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“Im sorry, Clan leader Qi, but my Duanmu clan also needs this Dragon Seal Fist, so I wont give in.” The Duanmu clan member grinned, and a hint of confidence appeared on his face.

In terms of strength, the Duanmu clan naturally could not compare to the Qi clan.

However, if the Qi clan continued to fight with him, their money would be gone, then the good stuff in the future would have nothing to do with the Qi clan.

In addition, after the Bai clan bought the array, their financial resources had bottomed out, so they were no longer a threat.

Therefore, he was somewhat fearless.

“Elder, how much money does our Qi clan still have from the second princes assistance” Qi Yueheng asked coldly.

The first elder immediately counted the accounts.

Two months ago, the second princes business group came once and brought a large amount of aid to the Qi clan.

He also deliberately warned that if anyone dared to shake the Qi clans position in the four great clans of Lin City…

He would fight against them and send someone to report to him.

He would not sit idly by!

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Who was the second prince

He was a rich man who even had tens of millions of spiritual stones!

What was Qi Yueheng afraid of

However, Qi Yueheng also knew that with the talent of the Qi clan disciples, it was a problem whether they could all learn the Dragon Seal Fist.

“3.2 million low-grade spiritual stones!” Qi Yueheng continued to bid unwillingly.

“3.3 million low-grade spiritual stones!” The Duanmu clan members continued to bid.

“3.4 million low-grade spiritual stones!” Qi Yuehengs face turned gloomy.

He knew that he could no longer follow them.

If he continued to follow them, the Qi clan would not have any financial revenue for a period of time.

“Hehe, 3,500,000 low-grade spiritual stones!” After the Duanmu clan made the price, Qi Yueheng finally gave up and fell silent.

Upon seeing this, a smug look appeared on the face of the Duanmu clan member.

With the Dragon Seal Fist in his hand, his purpose of this trip had been achieved.

As for the good stuff that came after that, the Duanmu clan did not care about it at all.

The Duanmu clan had traveled far and wide and had met quite a number of financial backers.

It was said that there was a very wealthy martial monk clan in the Great Yan Divine Empire, and perhaps it would be a perfect match for this Dragon Fist Seal!

He was already very satisfied to be able to obtain this dragon fist seal.

“This gentleman bids 3,500,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

Is there anyone else who would like to continue bidding”

In the morning, Miao Qing saw that the auction had quieted down, so he called out.

“Since no one is bidding, then I announce that this Dragon Seal Fist belongs to this gentleman.” Miao Qing announced the final result.

The instant Miao Qing finished speaking, a system notification sounded in Lin Mos mind.

[ Congratulations, host, for auctioning a tier 6 cultivation technique, Dragon Seal Fist.


[ Congratulations, host, for triggering a 7,000-fold rebate.


[ Obtained a tier 7 low-grade cultivation technique, Mountain Quaking Fist.


[ Congratulations, you have obtained a spatial item blueprint x 1]

Lin Mo did not expect that Qi Yueheng actually had a fortune!

If that was the case, the richest Qi Yueheng could only fork out around three million.

Then, the Zhao family should be able to fork out around two million.

If the Bai family still wanted to continue living in Lin City, they would at most be able to fork out around seven hundred thousand.

This was the final savings of the three great families in Lin City.

“Ive earned enough money, its time to spend it…” Lin Mo planned.

If the three great clans really emptied out all their wealth…

It would definitely not be a good thing for Lin City.

The most obvious thing was that the enthusiasm of the cultivators would decrease, and the economy around Lin City would also be affected.

However, Lin City was not the only city in the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

Lin Mo had already decided that he would take advantage of the time when the three great clans were lacking in financial resources.

He would purchase large amounts of land and resources.

Then, he would think of a way to separate his business from the Lin family and walk out of Lin City, opening up a bigger world!

When he heard the system notification in his mind, Lin Mos heart moved slightly.

Mountain Quaking Fist

Tier 7 cultivation technique

‘Its alright, it barely caught my eye.

Now, even after hearing the name of the tier 7 cultivation technique, Lin Mos heart was no longer as excited as before.

After all, he used a sword, and he actually did not have any use for things like fist techniques.

However, he could not expose these rare cultivation techniques too early to avoid disturbing the market price.

Otherwise, with the Duanmu clan being so rich, he could sell them all to the Duanmu family.

At this moment, Lin Mo did not even have the thought of entering the system space to check.

His gaze was still fixated on the auction in front of him.

At the auction, after Miao Qing announced the results, the next round of auctions quickly entered.

Half an hour later, the entire auction came to an end.

Lin Mo and Miao Qing exchanged glances, indicating for the Mysterious Heaven Array to be auctioned off.

However, it was only the first portion…

As for Qi Yuehengs three million savings, he did not spend it.

He only used 800,000 to buy some medicinal pills, medicinal baths, and other supporting items.

He felt a little regretful.

After seeing the last item, everyone was very excited!

They saw the Mysterious Heaven Array emitting a mysterious purple light that dazzled everyone.

Zi Yue, Qing Wu, and Qing Wen had been waiting for a long time.

They glared at Lin Mo with dissatisfaction.

However, Lin Mo did not care.

“There will be a time for you to break the defense later.”

“The next item up for auction is a low-grade tier 7 array, the Mysterious Heaven Arrays first part !”

“The starting price is three million low-grade spiritual stones!”

There was an uproar at the scene.

The Duanmu family, who was about to leave, also looked at the array in Miao Qings hand in disbelief.

It was a tier 7 array

If they had seen a level 7 array in the Imperial City, it would not be particularly strange.

However, this was in Lin City!

The head of the Duanmu family, Duanmu Qian, looked at Lin Mo meaningfully.

“This little Lin City actually has such a divine item.”

“This manager is indeed not simple.”

The servant next to him said, “Elder, do you want to make contact with Manager Lin”

“Of course!” Duanmu Qian said.

He originally wanted to see the auction venue of the Mysterious Heaven Array , but he still came to the lounge ahead of time.

Below the stage, Zi Yue, Qing Wu, and Qing Wen were anxious!

They looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

“Master, weve been played! This b*stard only sold the first half… and the first half costs three million low-grade spiritual stones!”

“Does he think were Idiots”

‘Thats right, I think you guys are idiots!

Lin Mo also looked into his eyes without any hesitation.

Then, Wu Jin sent a message.

The head of the Duanmu clans business group, Elder Duanmu Qian, invited Lin Mo to meet him in the lounge.

Lin Mo left without hesitation.

In front of Miao Qing, Zi Yue was more anxious than anyone else.

She heard Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming discussing whether they should pay for the upper and lower parts of the array together.

Moreover, there was a high probability that the lower portion would depreciate in value after obtaining the upper portion.

In fact, they could even decipher a small portion of the lower portion from the upper portion.

Then, they would treat it as if they had spent three million to buy a tier 6 high-grade cultivation technique that could continuously increase in value!

It would not be a loss!


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