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The Zhao clan had already taken down a tier 6 ferocious beast egg.

If this Amethyst Tiger King Cub fell into the hands of the Lin family…

Then from now on, the position of the city lords manor would fall into an awkward position.

At this moment, in the private room where the Lin clan was…

“Family head, do you think we can snatch it from the city lords manor”

The Lin familys first elder looked at the Lin family head with a solemn expression and said in a heavy tone.

“Whether we can succeed or not, well have to try before we know!”

Hearing this, the Lin family heads face revealed a resolute expression.

He looked at the little Amethyst Tiger King on the auction stage, and a trace of heat flashed through his eyes.

If they could obtain this tier 6 ferocious beast cub, then the Lin familys future would soar up, and it would be out of control.

Most importantly, Lin Mos current power was too great and he already had full authority over the Lin auction house.

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The next step would probably be to covet the position of the family head.

When the Lin familys first elder heard this, a trace of worry flashed across his face.

Although the Lin family was strong, this was due to Lin Mo.

Currently, less than 5% of Lin Mos income in the auction house belonged to the Lin familys finances.

Compared to the city lords manor, there was still a huge gap.

Moreover, the city lords manor worked for the Imperial City while the four great clans worked for the princes in the Imperial City.

There was a fundamental conflict between them.

Qin Xiao was not old, but he was rising step by step.

It was obvious that he knew some important figures in the imperial city.

After so many years, if it was not for the Zhao, Qi, and Bai clans forming an alliance, they would have long been suppressed by the city lords manor.

At the same time, in the private room of the city lords manor…

“City lord, its our turn to bid.”

Seeing the auction suddenly quieten down, the middle-aged man beside City Lord Qin Xiao immediately spoke.

“I didnt expect the Lin family to be so impatient, directly taking out a tier 5 medicinal pill.”

Hearing this, City Lord Qin Xiaos gaze looked in the direction of the Lin family, his eyes revealing a trace of coldness.

“They wont be so naive to think that I will obediently retreat after taking out a tier 5 medicinal pill, right”

After a moment of silence, City Lord Qin Xiao directly said to the middle-aged man, “Make your bid!”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man no longer hesitated and directly shouted at the auction, “3 million low-grade spiritual stones, four tier 4 medicinal pills, and one tier 5medicinal pill!”

As the middle-aged mans voice fell, the entire auction instantly fell into a deathly silence.

However, after the silence, the crowd erupted into a clamor of discussion.

It was another tier 5 medicinal pill!

The city lords manor finally could not help but to make a move!

What a big spending!

Everyone was shocked.

This auction had truly opened their eyes.


“My father has finally made a move!”

When Qin Lin heard her father announce the bid, she immediately shouted excitedly.

At this moment, she also understood her fathers intentions.

So, his target was this tier 6 ferocious beast cub.

No wonder he gave up on that ferocious beast egg so easily earlier.

Thinking of this, Qin Lins pretty face lifted.

She looked at Xue Mei beside her with some pride.

She was like a general who had won, acting high and mighty.

“Family head, what should we do now”

In the private room where the Lin family was located, the Lin familys first elder looked anxiously at the Lin familys family head.

When he heard this, the Lin familys family heads expression also turned a little ugly.

After a moment of silence, the Lin familys family head said in a deep voice, “Add another tier 5 medicinal pill!”


When he heard the Lin familys family heads words, the Lin familys first elder immediately felt a little awkward.

“Family head, we only have one fifth rank pill!”

“Moreover, this pill is still in the auction houses inventory.”

“If we do this, wont we be breaking the Lin auction houses rules Wont we destroy the auction houses reputation”

The Lin familys family heads face darkened, and he shouted, “Just do as youre told.

What are you babbling about Dont tell me that I dont know my limits”

Hearing this, the Lin familys first elders face changed and he could only do as he was told.

He shouted at the auction venue, “Three million low-grade spirit stones, four tier 4 pills, and two tier 5 pills!”

As soon as the Lin familys first elder finished speaking, the entire auction venue was stunned for a moment before it fell into a clamor again.

“Two tier 5 pills”

“This is something that the Lin family can take out”

“How is this possible This is an auction item from the Lin familys auction house, right”

At this moment, it was as if this was the first time that the aristocratic families present recognized the Lin familys strength.

One had to know that although the three great families of Lin City did not have a clear ranking.

However, everyone knew that the Lin family should be considered the weakest among the three great families.

Without the support of the prince, if it wasnt for Lin Mos arrival, they wouldnt have the ability to fight against the three great families!

However, now, the Lin family suddenly took out two tier 5 medicinal pills.

This couldnt help but shock everyone.

Wasnt this Lin family hiding too deeply


“Family head, I didnt expect that the Lin family could actually take out two tier 5 medicinal pills.

This is truly inconceivable!”

In the Zhao familys private room, the Zhao familys first elder looked at the Lin familys private room with a shocked expression.

All these years, he had always underestimated the Lin family!

“The Lin familys tier 5 pill came from the Duanmu family.

Other than Lin Mo, no one in the Lin family has the capital to challenge the city Lords Manor.

“And Zhao Gongming seems to have known all of this long ago.

His expression didnt change at all as he spoke indifferently.

However, just as he said, if Lin Mo was the only one in the Lin family who had the ability to compete with the city Lords estate.

Lin Mo was the owner of the auction house.

How could he compete with the customers for the auction item Wasnt this breaking the rules


“This tier 5 medicinal pill was given by the Duanmu family.

Why did the Duanmu family…”

Hearing this, the first elder of the Zhao family was shocked.

He wanted to say something, but a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

He suddenly understood something.

“The Duanmu family… doesnt want the city Lord Manor to get this Young Purple Crystal Tiger King”

“They want to do the Duanmu family a favor again Thats why they called Qin Xiao back during his daughters coming of age ceremony”

Hearing this, the head of the Zhao family nodded.

This was a countermeasure that the three families had discussed before the auction began.

According to the information that the Lin family received, the Duanmu familys attitude toward Qin Xiao was very ambiguous.

They had the intention of cooperating, but they did not want Qin Xiao to expand in Forest City.

Moreover, if the Duanmu family wanted to cooperate, their first target would naturally be Lin Mo, who did not have any status or background for the time being!

The city Lords Manor, the Bai family, the Qi family, and the Zhao family all had important figures of the imperial city behind them.

Cooperating with any of them would be risky.

Moreover, no one dared to be certain that Qin Xiao had returned this time just for his daughters coming of age ceremony.

Perhaps he had come with a mission

Of course, the Duanmu family would not give the Lin family a tier-5 medicinal pill for free.

In order to exchange for this Tier-5 medicinal pill, the Lin family had naturally paid a great price.

This was the current situation in Lin City.

Lin Mo seemed to want to monopolize the city.

He was estranged from the Lin family, and no one could say for sure what would happen in the future.

Bai Wuheng of the four big families had already disappeared.

Coupled with the fact that he had bought the formation and spent all his savings, he was at risk of being squeezed out.


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