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These metal attribute tier 4 demonic beasts inner cores were mainly commissioned by various large mercenary groups, and similarly used the similar binding auction method.

“Hehe, Zhao Gongming, at this time, dont fight with me for these metal attribute demonic beasts inner cores.

I, Qi Yueheng, have a huge demand for metal attribute demonic beasts inner cores!”

“I didnt compete with you for the previous demonic beasts inner cores, so let me have it!”

Qi Yueheng was good at forging, so it was not surprising that he had a demand for the metal attribute demonic beasts inner core.

Therefore, he quickly contacted Patriarch Zhao Gongming.

He knew that if he did not speak now, with Zhao Gongmings personality, he would definitely auction off all these items.

After all, the Zhao familys talismans had all sorts of attributes.

Moreover, as the head of the Zhao family, he was definitely very good at making talismans with all sorts of attributes.

“Haha, that wont do.

At most, Ill auction off two of them for you!”

Zhao Gongming laughed loudly and said.

“Then since youre not willing to give them up, lets just compete directly.

When the time comes, dont let the other families benefit for nothing!”

Qi Yueheng said with a hint.

Obviously, the person he was hinting at was Bai Wuheng!

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“Alright, alright.

Dont get into an argument over this and affect our relationship.

After the auction is over, well split the five demonic beasts inner cores equally!”

“I can use tier 3 demonic beasts inner cores to replace one tier 4 one.

When the time comes, Ill hand it over to you!”

Seeing that Qi Yueheng looked like he could not afford it, Zhao Gongming quickly said, “Mmhm, thats more like it!”

Qi Yueheng reluctantly agreed to Zhao Gongmings proposal.

12,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

13,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

14,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

The bidding was still going on in the hall on the first floor.

At this time, the two patriarchs on the second floor had reached an agreement, and it was time for Patriarch Zhao Gongming to make a bid.

“18,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“19,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

However, this time, there was actually someone bidding against him in the auction hall below!

Patriarch Zhao Gongminglooked down with some surprise, but surprisingly, he could not find the other party, so he could only continue to raise the bid.

“20,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

The person below the stage obviously did not have the intention to give up the competition, so he continued to say.

“21,000 low-grade spiritual stones”

“Hey, where did this guy come from Why does it seem like Ive never seen him before”

Zhao Gongming stared at the figure below the stage.

It was a white-haired old man.

However, he did not hesitate.

The current price was still within his acceptable range.

However, he believed that the old man definitely would not be able to accept such a high price.

“23,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

As expected, following his last bid, there was no one else bidding in the hall downstairs.

[ Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning off five tier 4 high-grade metal attribute demonic beasts inner cores! ]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining 1,800 times the rebate! ]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining 1 tier 7 mid-grade metal attribute demonic beast inner core! ]

“Hey, the price this time is a little too high!”

Zhao Gongming spoke to Qi Yueheng through the communication device.

“Hahahaha, if you dont want it, then just transfer these metal attribute demonic beasts inner cores to me.

Its only 23,000 low-grade spiritual stones, I, Qi Yueheng, can still afford it.”

When Qi Yueheng heard Zhao Gongmings ridicule, he immediately said as if he was joking.

“What the f*ck are you thinking! If you, Qi Yueheng, can take it out, then cant I, Zhao Gongming, take it out Ill give you half at most!”

Zhao Gongming disdainfully replied Qi Yueheng.

“Seriously! Youre not falling for it”

After Qi Yueheng hung up the communication device, he ridiculed.

“Alright, lets proceed to the fourth item in this auction.”

“A set of five tier 5 mid-grade Five Element Cultivation Technique Manuals.”

Yes, these were the five cultivation technique manuals that Lin Mo had found from the eight people who had entered the Lin familys auction house during the night of the War Immortal Sect.

He did not expect that they would each cultivate a Five Element Cultivation Technique Manual.

At that time, because Lin Mo knew that after the auction, the system would return the profits to him, and it would definitely be a higher grade cultivation technique manual, he did not choose to learn it.

The starting price of these five elements secret manuals was 50,000 low-grade spirit stones! Each increment must not be less than 10,000 low-grade spirit stones.

Standing on the stage, Miao Qing displayed the 5 Five Element Cultivation Technique Manuals to the crowd and said.

“Oh my God! This is actually a complete set of Five Element Cultivation Technique Manuals! I never thought that there would be such a good thing at this time!”

“Tier 5 secret manuals! This is a rare and precious treasure in the outside world.

I didnt expect to see a complete set in the Lin auction house!”

“A single tier 5 secret manual is enough to forge a large family.

I didnt expect the Lin family to actually take out five at once!”

“But if I only wanted one of the secret manuals, wouldnt that be impossible Now, only five secret manuals can be auctioned at the same time”

“Thats your business! Whoasked you to not have enough spiritual stones”

The people around him immediately laughed at him, but this was also the truth.

Many people could not endure the small hardships that life gave them, so they often could not cultivate diligently or accumulate spirit stones in their free time.

Instead, they chose to relax in taverns, brothels, and other places of entertainment and even called it a combination of work and rest.

The starting price of 50,000 low-grade spiritual stones was not high.

If these ordinary cultivators were more diligent, it was not like they could not take it out.

However, at this time, most people could only sigh helplessly.

Then, they unwillingly withdrew from the auction, looking for all sorts of reasons to extinguish the flame in their hearts that they might have once had.

They would only regret it when they truly needed it.

However, at this moment, they would only realize that it was already too late!

Such a complete set of Five Element Cultivation Technique Manuals was naturally not only moved by the people in the auction hall on the first floor.

Even the heads of the several great clans in the auction VIP rooms on the second floor were also moved!

This naturally included the many elders of the royal auction house!

“This… this set of tier 5 Five Element Cultivation Technique Manuals.

What should we do now”

An elder of the royal auction house looked at the elder sitting in the middle and asked.

“What else can we do I dont know whats going on with the Lin family recently, to actually take out such high-level cultivation techniques to auction off one after another!”

“But since they dont want it, then this is our chance!”

“Although there are quite a number of tier 5 cultivation techniques circulating outside, and there are other five elements cultivation technique manuals in the imperial family of the Yanhuang dynasty, I see that the names of these five cultivation techniques actually dont exist in the imperial palace!”


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