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When Duanmu Qian saw that Lin Mos expression was a little off, he smiled and said, “The world is bustling for profit and all of us are the same.

We dont care about who we belong to anymore.

We dont care about where we belong anymore.”

‘Damn it, hes making the fact that hes betraying the kingdom so poetic

Why did Lin Mo feel that the Duanmu clan was so shameless

“Elder, you are worrying too much,” Lin Mo said bluntly, “If you want me to have a close relationship with Great Yan Divine Empire, then forget it.”

“Its fine to just go there to develop.”

Lin Mo expressed a different stance from the Duanmu clan, but Duanmu Qian was not in a hurry.

Instead, he analyzed, “The Yanhuang Divine Empire is not that bad.

Its just that the imperial court is in chaos.

With the second prince as the ally, the war is going on endlessly.”

“The small Lin City already has three forces: the second, fourth, and eighth princes.

If it werent for the strength of our Duanmu clan, we would have long settled in Lin City.”

“When my ancestor left the Yanhuang Divine Empire, he was forced to do so.

As the saying goes, harmony breeds wealth, but the Yanhuang Divine Empire can always drag people in!”

That was true.

Duanmu Qian was clear-headed and did not try to hide anything.

He was also very resourceful.

He immediately gave Lin Mo a genius-level beauty to play with.

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It had to be said that compared to this elder, the three clan leaders of Lin City were nothing.

Moreover, Duanmu Qian was not old.

Although his cultivation level was not high, it was enough to tell that the Duanmu clan represented the winners of this era.

Lin Mo could not help but stroke his chin and think.

Seeing that the time was ripe, Duanmu Qian said bluntly, “Manager Lin, if you want to cooperate with our Duanmu clan in the future, just ask Jiajia to contact us.”

“Moreover, if you have other fist techniques, you can sell them all to the Duanmu clan.

The Duanmu clan can afford them.”

“Otherwise, two months later, the Ancient Martial Arts clan will hold a treasure meeting in Lingyun Peak of Cangzhou.

Manager Lin can bring your treasures to bid for them.”

Lin Mos eyes lit up when he did not expect Duanmu Qian to give him such important information.

“Thank you, elder.

If you dont mind, Ill be the one to entertain you today.”

“Haha, were leaving!” Duanmu Qian said with a fake smile, “Is there… an undercurrent in Lin City”

Good heavens!

Lin Mo was quite surprised.

Duanmu Qians words were not a hint, but a clear indication that he knew what had happened in Lin City.

The Duanmu clans intelligence system was very advanced!

One had to know that even the other three clan leaders were kept in the dark.

Even Lin Mo himself did not tell anyone around him.

Duanmu Qian was actually able to say something so profound.

“Impressive.” Lin Mo nodded.

After seeing the world, the system rang in Lin Mos mind.

[ Congratulations on auctioning the first half of the Mysterious Heaven Array.


[ You have received 7,000 times the profit.


[ Congratulations on obtaining a low-grade tier 7 array: Eye of Truth.


[ Eye of Truth: an array made of 999 dragon eyes.

Once set up, it can monitor the surrounding enemies.

it can also use the clairvoyance and heavenly eye to gain the vision of a dragon.


It was actually a surveillance-type array formation

Lin Mos eyes lit up.

He thought that if he could sell this array to Zi Yue, it should be able to fetch a pretty good price.

However, with this bargaining chip, why should he not sell it to the second prince Instead, he wanted to sell it to the eighth prince, who had to pay a deposit for everything she bought

Just because she was a beauty

Lin Mo despised those who were stingy.

After the auction ended, the descendants of the various large families discussed the contents of todays auction.

There were even quite a number of people who were envious of Zi Yue.

She was actually able to bid four million for the first half of the Mysterious Heaven Array

She was indeed worthy of being a lady from a holy land!

However, Lin Mo knew that Zi Yue had nothing to do with the Purple Cloud Holy Land.

When he returned to the VIP auction room, he saw Zi Yue staring at him with a cold expression.

Qing Wu also had a murderous look on her face.

She gritted her teeth as she stared at Lin Mo, seemingly regretting not killing him earlier!

“Im afraid there will be trouble tonight…” Lin Mo brought Duanmu Jia along.

Looking at this young lady from a small family, Wu Jin was a little confused.

“Master, this is…”

“Oh, this is your new colleague, a gift from the Duanmu clan.

Its said that her abilities are outstanding,” Lin Mo said as he patted Wu Jins shoulder.

“You should also head in the direction of the person-in-charge.”

“Look at the imposing manner of the Duanmu clans elder.

An outsider like him can suppress Qi Yueheng to the point that he cant even fart.”

Soon, Miao Qing arrived in front of Lin Mo with a pleased expression.

This time, he had really done well.

Other than the last item, all the other items were organized by him!

Moreover, the results were quite good.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Jiajia.”After taking care of her, Miao Qing waited for Lin Mo to give the order.

At this moment, Zi Yue walked over with a chilly aura.

Her aura was so strong that Wu Jin and Miao Qing could not help but feel nervous.

They only knew that this lady seemed to have been alone with Lin Mo for a while, but they still did not understand the relationship between the two of them.

“Manager Lin, when can you give me the second half of the Mysterious Heaven Array” Zi Yue was obviously suppressing her anger.

Lin Mo observed for a while and confirmed that there was not the mysterious person he saw last night.

Then, he said coldly, “When you pay the final payment, the second half will naturally be handed over to you.”

“However, theres a problem.

The second half is placed in a spatial ring.

Its the advanced version of the spatial ring that Bai Wuxuan bought earlier.”

“The spatial ring can only be used after it has been recognized as its owner by dripping blood.

Therefore, if you want it, you will have to spend another 800,000 spiritual stones to buy this spatial ring… However, with your wealth, it shouldnt be much, right”

“Damn it!” Qing Wu instantly flew into a rage, but she was pressed down by Zi Yue.

After a moment of silence, the corner of Zi Yues mouth twitched.

She stared straight into Lin Mos eyes and said, “I didnt expect Manager Lin to be so scheming that he even thought of a plan.”

“Forget it.

If I pay another 3.8 million, can manager Lin bear to part with it”

“Of course Im willing.” Lin Mo said as he did some mental calculations.

Adding on the 4 million that Zi Yue just gave him, it was a total of 7.8 million low-grade spiritual stones.

He would give Zi Yue a low-grade tier 7 array and a Purple-gold Spatial Ring.

No, this was too cheap.

It was fine it was only the array, but he was willing to give a ring for free

How could this be called an auction

Lin Mo thought to himself that when Zi Yues money was in his hands, he would have to take another 1.2 million from her to raise nine million.

Lin Mo did not dare to say anything else, but he knew that Zi Yue definitely had the strength to do so.

He just had to pay a small price.

Furthermore, the Mysterious Heaven Array was priceless.

It was not worth it to exchange for low-grade spiritual stones.

Since Lin Mo was willing to sell it to Zi Yue, Zi Yue should be kowtowing and thanking him! What right did she have to glare at him

Lin Mo felt that he had suffered a loss.

Zi Yue felt that she had been toyed around by Lin Mo, and she felt extremely resentful.

Miao Qing, who was standing at the side, heard the conversation between the two of them and calculated in shock.

There were millions of spiritual stones…


His young master was now an ultimate nouveau riche!He was undoubtedly the number one nouveau riche!


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