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It was nothing more than having just learned the structure of a new formation.

Of course, he could not wait to put it into practice.

As for the Bai clan, they just happened to provide him with the materials for the venue and the use of his ideas during this process.

However, if he was sure that he would not upgrade the defensive array, how would he comfort Master Kun Cheng This was another problem.

“Alright, welcome back to the second half of the Lin auction house!”

“I believe that everyone is familiar with the rules of the Lin auction house.

However, I still have to repeat them!”

“The treasures that will be auctioned in the second half of the auction are extremely precious.

Please treat them seriously.

If you discover any fraud or intentionally disrupt the order of the auction venue, the Lin auction house will expel you.

You will be blacklisted and will never be allowed to enter.”


A wave of boos came from the auction hall below the stage.

It was obvious that they agreed to this rule again.

This was because this was actually to protect the interests of all the other participants in the auction.


“Alright, auctioneer! Dont say anymore.

Lets start the auction.

I cant wait any longer!”

“Auctioneer, hurry up and start! Quickly let us see what precious treasures will be auctioned in the second half of the auction”

“Although I dont know what they will be auctioning, lets hurry up!”

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“My hands are trembling with excitement.

I Cant wait to see the market.

Let Me, a country bumpkin, see what the real world is like!”

“Thats right.

I heard from my friends who participated in the auction before that every item auctioned here is something that breaks common sense and can even change the status of a country and the structure of a continent!”

“I really want to verify whether what he said is true or not!”

“Hahaha, good.

Since everyone is so eager and enthusiastic, then let me introduce to everyone the first treasure that will be auctioned in the second half of the Lin auction houses auction!”

“A mid-grade tier 5 longsword!”

“What So theres only a mid-grade tier 5 longsword!”

Before Miao Qing could finish his sentence, there was a commotion below the stage.

“Its seven mid-grade tier 5 swords.

After the appraisal of our Lin auction houses experts, weve finally confirmed that these seven mid-grade tier 5 swords are actually a set of weapons!”

“What Seven A set of mid-grade tier 5 swords This reminds me of the tier 5 Five Element Cultivation Technique Manuals from the first half of the auction!”

“Theres actually another set of weapons for sale What has happened in the Lin auction house recently Even the auction-style has changed greatly from before!”

“Thats right, thats right.

Moreover, the level of the items being auctioned is also much higher than before!”

“I remember that every time the Lin auction house held an auction, there was only a fixed tier 4 treasure as the finale.

I didnt expect that even a tier 4 treasure would disappear now.

Theres no chance of appearing here at all!”

“Yes, thats right.

Who says it isnt Im very curious about what happened to the Lin auction house recently.

The changes in the Lin auction house are really unbelievable.

Its as if the sky has changed.”

“Yes, of course, the sky has changed because this Lin auction house has a new owner!”

“Everyone, theres no need to make random guesses.

These seven mid-grade tier 5 swords will be auctioned at a starting price of 700,000 low-grade spiritual stones! Each increment must not be less than 10,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

Miao Qing decided to strike while the iron was hot and publicize this set of mid-grade tier 5 longswords.

“These seven mid-grade fifth-grade longswords dont have a name.

However, they can emit seven-colored light, so I shall call them Seven-Colored Rainbow!”

“Seven swords, seven colors.

Naturally, it also means that they have seven different attributes and contain seven different powers!”

“Moreover, they can also transmit and strengthen each others spiritual qi through the gemstones on the hilts!”

“These seven long swords have the same appearance and weight.

They can be distinguished by the gemstones embedded on the hilts.

Alright, distinguished guests who wish to auction this set of mid-grade tier 5 longswords, everyone can start the auction now!”

If the purple-gold hammer from before could not move the royal auction house at all, then this set of seven mid-grade tier 5 swords with seven rainbow colors was the other extreme!

Even just hearing about the attributes of these mid-grade tier 5 longswords, everyone in the royal auction houses auction room was moved!

“Fortunately, we are here to participate in this auction!”

In the VIP room where the royal auction house was located, an elder let out a long breath and patted his chest as he said.

“Thats right, thats right! Elder! Fortunately, when we came to participate in this auction, we brought even more low-grade spiritual stones.

Otherwise, we would really be anxious to death right now.

We would be staring blankly!”

“Fortunately, we have all come to participate.

I knew that this Lin auction house would definitely be different from before after it had a new owner.

However, I never expected that it would actually be so completely different!”

“Thats right.

Its like that little earthworm suddenly turned around and flew into the sky.

I find it unbelievable!”

“You said that weve been in Lin City for so many years, but weve never encountered so many precious treasures.

How did the new owner of the Lin auction house manage to take out so many treasures”

“Are you trying to say that the new owner of the Lin auction house really obtained so many treasures in a mysterious realm”

“No way, if this is true, I cant help but want to explore the wilderness!”

“The benefits obtained are too shocking! We have worked hard for most of our lives, but Im afraid its not as much as the amount that the Lin auction houses owner earns in this auction!”

“Who says it isnt true”

Not only them, even in Bai Wuhengs room, he was also staring at a set of mid-grade tier 5 longswords on the stage with his mouth agape.

He had never expected that this was a set of longswords! Previously, he only knew that the first item to be auctioned off in the second half of the auction was seven longswords, mid-grade tier 5 longswords.

However, that was all.

However, no matter how shocked he was, no matter how shocked he was, it was useless!

That was because ever since he had drained all the low-grade spiritual stones in the Bai clan, they could no longer take out many low-grade spiritual stones.

It was useless even if they were envious.

“Damn it, damn it, why has Lin City been peaceful for so many years Recently, a mere Lin Mo became the owner of the Lin auction house, how could there be so many good things”

“I shouldnt have been out of time for more than ten years, whats wrong with that It even made me feel the poverty that I havent felt since I was young!”

The starting price of 700,000 low-grade spiritual stones had actually frightened the entire auction house!


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