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After giving a brief introduction of the core, Duanmu Jia began the auction.

“Now, lets begin the auction for this tier 4 core.

The starting price is 80,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

“90,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“100,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“110,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

A moment later, this tier 4 core was taken by an alchemist.

At the same time, a system notification sounded in Lin Mos mind.

[ Congratulations, host, for auctioning the tier 4 beast core.


[ Obtained 7,000 times the profit ]

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[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the tier 8 fire demon core ]


Rank 8 fire demon core

This rank 8 fire demon core was a good item.

The so-called fire demon was actually a fire demon.

It was a demon that had inherited the bloodline of a phoenix and a dragon, and it often came out to harm the human world.

While Lin Mo was in a daze, Duanmu Jia was not idle on the stage.

“Everyone, lets begin the auction for the fourth item.”

As Duanmu Jia said this, the auction hall instantly quieted down.

A delicate and pretty maid carried a purple brocade box and slowly stepped onto the auction stage, presenting the purple brocade box to Duanmu Jia.

Duanmu Jia revealed a smile and slowly reached out to open the brocade box.

In an instant, a rich fragrance was emitted from the brocade box, and then it spread throughout the entire auction venue.

Upon smelling this fragrance, everyone present was shocked.

Top grade medicinal pill!

It was definitely a medicinal pill!

In the private room that Qi Yueheng and the others were in, all of the fragrance surged in.

Upon smelling this fragrance, Qi Yuehengs expression changed and his expression immediately became excited.

“Illusion Spirit Pill!”

“This auction item is definitely an Illusion Spirit Pill!”

“I will definitely obtain this Illusion Spirit Pill!”

Qi Yueheng looked at the position of the auction stage with a determined look on his face.

“Clan Leader Qi, can you be a little more steady The Illusion Spirit Pill is here anyway, and it wont escape.”

Zhao Gongming saw Qi Yueheng lose his composure and could not help but curl his lips.

“What do you know! Ive been looking for this Illusion Spirit Pill for five years.”

“As long as I get this Illusion Spirit Pill, my strength will be able to crush Bai Wuheng!”

Although Qi Yueheng did not know that Bai Wuheng was already dead, Zhao Gongming was still very surprised to hear that he was able to beat up Bai Wuheng because of a single pill.

Qi Yueheng was in a state of madness, and a faint flush appeared on his face.

It was obvious that he was too excited.

Illusion Spirit Pill.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Lin Mos heart stirred.

He hurriedly got Miao Qing to investigate the purpose of this thing.

He learned that the Illusion Spirit Pill, a low-grade tier 5 spirit pill, could greatly increase ones soul power after consuming it!

However, when he thought about the drawbacks of this kind of pill, Lin Mo could not help but frown.

Although consuming the Illusion Spirit Pill could increase the strength of ones soul power, it was only forcefully stimulating the power of ones soul origin.

It would cause a huge injury to the soul origin.

After consuming this pill, it was practically impossible for ones soul power to increase.

In other words, if Qi Yueheng took the Illusion Spirit Pill, his soul power would only be able to stop here, unable to improve any further.

Thinking about it, Qi Yueheng probably knew that his potential had reached its end, so he thought of this extreme method.

However, Qi Yueheng said that he had searched for the Illusion Spirit Pill for a full five years, which showed how precious the pill to increase soul power was!

It was also enough to show how powerful the finished product of a space-type tool that could only be made with a powerful soul power was!

“Everyone, the auction item this time is a low-grade tier 5 medicinal pill, Illusion Spirit Pill!”

On the auction stage, Duanmu Jia raised the brocade box in her hand and presented the medicinal pill in it in front of everyones eyes as he shouted loudly.

Illusion Spirit Pill!

Low-grade tier 5 medicinal pill!

Hearing Duanmu Jias words, everyone present was instantly shocked.

Especially some alchemists, their eyes revealed a fiery hot expression.

It was actually a tier 5 low-grade medicinal pill!

This was only the fourth auction item, and a tier 5 low-grade medicinal pill had actually appeared.

This time, it was really a big deal!

The entire auction venue instantly descended into a clamor of discussion.

And when Duanmu Jia saw that the atmosphere was almost set off, she paused for a moment and directly started the auction.

“The starting price for the fifth-grade low-grade Illusion Spirit Pill is 200,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

As soon as Duanmu Jia finished speaking, the crowd began to bid frantically.

“210,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“220,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“230,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“240,000 low-grade spiritual stones”

“250,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”


“300,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Before anyone could react, the Illusion Spirit Pills price had already soared to 300,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

Moreover, the crowds shouting did not show any signs of slowing down, and the Illusion Spirit Pills price was still rising crazily.

“310,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“320,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“330,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”


“400,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

Soon, the price of the Illusion Spirit Pill had risen to 400,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

At this point, the shouts of the crowd slowed down a little.

Zhao Gongming looked at the anxious Qi Yueheng and curled his lips, “Can you hold your temper”

“Dont look at how they are shouting happily.

The main event will always be at the end.”

Hearing this, Qi Yueheng finally calmed down.

This time, he came prepared and brought sufficient funds.

Previously, he only spent 800,000, so he still had over two million in his hands!

He would definitely be able to obtain this Illusion Spirit Pill.

Thinking of this, Qi Yuehengs expression calmed down.

His gaze slowly looked toward the auction stage.

At this moment, the price of the Illusion Spirit Pill was still continuously rising.

A few alchemists were crazily competing, not giving in at all.

“550,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“600,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“610,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“650,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“700,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

Very quickly, the Illusion Spirit Pills price had already reached 700,000!

Seeing this price, many alchemists could not help but sigh and choose to give up.

“800,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

At this moment, Qi Yuehengs voice finally sounded.

After reaching this price, the bidding for the Illusion Spirit Pill was almost coming to an end.

Duanmu Fei finally could not hold it in any longer.

A pill that could raise ones soul power was really too precious.

At his age, it was really difficult to rely on cultivation to break through.

Moreover, his age did not allow him to go all out like when he was young.

He still had the entire family to manage!

However, after his soul power increased, it was immediately followed by the strengthening of his spiritual sense.

Not only could he learn many cultivation techniques, but he also had a huge advantage over cultivators like Bai Wuheng who neglected their soul power!

Take Zhao Gongming for example.

When he heard that the Illusion Spirit Pill was so rare, Zhao Gongming was tempted to make a move.

However, the fourth prince did not provide as much assistance as the second prince.

Zhao Gongming did not have enough money to compete with Qi Yueheng, so he could only watch as Qi Yueheng made a bid.

The strong preyed on the weak in a clan war.

Was Qi Yueheng becoming stronger not a threat to the Zhao family


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