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At this moment, one could see Duanmu Jias role.

With a wave of Lin Mos hand, Miao Qing passed the information to Duanmu Jia.

Duanmu Jia instantly noticed the problem.

“The auction houses operations are pretty good, but the items are a little monotonous.

Compared to our business group, this is the only disadvantage.”

“Once this problem is solved, the future of the Lin auction house will be bright.”

“Monotonous auction items” Miao Qing was a little unconvinced, but Lin Mo let Duanmu Jia continue.

“But the problem is also very easy to solve,” Duanmu Jia said solemnly.

“Master, you can use spiritual stones to exchange for some auction items in our business group.

You should try to provide for every cultivator nearby.”

“This is the so-called demand.”

She was even talking about the demand.

It seemed that Duanmu Jia knew the market quite well!

“Doesnt that benefit your Duanmu clan”Miao Qing questioned.

Miao Qing was a little uncomfortable with this new colleague, Duanmu Jia.

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However, throughout the whole process, Duanmu Jia was respectful and showed no signs of anger, which made Lin Mo even more satisfied.

“Lets do as you say.

Let me see your ability,” Lin Mo said generously.

“Thank you, master.” Duanmu Jia was still neither arrogant nor humble.

She did not show the slightest bit of pride, nor did he show any signs of being overly humble.

Under Duanmu Jias request, Lin Mo used one million low-grade spiritual stones to exchange for quite a number of items from the Duanmu clans business group.

It covered all the fields that the cultivators needed.

Moreover, Duanmu Jia could see the future of the Purple-gold Spatial Ring with a single glance!

They talked about how if they could mass-produce this spatial ring and spread it to the market, the entire world of cultivators would be turned upside down!

Lin Mo, on the other hand, told Duanmu Jia not to be anxious.

He had not even collected all the space fragments yet, so he had no way to start producing them.

In the afternoon, the second auction hosted by Duanmu Jia officially began.

This was a test for Duanmu Jia by Lin Mo.

he also wanted to see how attractive the market theory of the Duanmu clanwas in this era.

Under Duanmu Jias suggestion, she spent a large sum of money to invite a professional team that she knew from the Duanmu clan.

One of them was a woman named Duanmu Fei.

She was also a beauty in her prime, but she was more mature.

When she arrived at the venue, many peoples eyes lit up.

Her professional ability was market research.

As long as she finished the auction, she would be able to gather some special intelligence and data.

She would help the auction house to do better and better.

The other was Duanmu Jias master, Master Otto.

It was said that he was very famous in Great Yan Divine Empire.

The entrance fee was even more expensive, It was 100,000 low-grade spiritual stones per auction!

He claimed that under his appraisal, there would not be any low-quality items appearing in the auction!

When everyone had arrived, Duanmu Jia met up with Duanmu Fei and Master Otto.

Lin Mo was also silently observing.

Since there was a chance to professionalize the Lin auction house, what he needed was more talent!

Money He was not in need of that.

Not to mention 100,000 low-grade spiritual stones for an auction, so what if it was 1 million

It was fine as long as they had the ability!

However, compared to Duanmu Jia, this woman called Duanmu Fei lacked a bit of this ethereal aura.

Her short, gentle hair accentuated Duanmu Jias aura, causing some of the women to feel jealous.

Duanmu Jia walked straight toward Duanmu Fei.

After passing by Zi Yue and the other two who were waiting for the auction to begin, Qing Wu sniffed the faint fragrance left behind by the place where she passed by.

She smiled and praised in her heart, “She has a unique fragrance and a graceful bearing.

She is indeed a stunner.”

However, how did such a stunner benefit Lin Mo This made Qing Wu sigh.


When she came in front of Duanmu Fei, a faint smile appeared on Duanmu Jias exquisite face.

In that instant, a smile appeared.

It was like a snow lotus blooming on an iceberg, causing one to feel a sense of amazement.

“Hehe, you are finally here.

I heard that you are following the Lin auction house.

I cant wait any longer.”

Duanmu Feis gaze was filled with gentleness as she stared at the proud student in front of her.

She smiled in gratification.


Duanmu Jia tilted her head slightly and bowed slightly to Master Otto, who was rolling his eyes at the side.

One was her teacher, and the other was her master.

Furthermore, from market research to appraisal, everything was complete!

In addition to Duanmu Jias administrative ability and Miao Qings auction experience, Wu Jin was in charge of communication as a secretary.

Moreover, Lin Wan would rope in the juniors of the various large families and build up a network of connections.

A strong team would be enough!

“Little girl, youre still so polite.

Dont worry, Ill use all my effort to help you appraise this time.

Once youre here, lets get started.”

After nodding with a smile, Ao Lei turned around and bowed to Lin Mo.

He was extremely respectful.

However, Miao Qing was a little doubtful.

Was this Ao Lei really that professional

It was 100,000 low-grade spiritual stones to appraise an auction.

This price was not low at all…

In the private room, there were many rare fruits and delicacies, as well as fine wine and tea.

The treatment was extremely good.

From the private room, one could see the entire situation of the Lin auction house below.

At this moment, the auction hall was already filled with people, and it was extremely noisy.

After waiting for about an hour, the venue was finally full of people.

As Duanmu Jia stepped onto the auction stage, the auction officially began.

Duanmu Jia had studied under the Duanmu clans business group for many years and was experienced.

After she went on stage and gave a few opening remarks, Duanmu Jia began to auction the first item.

“Now, lets begin the auction of the first item of this auction.”

As soon as Duanmu Jia finished speaking, a maid carried a purple brocade box and slowly walked onto the auction stage.

Duanmu Jia walked over and opened the purple brocade box.

In an instant, a dazzling purple light bloomed on the auction stage, looking magnificent.

“Everyone, this first item is…”

“Purple Spirit Crystal!”

At the auction, Duanmu Jias heavy voice slowly sounded.

Purple Spirit Crystal

After hearing Duanmu Jias words, everyone was slightly stunned.

Many people with extraordinary experiences immediately reacted.

Therefore, the auction began to fall into a clamor.

Many people began to whisper and discuss non-stop.

“Wow, what a beautiful crystal!”

In the VIP room where Zi Yue and the rest were seated, Qing Wens eyes were wide open as she looked at the Purple Spirit Crystal that was emitting a brilliant glow on the auction stage.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with a strange glow.

“I didnt expect the first item to be a treasure like the Purple Spirit Crystal.”

“Looks like the quality of this auction is even higher than I expected.”

Zi Yue also nodded her head.

Looking at her demeanor, this Duanmu Jia was much more professional than Miao Qing.

Even Zi Yue was a little shocked.

How did Lin Mo manage to recruit this person

Looking at the purple glow on the auction stage, Qing Wus eyes flashed with a hint of surprise.

“Qing Wen, what kind of treasure is this Purple Spirit Crystal Whats its use”


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