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However, no matter how good a ferocious beast cub was, it still needed to be nurtured.

They could not be rushed.

After the auction ended, the various clan leaders made reservations for the auction the day after tomorrow and left one after another.

However, Lin Mo believed that in the future auctions, more and more unfamiliar faces would appear.

This was because the cooperation of the Duanmu clan was the best signboard.

From now on, all the major families of the Yanhuang Divine Empire would know that the Lin auction house was rising.

Lin Mo also checked the Lin auction houses accounts.

During this period of time, the auction houses total profit had already reached 64 million low-grade spiritual stones.

This was a real net income.

It completely disregarded any operating costs and entered Lin Mos pocket.

This amount of wealth was comparable to that of the rich in the Imperial City! However, it was a flaw.

Although Lin Mo had a lot of wealth, he did not have many assets.

Currently, the only thing that could continuously create value was the Lin auction house.

At night, Lin Mo arranged for everyone to gather together to welcome Duanmu Jia.

At the luxurious dining table, Lin Mo did not hide his plans.

“Wu Jin, Miao Qing, Ill leave the Lin auction house to you.

As for Jiajia, you can follow me around and help me with some paperwork.

At the same time, you can also think about how we should purchase the property with the money we have.


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Making money and investing were two completely different things.

Lin Mo had the Lin auction house that was constantly making money, but if the investment did not go well, no matter how much money he had, it would be useless.

After all, a small spiritual stone mountain could produce around 45 million low-grade spirit stones, and the spiritual stone mountain of the Yanhuang dynasty was everywhere.

Lin Mo could only be said to be rich.

He was still far from being a true big shot.

Even the Qi clan, Zhao clan, and Bai clan of Lin City could slightly suppress him.

Duanmu Jia understood Lin Mos thoughts, he nodded thoughtfully and said, “Master, Jiajia suggested that you change to land development.

One is to make the auction house a signboard.

Two is to follow your plan and invest while developing the underground black market.

You can also build a few warehouses along the way.”

Duanmu Jias plan was very pragmatic, but Lin Mo had his own ideas.

He said mysteriously, “What do you guys think about me becoming the city lord”

“Become the city lord” Wu Jin, Miao Qing, and Duanmu Jia were instantly in disbelief.

Lin Mo did not continue explaining.

He just slowly outlined his own business blueprint in his heart.

After they had eaten and drunk their fill, Lin Mo and the others arranged their accommodations.

As Lin Mosprivate property, Duanmu Jia naturally had to live with Lin Mo.

However, on the way to the Lin familys residence, Lin Mo felt sudden killing intent.

He hurriedly activated theCloud Breaking Sword Technique and grabbed a sword from the air, sweeping it across.

A wave of purple qi shot out from the air, and Lin Mo quickly reacted.

“Not good, its poisonous! Miao Qing, quickly bring Wu Jin and Jiajia away!”

He had met an assassin, and when he saw the person who wanted to assassinate him, Lin Mos eyes lit up.

This person was indeed the mysterious person who had killed Bai Wuheng by Zi Yues side!

“And hes an expert with the strength of the Dragon Transformation Realm…” Lin Mo smiled confidently and used the Swimming Dragon Steps as he chased after the mysterious person.

The mysterious person was shocked.

It seemed that he did not expect Lin Mo, as the manager of the Lin auction house, to actually have such a strong strength

After several rounds of battle, he actually lost.

Just as the mysterious person was about to leave, Lin Mo flicked his finger toward the air and injected a tier 2 ferocious beast core that Duanmu Jia had bought from the Duanmu clans business group into the mysterious persons body.

“Cough, cough!” The mysterious mans face turned pale.

He had never expected that this beast core had the effect of being poisoned and that it would cripple his cultivation for a longer period of time!

“Despicable scoundrel!” The mysterious man cursed.

Lin Mo raised his brows and only then did he realize that the mysterious person was actually a woman.

However, he did not show any mercy to her.

Instead, he struck the mysterious womans lower abdomen with the Star-Shattering Dragon Fist.

The mysterious persons soft body fell heavily to the ground, causing Miao Qing to be stunned.

“Young master is too strong!” Miao Qing was shocked when Lin Mo stepped forward and took off the mysterious persons bamboo hat.

As expected, it was a graceful woman in the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Her fiery red lips were tightly pursed, and her eyes were filled with fury.

Moreover, the cultivation techniques and moves she used were all from the royal family.

“How could you have the strength of a Dragon Transformation Realm tier 5” The lady was extremely unwilling.

Her strength was only at tier 5 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

With her strength, she should be able to swim freely in Lin City.

She was actually captured alive by Lin Mo who pretended to be weak!

“Young master, what should we do now” After seeing that it was safe, Miao Qing asked Lin Mo for his opinion with a pale face.

Lin Mo smiled sinisterly.

He knew that this woman would not admit her identity.

It would be better to lure the snake out of its hole and see if Zi Yue would come to save her.

At the same time, he would also probe the truth behind the assassination attempt on him by the mysterious person!

The next day, In front of the Lin auction house, the crowd was surging, and the noise soared to the sky.

In front of the Lin auction house, more than a dozen men dressed in black with indifferent expressions wore sharp weapons on their waists.

Their eagle-like eyes constantly swept across the crowd that was coming and going.

From the faint aura that was emitted from these mens bodies, it seemed that these dozen or so people were actually dragon transformation realm cultivators.

When some people from outside factions saw this scene, they could not help but exclaim in their hearts.

There were Dragon Transformation Realm cultivators among those who were casually used to guard the door.

It seemed that the Lin family had really risen up recently.

One had to know that even the Imperial Citys auction house might not be willing to use a Dragon Transformation Realm expert as a gatekeeper.

These powerhouses were the mercenaries that Wu Jin had hired for the sake of the auction houses safety.

After all, after Lin Mo was targeted for assassination, the Lin auction house could be said to have entered a state of war readiness.

One had to know that the current Lin auction house could not do without Lin Mo.

“Master, this way please!”

In the auction house, Wu Jin walked in front and led Lin Mo to a private room.

“Alright, go do your thing.

Do whatever you want.

With me around, no one can cause any trouble.”

Lin Mo waved his hand at Wu Jin and said in an indifferent tone.

When Wu Jin heard this, his mind was slightly shaken.

Immediately, an excited expression appeared on his face.

“Yes, master!”

Lin Mo slowly pushed open the door of the private room with Miao Qing and walked in.

“Miao Qing, help me keep an eye out.

I heard that there are many foreigners coming to the auction this time.

There are too many people and there are too many eyes.

Its easy to cause trouble.

If someone intentionally causes trouble at my auction, no matter who he is, he will be suppressed first.

Lin Mo sat down on the chair and instructed Miao Qing.

“Yes, master.

This subordinate will keep an eye out.”

Hearing this, Miao Qing bowed and replied.

Then, he quietly released his soul power and observed the situation at the auction.

“City lord, have you still not found any news about Qianqian”

Not far from Lin Mo, in a private room, Zi Yue asked City Lord Qin Xiao indifferently.

Hearing this, City Lord Qin Xiao thought of the news he had just heard and hesitated.

Finally, he looked at Zi Yue and slowly said, “Miss Zi Yue, I think the senior has been captured by the Lin family.”


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