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Miao Qing would not even notice this person!

“We have to be careful of this person.”

“This person will definitely not be honest when he comes to participate in the auction.”

On the side, when Wu Jin heard Tian Fengs name, his face could not help but reveal a trace of solemnity.

“Oh, why” Hearing this, Lin Mo said with interest.

“Young master probably doesnt know this persons reputation.

For so many years, Jiang Kun relied on his own strength to plunder everywhere, and even some aristocratic families werent spared.”

Miao Qing slowly told him about Jiang Kuns deeds.

“So that means this person is very rich”

Hearing this, Lin Mos eyes lit up.

In Lin Mo eyes, it did not matter who this person was, as long as they had the money to take down his auction items.

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Of course, if this Jiang Kun dared to disobey the rules of his auction house, Lin Mo would not be polite to him either!

Seeing that Lin Mo did not take his reminder to heart, Miao Qing felt a mountain of pressure.

He wanted to say something but was directly interrupted by Lin Mo.

“Since everyone is here, its time for you to appear.”

As he spoke, Lin Mo looked at Wu Jin and said, “Wu jin, hand over the management rights of this auction house to Miao Qing.

I want to observe from here.”

“Also, about that array that I told you about, put it aside until the end before taking it out.”

“Help me arrange for people to look for a person wearing a bamboo hat nearby.”

“Yes, master.”

Upon hearing this, Wu Jin did not hesitate at all and directly followed Miao Qing.

Miao Qing took the ring and looked at Lin Mo with some doubt.

“Young master, this ring…”

“When you go on stage later, use this ring as the first item in the auction,” Lin Mo said with a smile.

Hearing this, a trace of surprise appeared in Miao Qings beautiful eyes.

“Young master, what background does this Zi Yue have”

“Im not sure either.

Just follow the normal procedure,” Lin Mo said somewhat casually.

“Then young master, how should we set the starting price” This time, Miao Qing was in a bit of a dilemma.

He had set the starting price for this auction house to be low.

Moreover, Lin Mo had handed over many cultivation techniques, pills, and items to Miao Qing to arrange.

Although Miao Qing was experienced, he did not have much confidence in setting the starting price.

“Lets set the starting price at 10,000 low-grade spiritual stones.” Lin Mo thought for a moment and said indifferently, “No matter how bad an item is, it shouldnt be lower than 10,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

“Yes, young master.” Although Miao Qing had some doubts in his heart, he still did as he was told.

Following that, Miao Qing slowly walked out of the private room and came to the auction stage in the middle of the auction.

“Welcome to the auction of the Lin auction house.”

He took out a black ring that Lin Mo had given him.

“The first item up for auction is this black ring on my hand.

This rings origin is mysterious, it might contain some big secret.”

“The auction will begin now.

The starting price will be 10,000 low-grade spiritual stones!” Miao Qing had come into contact with many items before, and he knew that this ring was not of much use, so he immediately called out the starting price.

Then, as soon as Miao Qing finished speaking, the entire auction hall descended into silence.

Everyone looked at the black ring on Miao Qings hand with a puzzled expression.

They had never seen this black ring before, and they did not know where it came from, so naturally, no one dared to call out the starting price rashly.

Although the starting bid was only 10,000 low-grade spiritual stones, and it was not expensive, if they were to bid for a useless item, it would be a waste of 10,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

However, there was an exception.

“11,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

Beside Bai Wuya, Bai Wuxuan saw the black ring appear, and he immediately stood up to bid.

Hearing Bai Wuxuans bid, everyone in the auction hall was somewhat surprised.

Even Miao Qing, who was on the auction stage, had a look of surprise on his face.

This Bai Wuya was the third elder of the Bai clan.

Since Bai Wuheng was not around today, Bai Wuya could only do it for him.

Bai Wuxuan was Bai Wuhengs godson.

He had become famous in the Bai clan since he was young, and his abilities were outstanding.

From the looks of it, he also had a dignified appearance.

However, because he did not support Bai Wuheng and the eighth princes cooperation, he should seek refuge with the second prince.

He would not be placed in an important position in the Bai clan.

Lin Mo gave Bai Wuxuan a deep look and sneered, “This Bai Wuxuans judgment is correct… I didnt expect that Bai Wuheng would not be able to see it as clearly as his own godson.”

If Lin Mo were to choose, he would choose the second prince as well.

Bai Wuheng hoped to take advantage of the eighth princes weak position and instead be placed in an important position by the eighth prince, leading the family to soar.

It was definitely an incompetent move.

Meanwhile, at the auction house.

Initially, Miao Qing did not see anyone bidding.

In his opinion, this ring was most likely going to fail.

Bai Wuxuans sudden appearance to bid gave him a pleasant surprise.

Otherwise, it would be too awkward if the first item in this auction failed to be auctioned, and this was the first time he was completely confident in setting the price.

“Wuxuan, what do you want this black ring for” Bai Wuya looked at Bai Wuxuan in surprise.

Bai Wuya could not help but want the ring on Miao Qings hand because he remembered that Bai Wuheng had said it before.

If he had the chance to buy a ring or a pendant at the Lin auction house, he had to buy it.

It was because it was very likely related to the storage space.

“Elder, Ill explain it to you in detail when I get back.

In short, this ring is most likely a spatial ring and is very important to me,” Bai Wuxuan said solemnly, “Elder, can you give it to me”

“Alright then.” Bai Wuya was stunned when he heard that, and he immediately agreed to Bai Wuxuans request.

It was only ten thousand low-grade spiritual stones.

Even if Bai Wuheng was not around, it was nothing to the Bai clan.

After Bai Wuxuan called out the price, the entire auction fell into silence again.

Other than Bai Wuya and Bai Wuxuan of the Bai clan, no one knew what this ring was.

Naturally, they did not want to spend more than 10,000 to buy it.

This was how auctions were.

It was no different from gambling.

Sometimes, there were some special cultivation methods and tools.

It was one thing for the auction house to quote the price, but it was another thing for the actual value.

[ Congratulations on auctioning your spatial ring.


[ You have received 3,000 times the profit.


[ Congratulations on obtaining a Purple-Gold Spatial Ring.


[ Spatial ring: can Store 500 x 500 items ]

[ Purple-Gold Spatial Ring: Can Store 50, 000 x 50,000 items, living things, and small-scale arrays.



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