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Zi Yue definitely had a secret on her.

If she was involved, it would probably cause a lot of trouble.


Lin, wait a moment!” Seeing that Lin Mo was about to leave, Zi Yue hurriedly urged him to stay.


Lin is a very good person.

This time, he sold three medicinal pills to my Purple Cloud Holy Land, which greatly improved my holy land.”

“I still have many matters to discuss with Mr.

Lin… why dont we meet upstairs”

Was she inviting him

Once these words were said, even Bai Wuheng, who had been silent for a long time, was a little shocked.

It was becauseZi Yue had found a new puppet.

Zi Yue wanted to use Lin Mo to replace the Bai clans function.

Lin Mo was also silent for a long time.

He looked at Zi Yues graceful figure, as well as the worried eyes of Wu Jin and Miao Qing…


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The men were envious.

“What right does he have! This guy earns money and has beautiful women to accompany him! This time, its a lady from the Purple Cloud Holy Land! Ive never seen such a beautiful woman in my life!”

“Why Where did this guy get his luck from First, he got so many rare treasures… and now, hes getting beauties!”

“I cant even stand the sight of the new manager ofDrunken Immortal Restaurant! Sharing a room together Is Lin Mo that honest”

Actually, Lin Mos heart was a little shaken, but with his cultivation level, he could still suppress it.

It was as if he knew what Zi Yues true motive was.

He had decided that once Zi Yue mentioned an array during the process, he would immediately leave.

When necessary, he would even attack Zi Yue.

This was because he did not rule out the possibility that Zi Yue and the forces behind her would kill and steal the treasure.

“Thank you, Mr.

Lin,” Zi Yue said in satisfaction.

The corners of her lips curled up in a bewitching manner as she slowly went upstairs.

Looking at the group of envious men, Lin Mo asked Wu Jin and Miao Qing to stand guard downstairs.

He deliberately said loudly, “‘Mr. doesnt sound nice.

You should call meyoung master in the future.”

“Yes, Young Master Lin.”


This time, even Lin Mo himself was shocked.

To be calledyoung master by a beautiful young lady…It would be a lie to say that he was unhappy!

In the boudoir…

Under Qing Wen and Qing Wus vigilant gaze, Lin Mo had just stepped into the room when he felt that something was wrong.

He subconsciously prepared to use the clear heart blood coagulation pill.

It was not because of anything else.

It was because this room was too new.

It was as if they had just started living there.

If that was really the case…

Zi Yue brought two beauties to Lin City and came looking for him.

Was her motive not too obvious

If she said that there was no problem, even Zi Yue herself would not believe it.

“Young master, why must you be so cautious”

Seemingly noticing Lin Mos caution, Zi Yue said softly.

Lin Mo subconsciously squeezed out a smile, but his attention was diverted.

At this moment, he suddenly felt his eyes darken.

Just as he thought that something was wrong, his whole body went soft, and even his consciousness almost collapsed!

A strange rosemary scent almost caused Lin Mos spiritual sense to withdraw, and he could not control his body at all.

Zi Yue, this woman, was still pretending.

As she went up to hug Lin Mo, she said innocently, “Ah! Young master, what happened to you”

Qing Wen and Qing Wu pulled out their swords skillfully and pressed them against Lin Mos waist and neck.

The coolness from the blade woke Lin Mo up.

Damn it!

How could someone as careful as Lin Mo fall into the trap here


Smelling the strange rosemary scent, Lin Mo instantly understood something.

This knockout drug was definitely not something Zi Yue found an opportunity to use when Lin Mo entered the room.

Instead, it had been on her all along.

In fact, the reason why people felt that her charm skill was very strong…

Was because this charm skill was a kind oftrigger of the knockout incense!

It was precisely because of this charm skill that she was able to trigger the knockout incense!

It had already played a role in causing people to only be able to defend against the charm skill and ignore the knockout incense.

Lin Mo often came into contact with top-grade medicinal pills.

What kind of ingredients had he not come into contact with before

However, this fragrance was something that Lin Mo had never heard of before.

From this, it could be seen that Lin Mo was quickly certain of an answer in his heart.

This Zi Yue was not only from the imperial city, but it was also very likely from the imperial family!

This knockout incense was definitely something that the imperial family did not announce!

It was because the imperial family had many experts and were rich in resources, they were able to concoct a knockout incense that even experts like Lin Mo were unable to guard against!

Lin Mo fainted in Zi Yues embrace.

He only felt that Zi Yues delicate body was like a piece of soft jade, making him feel exceptionally comfortable.

In addition, the three women quickly moved to the bed.

On the bed, Zi Yue leaned against the headboard, causing Lin Mo to fall into her embrace in a daze.

Qing Wen and Qing Wu were in charge of being on guard.

They did not notice that the effects of the clear heart blood coagulation pill were unknowingly flowing into Lin Mos body!

“Young Master Lin, can you hear me…”

“I want to know if Young Master Lin still has an array…”

“Our Purple Cloud Holy Land really needs a tier 7 array to defend against external enemies…”

It was indeed related to arrays!

A wave of vanilla smell suddenly entered the tip of Lin Mos nose.

When the clear heart blood coagulation pill took effect, Lin Mo still pretended to be affected and closed his eyes to sleep in Zi Yues embrace.

He felt Zi Yue gently caress his head as if she was coaxing a child, slowly enticing him to reveal the secret.

Lin Mo was not sure whether Zi Yue wanted to kill him to silence him, or was she just trying to get the truth out of him

Just as Lin Mo was thinking of a countermeasure, the beautiful black-robed lady, Qing Wu suddenly said, “Eight… cough cough, master, why dont we just kill this fellow and take away all the things of the Lin family!”

“How can such an ant be worthy of the masters embrace Qing Wu is truly feeling wronged on behalf of you!”

‘Alright! You Qing Wu!

Qing Wus words actually made Lin Mo want to kill her! A wave of sword intent appeared in his palm.

Putting everything else aside, with his strength and the augmentation of the clear heart blood coagulation pill, it would be easy for him to burst out and instantly kill the three women.

At most, he would be struck back and heavily injured.

However, when Zi Yue rejected this idea, Lin Mo let out a cold moan and let the three ladies off.

“Lets not talk about this.

I am a schemer and not a bandit.

How can I do such despicable things”

‘Look at the situation of others!

As Lin Mo thought about this, he heard Qing Wu gnashing her teeth.

She seemed to be very unhappy that Lin Mo was enjoying Zi Yues embrace.

He immediately laughed coldly and pretended to have a headache.

He rubbed his head against Zi Yues body and even placed his head on Zi Yues white jade neck.

It felt very comfortable.

Qing Wu was furious as she watched this.

Zi Yue also seemed to have little contact with men.

Goosebumps appeared all over her body.

Right at this moment…

Lin Mo quietly opened his eyes.

He saw Zi Yues milk-like skin, her beautiful figure, and a strange yellow pendant.

Lin Mo wondered what this pendant was

Upon closer inspection, he was indeed shocked!

“This Zi Yue… is actually… a prince of the Yanhuang Divine Empire!”

On Zi Yues waist was a hidden royal pendant, which could also be called an identity card.

Lin Mo was, after all, a person of status, and Miao Qing had once explained it to him.

In the Yanhuang Divine Empire, there were a total of thirteen princes, and each prince had an identity card.

Lin Mo had never seen the identity tokens of the others, but the second prince, fourth prince, and eighth Prince were the leaders of the Qi, Zhao, and Bai clans respectively.

Lin Mo had paid attention to their identity tokens.


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