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After he stood up, he quickly raised his hand and shouted.

“150,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

At this moment, Zhao Gongming, who was in the VIP room on the second floor of the auction venue, made another bid.

It was still the 200,000 low-grade spiritual stones that stifled the crowd below the stage!

At the level of high-grade tier 6, the value of the demonic beasts inner core had already greatly exceeded the price that he should be auctioning off, and the price of 200,000 low-grade spiritual stones was the dividing line among them!

If the price exceeded 200,000 low-grade spiritual stones, then the higher the price, the more losses the auctioneer would suffer.

However, this time, Zhao Gongming had clearly underestimated the determination of the white-robed people participating in the auction on the first floor.

They hesitated for a moment before bidding again.

“230,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

At this moment, Zhao Gongming, who was in the VIP room on the second floor, lowered his head to look at his competitors who were continuing to compete with him.

Especially when he saw the white robes on their bodies, he seemed to hesitate for a moment.

However, this hesitation did not last long before he made another bid.

“240,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

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At this moment, the representative of the white-robed young man who was sent out from downstairs also made a bid without hesitation.

“250,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

At this moment, the mans face was flushed red as he clenched his fists tightly and raised them above his head.

His gaze was fixed on the jade box on the auction stage.

At this moment, in the VIP room on the second floor, Zhao Gongming looked at the white-robed young man in the hall and then at Miao Qing and the jade box in his hand.

He closed his eyes and hesitated for a moment before looking down at the green leaf on the chests of those young men.

After a long while, he sighed softly and gave up on bidding again.

“250,000 low-grade spiritual stones going once!”

“250,000 low-grade spiritual stones going twice!”

“250,000 low-grade spiritual stones going thrice! Sold!”

[ Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning the tier 6 high-grade Golden-armored Mad Lions inner core! ]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining 3,000 times the profit! ]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining a tier 8 low-grade Golden-armored Mad Lions inner core! ]

At this moment, Zhao Gongming thought in his heart.

‘These young people are members of the Life Alchemists!

“Looking at the badges on their chests, it all shows that they are the descendants of the Life Alchemists who refine pills related to the Life Domain.

As the most powerful alchemist organization within the Yanhuang Divine Empire, its best not to offend them!”! ”

“After all, who can guarantee that they will never have any disease, will never be able to ask for their head”

Below the stage, those who wear white clothes in the successful auction to the tier 6 Golden-Armored Mad Lions inner core, looked ecstatic!

Even Zhao Gongming could see clearly that many of them were hugging each other excitedly.

‘Forget it, forget it.

Just treat it as giving them some face and forming a good relationship with the life faction!

At this moment, Miao Qing also walked onto the stage once again.

The handmaidens tray behind him was still covered with a red silk cloth.

“Next, we will be auctioning off the final treasure of this auction.

This is a tier 6 mid-grade array, the Eight Directions Combination!”

“This array has the effect of combining the strength of the eight cultivators who formed the array core.

It also has multiple transformations.”

“The first transformation can create a weapon condensed from vitality within the array.

The second transformation can create a puppet that can automatically attack.

The third transformation will be kept a secret here!”

“This transformation will be left to the owner of this array formation to comprehend! The starting price is 500,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

Each increment must not be less than 20,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

As Miao Qing turned around and removed the cloth that was used to cover the tray, an extremely simple and unadorned secret manual with a blue cover appeared before everyones eyes.

This secret manual seemed to carry a mysterious power.

When the people in the auction hall focused their gazes on him, they all felt a wave of dizziness at the same time!

“Its true, this is absolutely true!”

“Is this the legendary tier 6 mid-grade array It seems to be a combined attack array.”

“A combined attack array is a treasure that is even rarer than a single array.

This Lin family can actually take it out for auction”

“Compared to those trash from before, this combined attack array is practically made of gold.

Moreover, it will continuously produce gold!”

The people in the auction hall on the first floor began to discuss one after another.

They even compared the excellent inner core cultivation method manuals and other items that had shocked them to junk!

In the VIP room on the second floor, Qi Yueheng, Zhao Gongming, Bai Wuheng, and the people from the royal auction house stood up in shock!

At this moment, Bai Wuheng suddenly squatted down and said to Zhao Gongming through his communication device with a bitter smile.

“Zhao Gongming, Ive finally opened my eyes today!”

“I was too naive before.

With only a million low-grade spiritual stones from our two clans, its really a bit over my head to actually think of auctioning off this joint attack array technique manual!”

“Hehe, its more than that.

Qi Yueheng, forget it, forget it.

Todays auction is purely to broaden our horizons.

Even if we were to buy off such a precious array, Im afraid we wouldnt have the strength to protect it!”

“That kind of behavior is no different from a child carrying gold through a busy market.

It will only bring about a fatal disaster!”

At this time, Zhao Gongming also spoke to Qi Yueheng with a somewhat self-deprecating tone.

“This is actually the legendary joint attack array This kind of thing only exists in the legendary sacred lands! It can actually be left behind at this time”

“What if I can buy it off and offer it to the eighth prince When that time comes, I will definitely occupy an even more important position in the eighth princes heart!”

“I can even become his right-hand man in one leap.

I can even become a carp leaping over the dragons gate.

I can become a popular person in front of the crown prince.

From then on, I will be able to make a public appearance in the Yanhuang Divine Empire.”

“When that time comes, will the entire Bai clan be able to cooperate with the authorities in the entire Yanhuang Divine Empire Wouldnt that be equivalent to soaring into the sky”

Bai Wuheng went through his thoughts again and again in his mind.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was feasible.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that even if he had to sell off all of the Bai clans assets for this, it was worth it to take down this joint attack array!

At this moment, Bai Wuhengs fists were tightly clenched together.

The determination in his eyes was almost flowing out.

“I have a VIP card from the Lin auction house.

According to the rules, I have three days to collect low-grade spiritual stones!”

“Ill bid for this array first.

When I go out and sell everything, Ill have to gather enough spiritual stones.

or I can just drag it out until the eighth princes envoy arrives.

Hell definitely have a lot of low-grade spiritual stones on him! When the time comes, Ill definitely be able to take down this array!”


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