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There were also the Duanmu clan and the mercenary group, which were on the edge of the city, who were thetroublemakers.

Qin Xiaos return at this time really made people unable to help but guess his intentions!

“Just… two tier 5 medicinal pills can snatch this Amethyst Tiger King Cub from the city lords manor”

The Zhao Clan Leader looked in the direction of the city lords manor, and a strange glint flashed through his eyes.

It was said that this city lord had a special relationship with the imperial family.

In the city lords private room…

“City lord, should we continue raising the price”

The middle-aged man looked at City Lord Qin Xiao and asked nervously.

The Lin familys offer of two tier 5 medicinal pills had truly exceeded his expectations.

The Lin family was the weakest of the three great clans, right

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To actually be able to take out two tier 5 medicinal pills this time was truly inconceivable.

“Nonsense, of course, I have to bid!”

“I must obtain this Amethyst Tiger King cub.”

City Lord Qin Xiaos expression was somewhat ugly at this moment.

The Lin familys move had caught him somewhat unprepared.

He could not understand how the Lin family was able to take out two tier 5 medicinal pills

After all, even he could only take out two tier 5 medicinal pills!

“Could it be…”

Suddenly, City Lord Qin Xiao thought of something.

He looked at Duanmu Jia on the auction stage, and a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

“The Duanmu clan huh!”

“I thought that you guys had thought it through and were prepared to support me to unify Lin City.

It turns out that you want to play this hand and weaken my strength…”

“Their true goal is to support Lin Mo and replace the original position of the Bai clan, right”

“However, do you think that this will stop me from obtaining the Amethyst Tiger King cub”

“What a joke!”

“This time, Ill let you guys suffer a crushing defeat!”

After saying that, City Lord Qin Xiao said to the middle-aged man, “Two tier 5 pills, plus a scroll of tier 5 pill formula!”

Hearing that, the middle-aged man was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

He immediately stood up and shouted at the auction venue, “3,200,000 low-grade spirit stones, four tier 4 pills, two tier 5 pills, plus a scroll of a tier 5 pill formula!”

Originally, when the crowd saw that there was no sound coming from the private room of the city lords manor, he was stunned…

Everyone present thought that the city lords manor had already given up because the Lin familys bid was too high.

However, when the middle-aged mans bid was announced, the entire auction instantly descended into silence.

Two tier 5 pills!

A scroll of a tier 5 pill formula!

Such a bid caused everyone present to be stunned.

The city lords manor actually hid a scroll of a tier 5 pill formula

At the auction venue, when some alchemists heard the city lords manors bid, their expressions became even more excited.

One had to know that to alchemists, the value of a scroll of a tier 5 pill formula was far above that of a tier 5 pill.

In the alchemist world, the creation of a pill formula was not as simple as simply taking out a pen to write it down.

When creating a pill formula, the alchemist had to use his own soul power as ink and then use a pen as traction to successfully create a qualified pill formula.

When using a formula, the alchemist had to use his soul power to invade the formula, and only then would he be able to obtain some necessary data and information for refining medicine hidden in the formula.

For example, the number of medicinal ingredients needed, the degree of warmth of the fire, and so on..,

These were all things that needed to be paid great attention to when refining pills.

Without these materials, no matter how outstanding an alchemists alchemy skills were, they would have to go through many experiments before they could finally refine the pills recorded in the prescription.


During the process of this experiment, it was likely that many precious medicinal ingredients would be damaged.

This was an extremely huge loss.

Hence, in the hearts of many alchemists, the value of a pill formula was far higher than a medicinal pill of the same grade.

In other words, the price that the city lords manor had quoted this time far exceeded the value of three tier 5 medicinal pills.

“What a pity…”

“However, its worth it to be able to obtain this young Amethyst Tiger King.”

After bidding this price, a trace of heartache flashed across City Lord Qin Xiaos eyes.

Originally, this tier 5 medicinal pill formula was given to him by the higher-ups in order to win over the Lin City Alchemist Guild.

However, when the Lin family offered two tier 5 medicinal pills, he was caught off guard.

He could only take out this scroll of a tier 5 medicinal pill formula.

“Damn it!”

“How could this be”

“How could the city lords manor have a tier 5 medicinal pill formula”

In the Lin familys private room, when the Lin family head heard the city Lord Manors offer, his face instantly darkened.

Now, even if he offered another tier 5 medicinal pill, it would still be unable to surpass the city Lord Manors price.

How could a tier 5 medicinal pill compare to a scroll of Tier 5 medicinal pill formula

The Lin familys first elder revealed a dejected expression.

After the city lords manors sky-high price was offered, the outcome was already destined.

In this confrontation with the city lords manor, the Lin family suffered a crushing defeat.

In the end, the three great clans did not obtain the Amethyst Tiger King cub, nor did the Lin family obtain it.

Instead, it benefited the city lords Manor.

This was bad news for everyone!

On the auction stage, Duanmu Jia knew after the city lords manor made a bid.

The city lords manor had already won this competition.

The Lin family could not make a higher bid than this.

After Qi Yueheng won the Illusion Spirit Pill he did not have the ability to compete with the city lords manor anymore.

Thinking of this, Duanmu Jia no longer hesitated.

She slowly walked up and said, “Is there anyone else who wants to continue bidding”

“If not, then this tier 6 ferocious beast cub will belong to this mister.”

Upon hearing Duanmu Jias words, there was complete silence.

In the Lin familys private room, the Lin family head only revealed a dejected expression.

Seeing this, Duanmu Jia could only helplessly announce the final result.

“Since no one is bidding, then I announce that this tier 6 beast cub will belong to this mister.”

As he spoke, Duanmu Jia looked in the direction of the city lords private room.

Hearing Duanmu Jias announcement, City Lord Qin Xiao finally revealed a smile.

In the end, he won!

[ Congratulations on auctioning the tier 6 Amethyst Tiger King cub.


[ Obtained 8,000-fold rebate.


[ Congratulations on obtaining the tier 8 Colorful Fire Demon cub.


Tier 8 ferocious beat!

A Colorful Fire Demon cub

Was this the Colorful Fire Demon that was popular among the people and often hurt people

As Lin Mos consciousness entered the system space, he saw a colorful object floating in the air.

The dazzling brilliance was actually the flames on the Colorful Fire Demons body!

“Thats right.

It is indeed a Colorful Fire Demon from the folklore, and it is the highest tier Colorful Fire Demon!” Lin Mo was extremely amazed.

It was extremely difficult to nurture a young ferocious beast.

Not only did it consume time, but it also consumed the flesh and blood of other ferocious beasts.

For example, cores, various ingredients, spirit herbs, pills, and so on.

However, it just so happened that Lin Mo had all of these things!

“If it was someone else who nurtured this Colorful Fire Demon, it would take at least fifteen years before it could transform from a young cub to an adult…”

“But in my hands, it only takes two years!”

When the Colorful Fire Demon matured, it would transform into a Rainbow Fire Demon.

However, the Colorful Fire Demon was still a palm-sized butterfly-type ferocious beast.


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