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The Myriad Poison Beast had the ability to dissolve all poisons in the world

The Myriad Poison Beasts ability flashed across Lin Mos mind, and a look of shock appeared on his face.

Such an ability could indeed be called a strange beast in the world.

Furthermore, Lin Mo also discovered that apart from the Myriad Poison Beasts ability to dissolve all poisons in the world…

At the same time, it could also absorb poisons to grow and increase its strength.

Thinking of this ability, a strange expression appeared on Lin Mos face.

However, the Myriad Poison Beast was still an egg.

If he wanted to display its effects, he had to hatch it first.

Making the Myriad Poison Beast hatch was actually quite simple.

The Myriad Poison Beast was the most poisonous thing in the world.

As long as it was soaked in poisonous water and allowed to absorb enough poison, it would be able to successfully hatch.

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The Myriad Poison Beast possessed the bloodline of a level 8 ferocious beast.

As long as it hatched, it would possess the strength of a tier 6 ferocious beast!

By relying on its unique ability to expel poison and control poison, humans of the same level would not be a match for it!

Looking at the black ferocious beast egg floating in the air, the corners of Lin Mos mouth curled up into a smile.

After the auction ended, he was prepared to directly hatch the Myriad Poison Beast Egg.

At that time, he would have another capable assistant by his side.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo could not help but smile.

Looking at the ferocious beast egg, Lin Mos thoughts moved, and his consciousness left the system space.

At this moment, on the auction ground, Duanmu Jia was preparing to auction off the eighth item.

“Everyone, lets begin to auction off the eighth item of this auction.”

On the auction stage, Duanmu Jia looked at everyone below the stage and spoke in a high voice.

Hearing this, everyones attention was drawn over.

The seventh item was a Tier 6 beast egg.

Then what kind of treasure was this eighth item

Could it be that there would be something more valuable than a Tier 6 beast egg in the auction

At this thought, everyones eyes were focused on the auction stage, their eyes filled with anticipation.

Under Duanmu Jias signal, two men carried an iron cage covered in red cloth and slowly stepped onto the auction stage.

This iron cage was made of special black iron and was extremely hard.


As the iron cage landed on the auction stage, it let out a heavy sound and attracted everyones attention.

What exactly was in the iron cage

Looking at everyones expectant expressions, Duanmu Jia did not waste any time.

Shee walked over and slowly lifted the red cloth on the iron cage.

“Everyone, the auction item this time is a level six fierce beast, the cub of the Amethyst Tiger King!”

As the red cloth was lifted, Duanmu Jia introduced it to everyone below the stage.

In the iron cage was a small purple beast that was currently in a deep sleep.

Looking at the small purple beast in the iron cage, and then hearing Duanmu Jias introduction, the entire auction instantly became lively after a moment of silence.

The cub of the tier 6 Amethyst Tiger King

Everyones gaze landed on the small Amethyst Tiger King, and they were all shocked.

This was the cub of a tier 6 ferocious beast

The Duanmu clan was actually willing to put it up for auction

This was too heaven-defying!

After this auction, the Lin auction house would definitely be famous throughout the entire Yanhuang Divine Empire!

Not only the people in the auction hall were shocked, but the various aristocratic families in the private room, including the city lords manor, were also somewhat shocked.

“I didnt expect that the tier 6 beast cub that the Duanmu clan mentioned would actually be the cub of the Amethyst Tiger King!”

“The Duanmu clan is giving me a huge gift!”

In the private room where the city lords manor was located, City Lord Qin Xiao suddenly stood up after hearing Duanmu Jias introduction.

He looked at the little purple beast on the auction stage, and a bright light shot out from his eyes.

Among the tier 6 ferocious beasts, the Amethyst Tiger King clan could definitely be considered a top-tier ferocious beast.

If it was nurtured, even the Netherworld Sea Wyrm of the imperial family could contend against it.

Thinking of this, City Lord Qin Xiao looked at the little Amethyst Tiger King on the auction stage, his eyes filled with passion.

He had to get this Amethyst Tiger King cub.

“Its actually the Amethyst Tiger King cub!”

On the auction stage, Duanmu Jia saw that the atmosphere was about to lighten up, so he did not waste any more time and directly started the auction.

“Everyone, the auction for this Amethyst Tiger King cub begins now.”

“Theres still no starting price, everyone can start bidding now.”

The moment Duanmu Jia finished speaking, shouts of bids instantly resounded throughout the auction.

“800,000 low-grade spiritual stones, three tier 3pills!”

“1,000,000 low-grade spiritual stones, three tier 4 pills!”

“1,200,000 low-grade spiritual stones, five tier 4 pills!”

“1,400,000 low-grade spiritual stones, 6 tier 4 pills!”


In just a few breaths, the price of the young Amethyst Tiger King had already soared to a sky-high price.

Moreover, this price continued to rise.

Seeing this scene, Lin Mo was speechless.

Were these fellows crazy

“1,000,000 low-grade spiritual stones, 6 tier 4 pills!”

“1.5 million low-grade spiritual stones, six tier 4 pills, three tier 3 pills!”

“2 million low-grade spiritual stones, six tier 4 pills, and one tier5 pill!”

On the auction stage, the price of the Amethyst Tiger King cub was still rising.

The bids from the various aristocratic families were each more frightening than the last.

The appearance of the tier 6 ferocious beast cub had exposed all the hidden resources they had hidden all these years.

At this moment, some of the smaller aristocratic families no longer had the right to speak.

Their eyes were lifeless as they watched the changes in the auction.

Faced with the prices that these large aristocratic families had bid, they simply did not have the courage to continue following.

At this moment, they deeply realized the difference in strength between these small aristocratic families and these large aristocratic families.

Even if they were to go bankrupt, they would not dare to bid such a sky-high price.

The bidding continued for about half an hour before it finally slowed down.

“2,400,000 low-grade spiritual stones, three tier 4 pills, and one tier 5 pill!”

At this moment, a loud shout suddenly rang out, causing the entire auction to instantly fall silent.

Tier 5 pills had appeared again!

To the various aristocratic families in Lin City, the existence of fifth-grade items was definitely the final foundation.

This was also the reason why the three great clans and the city lords manor were able to suppress the other large and small aristocratic families.

Hearing this voice, everyone present turned their gazes towards the direction of the voice.

Lin family!

That was the private room where the Lin family was located.

Within the three great clans in Lin City, the Zhao family had already made a move once.

The Duanmu clan was also the organizer of this auction.

The only one left was the Lin family.

Seeing the Lin family make a move, all the aristocratic families present were thinking.

Could the Lin family take down this tier 6 ferocious beast cub from the city lords manor

With regards to the current situation in Lin City, these aristocratic families were naturally well aware of it.


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