Lin Mo was thinking about whether to hold a small auction every day and a big auction every three days in the future.

He wanted to auction off those odds and ends as soon as possible.


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