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Lin Mo took a closer look and discovered that the 50,000 was extremely flexible.

It could be space, or it could be quality.

In fact, if Lin Mo was willing, he could hide a person inside!

However, the person hiding inside the Purple-Gold Spatial Ring would die very quickly.

He had to find a solution, as it was the same for other living creatures.

At this moment, Lin Mo suddenly thought of the clear heart blood coagulation pill!

If he had this thing, he would be able to hide the person in the Purple-Gold Spatial Ring!

Moreover, the Purple-Gold Spatial Ring clearly had a higher-level version.

The effects of this ring would definitely be extremely perverse.

“These two fellows have good taste.” Lin Mo looked at Bai Wuya and Bai Wuxuan with approval.

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He thought that since these two were sent by the second prince, they seemed to be more powerful than the other members of the Bai clan.

They might be able to come into contact with the second prince.

However, the Bai clans business was huge.

Even if Bai Wuheng fell, it would not be easy for them to be replaced in a short period of time.

Would Zi Yue support the puppets and temporarily let someone lead the Bai clan This was still unknown.

“This woman, Zi Yue, is really troublesome.”

“Ever since she came, I cant stand on either side.”

“This woman… Why doesnt she know how to just watch from the side”

Lin Mo shook his head, but then he thought of Zi Yues embrace.


This beautys body was great!

After finishing the first auction step, the auction hall entered a short break.

Lin Mo also took advantage of this moment to play a trick with a smile.

He took out the Purple-gold Spatial Ring.

Then, he tore off the first half of the Mysterious Heaven Array!

The second half was placed into the Purple-gold Spatial Ring.

“Master, what are you… ” Miao Qing was stunned.

This was a tier 7 mid-grade array!

It was torn apart by Lin Mo

If Zi Yue found out about this, she would probably faint from anger!

“What do you know” Lin Mo grinned.

“This is called buy one get one free!”

“When the time comes, just say, that the second half of this formation will not be able to come out from the Purple-gold Spatial Ring!”

“The Purple-gold Spatial Ring still needs blood to recognize its owner… Wont she have to pay more to buy it”

What a joke.

3,000,000 low-grade spirit stones to buy his tier 7 mid-grade array

Is there such a good thing in the world

During the break, Bai Wuxuan did not slack off either.

He came to the VIP room upstairs and wanted to see Lin Mo!

“Let him in,” Lin Mo said curiously.

The moment he saw Lin Mo, Bai Wuxuan bowed with extreme respect!

Bai Wuxuan was one of the most outstanding juniors of the Bai clan.

Lin Mo was his enemy, right

Bai Wuxuan went straight to the point.

He stood respectfully in front of Lin Mo and said, “Manager Lin, havent you noticed anything strange in the past two days”

Lin Mo raised his eyebrows and said, “You might as well be more straightforward.”

He saw Bai Wuxuan looking awkwardly at Zi Yue, Qing Wu, and Qing Wen downstairs.

“Ever since the lady boss of the Drunken Immortal Restaurant came, master Bai has disappeared.”

“Furthermore, the two women beside this woman came from the Imperial City… You probably dont know this, but we know each other.”

“And then”Ling Mo asked.

He saw Bai Wuxuan make an unreasonable request.

“Elder Bai and I hope that Manager Lin can persuade the Lin family to look for Master Bai.”

“At least confirm whether Master Bai is alive or dead.”

In fact, Bai Wuxuan already had an answer in his heart.

However, if Bai Wuheng was alive, Bai Wuxuan wanted to see the person; if Bai Wuheng was dead, he wanted to see the corpse.

“Manager Lin, you have to help this time.

Even if you dont want to help, you have to help!” Bai Wuxuan said in a pleading tone, “If you are willing to help, our Bai clan and the Lin family can form an alliance! We can fight against foreign enemies together!”

However, Lin Mo replied coldly, “Your Bai clan is not a clan that knows how to repay kindness, and so is the Zhao clan.”

“The reason why you came to me is because of your own interests.

Why are you pretending to care about the overall situation”

On the auction stage, after a short break, Miao Qing continued the auction of the spatial ring.

Bai Wuxuan was also chased away by Lin Mo, and he sighed as he returned to his seat.

Seeing that no one continued to raise the price, he stopped when he saw that there was no one else.

He said softly, “Is there anyone else who wants to raise the price”

“If not, then this mysterious ring will belong to this mister.”

Seeing this, Bai Wuxuan heaved a sigh of relief.

He knew that this ring would definitely be profitable.

Following the successful auction of the black ring, a smile appeared on Miao Qings face.

Just as the black ring was successfully auctioned, the system notification sounded in Lin Mos mind.

[ Ding, Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning off your spatial ring.


[ Due to the host auctioning off a spatial item for the first time… ]

[ You have received a Super Gift Pack from the system.


[ The Super Gift Pack has been distributed to the system space.

Host, please take note of it.


“Super Gift Pack”

Hearing this, Lin Mo was slightly taken aback.

It seemed like there would be a special reward after auctioning off a spatial item!

With a thought, his consciousness immediately entered the system space.

In the system space, a gigantic ball of light was floating in the air, emitting an incomparably resplendent light.

“This is the Super Gift Bag”

Lin Mos eyes revealed an excited expression as he sized up the systems super grand gift bag in front of him.

[ Ding, host, do you wish to open the Super Gift Bag ]

Just as Lin Mos consciousness saw the huge ball of light, the system sent out another notification.


Hearing this, Miao Qings eyes revealed a curious expression.

He really wanted to see just how big this so-called system gift bag was

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully opening the Super Gift Bag.


[ Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the blacksmith masters inheritance.


[ Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining a spiritual power cultivation method, Soul-Devouring Art.


[ All items have been distributed to the system space.

Host, please take note and check.


Following a series of system notifications, Lin Mo was completely dumbfounded.

Master blacksmiths inheritance

The Soul-Devouring Art

At this moment, Lin Mo heard the system notification, and his gaze became a little dull.

After carefully checking, he realized.

It turned out that spatial tools in this world had to be forged using spiritual power.

The inheritance of a master blacksmith allowed Lin Mo to have the ability to forge spatial items.

However, he had to design blueprints.

After that, Miao Qing continued to host the auction.

[ Congratulations, host, for auctioning the tier 2 Qi boosting powder.


[ Congratulations, host, for triggering the 7000-fold rebate.


[ Obtained the tier 5 Pill battle king pill.


[ Congratulations, you have obtained the spatial item blueprint fragmentx 1]


[ Every 10 blueprints fragments can be freely exchanged for one blueprint within the spatial item blueprint.


At this moment, the sound of a system notification rang out, causing Lin Mo to finally regain his senses.

However, at this moment, Lin Mo was completely uninterested in any tier 5 medicinal pill.

His eyes were burning as he looked at the additional item within the system space, before a wild joy surfaced on his face.

Lin Mo dared to guarantee that as long as he gathered all the spatial blueprints, he would be able to produce them.

Any one of them would be able to cause a huge storm on the entire continent!


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