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However, the more she thought about it, the more anxious Zi Yue became.

Without waiting for Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming to bid, she raised her hand.

“Four million!”

Once she said it, there was no going back on her word.

Zi Yue knew that she had been scammed by Lin Mo…

Coincidentally, she had also prepared to scam Lin Mo previously… Just as Lin Mo had guessed, she only wanted to use three million to buy a complete tier 7 cultivation array.

However, how could there be such a good thing in this world

Without hearing the intense competition in the VIP auction room, Lin Mo was currently in the lounge meeting with the Duanmu clan.

After Duanmu Qian saw Lin Mo, he politely extended his hand while being surrounded by a group of his clansmen.

“Ive long heard that Manager Lin is a young hero.

Seeing you today, you really left a deep impression on me.”

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No matter who it was, when they saw Lin Mo, they had to be polite.

This was a treatment that even Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming did not have… What kind of family was the Duanmu family

That was a professional business group that operated in several countries! It was somewhat similar to Lin Mos previous life as a financial capitalist.

However, before Lin Mo could return the courtesy, Duanmu Qian pushed an incomparably beautiful young lady from behind him.

“We need to pay our respects at our first meeting.

This is prepared for Manager Lin.

In the future, Ill personally take care of Manager Lin.

Perhaps, you can help Manager Lin with some paperwork.”

Sending a beauty right off the bat

The young ladys name was Duanmu Jia, but she was only fifteen.

In this era, it was possible for her to get married.

However, compared to an ordinary young lady, Duanmu Jia appeared much more mature.

She had a scholarly air about her.

“Dont worry, we are definitely not setting up spies.

This is a tradition of our Duanmu clan, and we only give it to our most distinguished guests.”

“Jiajia has a gentle temperament, and she has excellent clerical and business skills.

Moreover, unlike many women in the family, Jiajia is willing to accept her fate, so she will be very loyal.”

“Manager Lin, please accept this big gift!”

Just as Duanmu Qian said, Duanmu Jias looks, temperament, and ability were all above 95 points.

Even compared to Qing Wu and Qing Wen, who were beside Zi Yue, she was not inferior.

Most importantly, Duanmu Jias figure was excellent.

She had obviously learned dance before, and her cultivation level was not high either.

She was extremely easy to control.

Just like this, she actually mastered so many skills.

She was a living genius!

He did not accept or reject it.

Lin Mo only felt that the Duanmu clan was very impressive.

He said bluntly, “Elder, did you see that our Lin auction house really needs talents”

“Of course.” Duanmu Qian did not hide it.

“Although the items auctioned by the Lin auction house are all top-notch, they are still lacking in all aspects… Thats why we are giving away our beauties.”

Lin Mo suddenly remembered.

The Duanmu clan seemed to do everything, including selling men and women to other places.

However, compared to ordinary human traffickers, the Duanmu clan was more extreme.

To outsiders, they would not use coercive means.

It was more like a type of business like selling their bodies.

To the juniors in the family, they had to force the girls to be gifted to others.

The girls had to wholeheartedly assist them, ensuring the prosperity of the family for a thousand years.

“Ive also heard of the Duanmu clans financial management and management capabilities.

Compared to Jiajia, those capabilities will bring many surprises to our Lin auction house, right” Since Duanmu Qian had repeatedly requested, Lin Mo did not refuse.

He also wanted to see what kind of capabilities the Duanmu clan had and what kind of young people they could nurture.

It was good to broaden ones horizons.

Otherwise, one would always think that the four great families of Lin City were the most outstanding.

The world was very big.

“Hello, master.” Upon hearing that Lin Mo wanted her, Duanmu Jia immediately lowered her head shyly and came to Lin Mos side obediently.

Anyone would like such a woman.

However, from the matter of giving her away, it could be seen that the Duanmu clan seemed to have taken a deviant path.

If Lin Mo got involved with them, they might not be of any use.

“Manager Lin is a smart person who can support an auction house.

I wont lie to smart people,” Duanmu Qian said frankly, “Actually, the Dragon Seal Fist that we just bought was also sold by our Duanmu clan.”

“Have you heard of theAncient Martial Arts clan of the Great Yan Divine Empire”

Lin Mo nodded.

Unlike Yanhuang Divine Empire, Great Yan Divine Empire had a slightly smaller territory.

However, it was close to the natural moat and was easy to defend and hard to attack.

There were twelve provinces and twenty-four counties in total.

The capital city of Great Yan Divine Empire was prosperous and open-minded, and there was rarely any forced management.

This was also the reason why all the people in the world liked to come to Great Yan Divine Empire.

It was a place with few people, a big place, and relatively loose management.

It was more suitable for living.

However, the Duanmu clan was one of the few that did business in foreign countries.

Duanmu Qian smiled and said, “Selling this Dragon Seal Fist to the Ancient Martial Arts clan can be considered as bringing a great improvement to the Ancient Martial Arts clan.”

“The Ancient Martial Arts clan has excellent adaptability to fist techniques.

It is said that as long as it is a fist technique below tier 8, even a seven-year-old child would be able to learn it.

It is also a thousand-year-old aristocratic clan, and is famous for its wealth.”

As if he could hear the hidden meaning of the Duanmu clans words, Lin Mo said straightforwardly, “How much can the Dragon Seal Fist be sold to the Ancient Martial Arts clan”

“At least seven million.” Duanmu Qian did not hide anything.


At this moment, Lin Mo was extremely shocked.

All this time, Lin Mo had been wandering around Lin city.

Rich people like Qi Yueheng and Bai Wuheng, as well as those few mercenary group leaders, made Lin Mo feel that he was a nouveau riche.

However, a cultivation technique that Lin Mo had bought for a little over three million yuan could be sold for over seven million yuan in the Great Yan Divine Empire

The profit had doubled!

“Are you surprised” Duanmu Qian said proudly, “The Ancient Martial Arts clan seldom cooperates with others.

Our Duanmu clan is one of their four suppliers.

Over the years, we have supplied quite a number of supplies… Its not an exaggeration to say that half of the Duanmu clan is supported by the Ancient Martial Arts clan.”

It was true that cultivation is a matter that consumes a lot of resources.

Most ordinary cultivators focus on longevity.

Even if their cultivation base improves, they use it to extend their lifespan or to learn cultivation techniques that can make them younger.

“However, the aristocratic families that are born to fight, consumed a lot of resources.

This is why although the second prince is only a prince, his annual income is over ten million spiritual stones.

Otherwise, how could he afford so many vassals Even these ten million spiritual stones were not enough!

However, the Ancient Martial Arts clan had accumulated wealth over a thousand years, which was why they were wealthy.

A thousand-year-old aristocratic family like them was not created overnight.

Perhaps, after several hundred years of accumulation, they could use one or two generations to create some achievements.

Once they were defeated, they would continue to accumulate their strength, and so on and so forth.

However, Lin Mo remembered that a few years ago, the Yanhuang Divine Empire thought that the North Sea was a territorial issue, and they had fought against the Ancient Martial Arts clan of the Great Yan Divine Empire, right

The Duanmu clan had been doing business with the Ancient Martial Arts clan for a long time.

Was that not the same as betraying the country

Moreover, looking at the fearless look on Duanmu Qians face, he was openly betraying the country! They were the local forces of Huaian City.

Were they not afraid of being liquidated by the Yanhuang Divine Empire


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