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In the end, the Illusion Spirit Pill was taken by Qi Yueheng.

Zhao Gongming felt an itch in his heart as he looked at it.

The auction had also entered an intermission.

Just as the various large clans were discussing countermeasures, Miao Qing suddenly came forward to report.

“Young master, the city lord has returned!”

“Is that so” Lin Mo was a little surprised.

He saw the people of the Lin Citys city lords manor bringing over a dozen guards to protect the father and daughter as they entered the auction.

This was also Lin Mos first time meeting Lin Citys city lord, Qin Xiao.

“Young master, this Qin Xiao is someone arranged by the Imperial City.

He rarely comes back and usually works in the Imperial City.

Will there be any problems when he comes back today” Miao Qing was a little worried.

Lin Mo smiled and said, “Well take whatever comes our way.

Whats there to be afraid of”

In the VIP room, Zhao Gongming, Qi Yueheng, and the Bai family elders and juniors heard the return of the city lord, and also came forward to greet him.

Lin Mo some doubt, was Qin Xiaos return caused by Zi Yue However, Zi Yue also had a surprised face, and it was obviously not pretended.

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“Long time no see, everyone.” Qin Xiao was a radiant middle-aged man, and his daughter, Qin Lin, was even more beautiful.

“Today is my daughters coming of age ceremony.

I was invited by the Duanmu clan to participate in the Lin auction to buy my daughter a coming of age ceremony.

It wont disturb you, right ”

“How can it be The Lin City is originally your territory!” Zhao Gongmings face some flattery.

In fact, his Zhao family is also the fourth princes people.

Although Qin Xiaos future was boundless, but there were four big clans in the Lin City, who would be the one to be afraid

If Bai Wuheng did not offend the eighth prince, who would dare to kill him Presumably, only Lin Mo has this ability!

After Qin Xiao chatted with everyone for a while, Duanmu Jia arranged for a maid to help Qin Xiao arrange a private VIP room.

Duanmu Jia also appeared to be familiar with Qin Xiao.

It seemed that the Duanmu family had been paying attention to Qin Xiao for a long time.

However, at this moment, Lin Mo did not have the time to care about Qin Xiao.

Although the city lord had returned, a rising star like him would definitely come into contact with Qin Xiao.

No one could tell if they would get along harmoniously or if there would be conflicts.

However, after selling a large amount of materials, especially the ferocious beasts core, the system had given an extremely large amount of tier 5 ferocious beasts core rewards!

Looking at the pile of tier 5 ferocious beasts cores in the system space.

After being stunned for a moment, Lin Mo gradually regained his senses.

Although he was a little confused by the systems actions, when he regained his senses, Lin Mo looked at the mountain of ferocious beasts cores in front of him, and the corners of his mouth unconsciously curled up into a smile.

If they were to return the profits based on the quality, the Lin auction house could usually sell more materials.

These materials would probably not be of use to him for a short period of time, and he could only put them in the system space to eat dust.

However, with the systems actions, Lin Mo was pleasantly surprised.

He might not be able to use a high-quality ferocious beasts core right now, but he could at least use a tier 5 ferocious beasts core, right

Whether it was used to make weapons or medicinal baths, or even just for auction, it was pretty good.

Based on the value of 200,000 low-grade spiritual stones each, this pile of tier 5 ferocious beasts cores would be worth a huge sum of money, right

In addition to the large number of auctioned items and the deposit Zi Yue gave him… He should be the number one richest person in Lin City, right

Perhaps even the eighth prince Zi Yue could not be as rich as him!

It was a good opportunity for him to make use of this tier 5 ferocious beasts core to better execute his plan of opening a black market and expanding into Great Yan Divine Empire.

After admiring it for a while, Lin Mo slowly exited the system space.

After regaining his consciousness, Lin Mo immediately turned his gaze toward the auction venue.

On the auction stage, Duanmu Jia was already preparing to auction off the seventh item.

“Everyone, lets begin the auction for the seventh item.”

As soon as Duanmu Jia finished speaking, a maid carried a purple brocade box and slowly stepped onto the auction stage.

Duanmu Jia went forward and opened the brocade box with a mysterious expression on his face.

“The auction item this time is a little special…”

After saying that, Duanmu Jia stretched out her hands and took out the auction item inside.

“The auction item this time is… The egg of a tier 6 fierce beast, the Ardent Sword Eagle!”

Duanmu Jia held up a blue ferocious beast egg with both hands and said in a high voice.

Tier 6 ferocious beast egg!

Ardent Sword Eagle!

Upon hearing Duanmu Jias words, the entire auction venue was instantly in an uproar.

“A tier 6 ferocious beast!”

“Its actually a tier 6 ferocious beast!”

“Oh my God!”

“The Lin auction houses spending this time is too heaven-defying!”

“Even the Imperial Citys auction venue might not be able to produce a sixth-tier ferocious beast egg, right”

Everyone looked at the tier 6 ferocious beast egg in Duanmu Jias hand, and their eyes emitted a fiery glow.

This was a tier 6 ferocious beast!

Moreover, ut was a flying beast!

“This tier 6 ferocious beast egg must not fall into the hands of the three big families.”

Zhao Gongming looked at the beast egg in Duanmu Jias hand from the corner of his eyes, and a trace of coldness flashed through his eyes.

He was naturally more clear about the value of the tier 6 ferocious beast egg.

If it fell into the hands of other families, then his position as the clan leader of the fourth largest clan would probably be lost!

In the other private rooms, the other two great clans of Lin City were also staring at the ferocious beast egg in Duanmu Jias hand with a determined look on their faces.

Seeing that the atmosphere was almost set off, Duanmu Jia slowly put the ferocious beast egg back into the brocade box.

Looking at the heated gazes of the people below the stage, Duanmu Jia revealed a smile.

“Im sure all of you are aware of the value of this tier 6 ferocious beast egg.

It can no longer be measured by low-grade spiritual stones.”

“Therefore, for this auction, apart from using low-grade spirit stones, all of you may wish to use treasures to purchase it.

At the same price, I will give priority to natural treasures…”

As soon as Duanmu Jia finished speaking, the crowd instantly fell into a state of agitation.

However, using a natural treasure to bid for a level 6 beast egg was understandable.

“Tier 6 ferocious beast egg…”

“Its a flying-type beast!”

Lin Mo was also a little surprised.

This ferocious beast egg was obviously obtained by Duanmu Jia from the Duanmu clan.

Lin Mo did not buy it.

However, after auctioning the ferocious beast egg, he could obtain a higher grade ferocious beast egg through the system!

“Isnt this the gift I gave Jiajia when she graduated from the clan”

“She actually took it out to be auctioned off”

“Looks like Jiajia really wants to work hard with Lin Mo…”

Ao Lei looked at the ferocious beast egg in Duanmu Jias hands with a trace of doubt on his face.

Honestly speaking, if it was him, he would definitely not take out this tier 6 ferocious beast egg to be auctioned off.

He could just keep this tier 6 ferocious beast egg for himself to nurture, right

If he nurtured it and had a flying mount, coupled with his own strength, he would be able to do whatever he wanted in Lin City, right

If Duanmo Jia auctioned it off now, Lin Mo would not be able to get it.

Would that not be funding his enemy

“The auction for this ferocious beast egg begins now.

Theres no starting price.

The bidding begins now!”


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