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Hearing this, Zi Yue was slightly stunned, and a trace of joy appeared on her face.

“City lord, could it be that youve already received news of Qianqian”

Qin Xiao clearly did not know that this rich woman who claimed to be from the Purple Cloud Holy Land was the eighth prince of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

Moreover, Qianqian was the mysterious person who was captured by Lin Mo.

City Lord Qin Xiaos expression was somewhat unsightly as he said, “Ive just received news that the finale of this auction is a maid who has just been captured.”

“What, maid”

Zi Yues expression changed, and then she thought of something.

Her cold and elegant face became somewhat unsightly.

“You mean that the maid that the Lin family is going to auction is Qianqian”

City Lord Qin Xiao nodded, “Most likely.

According to the news, she is a Dragon Transformation Realm expert.

It is not something that can be seen everywhere.

Moreover, she happens to be a woman.”


Zi Yues expression instantly turned extremely ugly.

Her entire body emitted a cold and indifferent aura, “They… how dare they…”

City Lord Qin Xiaos heart skipped a beat, he was afraid that Zi Yue would lose her temper here, “Lady Zi Yue, please calm down.

This is the Lin auction house, the Lin familys territory.

Since the other party is able to casually take down a Dragon Transformation Realm expert, it can be seen how terrifying their strength is.

We must not offend them now.”

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Ever since Qianqian went to the Lin family and disappeared, City Lord Qin Xiao had been living in fear and trepidation all day long.

This was also the first time he understood how terrifying Lin Mos strength was.

To think that even when a Dragon Transformation Realm expert made a move, there would be no news at all.

This made City Lord Qin Xiao feel extremely fearful and somewhat lucky.

It was lucky he did not rashly make a move against the Lin family back then.

Otherwise, he might have already disappeared from this world.

When Zi Yue heard this, she was silent for a moment before she finally calmed down.

She looked at City Lord Qin Xiao and said, “You dont have to worry about the money.

Later on, no matter what, you must buy Qianqian.”

Sensing Zi Yues cold gaze, City Lord Qin Xiaos heart tightened.

He quickly agreed, “Ill do my best!”

Zi Yue sat in the private room and looked at everything in the auction.

A cold light flashed in her eyes.

There had always been auctions for slaves, but there were also several types of slaves.

The Yanhuang Divine Empire only allowed cultivators to be auctioned off.

The cultivators that were auctioned off still enjoyed human rights, but their social status would become the biddersretainers.

In other words, they would become subordinates.

The retainer culture had a huge impact.

In the distant Nihong country, which was an island country in the corner of the Yanhuang Divine Empire, the retainer culture was a unique feature.

It had developed over a hundred families, as well as warriors, martial arts, and the like.

“Lin Mo, youre really good.

You actually managed to survive under my arrangements… Thats fine, but knowing that youre in danger, you didnt run and even used Qianqian as bait to lure the snake out of its hole!”

Zi Yues expression was somewhat exasperated.

The reason why she ended up like this was that she had underestimated Lin Mos strength when the knockout incense had attacked Lin Mo so easily.

At the same time…

“So its the first elder of the Duanmu clan who has come in person.

Sorry for not welcoming you in person.

I hope you can forgive me…”

At the entrance of the auction house, Wu Jin smiled warmly at an old man.

“Youre too polite!”

The old man smiled and said, “I heard that there will be a Dragon Transformation Realm expert getting auctioned off at this auction.

This old man came to Lin city specifically for this cultivator.”

“A retainer in the Dragon Transformation Realm is a powerful assistant.”

Wu Jin cupped his fists and said, “Then I wish the first elder can get what you want.”

On the side, many local forces of Lin City were surprised to see Wu Jin being so polite to the old man.

They began to discuss among themselves.

“What is the background of this old man Miao Qing is the leader of the Lin auction house.

How could he be so polite to him”

“Didnt you hear He is the first elder of the Duanmu clan!”

“Oh my God, its the famous Duanmu clan! Their businesses are all over the Yanhuang Divine Empire and Great Yan Divine Empire.

Even the city lords manor cant afford to offend them.”

“The one who entered just now is the strongest person in the Duanmu clan, and also the first elder of the Duanmu clan.

I think all of you have heard of his name before.”

“I know that.

The name of this great elder of Duanmu clan is Duanmu Cheng.

His name is quite well-known in Great Yan Divine Empire… In the past, he single-handedly killed off the most rampant and ferocious Dark Cyclone Mercenary Group in Great Yan Divine Empire!”

“You must know that the strength of that Dark Cyclone Mercenary Group is not to be underestimated!”

“With such a great reputation, this first elder should be an expert who is at the Dragon Transformation Realm right” someone asked.

“Of course, but the reason why Duanmu Cheng has such a great reputation and status is mainly because of his other identity.” As he spoke up to this point, his face turned strange.

“What identity” someone asked.

“When he was young, this first elder once joined the ancient martial clan of Great Yan Divine Empire.

Later on, because he had to manage the clan affairs, he left the Ancient Martial Arts clan.

However, that fellow is quite clever.

Although he has left the Ancient Martial Arts clan, every year, he would hand over an extremely large amount of offerings to the Ancient Martial Arts clan.

Moreover, every time the higher-ups of the Ancient Martial Arts clan had a joyous occasion, he would personally go and congratulate them.

He is a very tactful person.”

“Its said that when the sect master of the Ancient Martial Arts clan accepted a disciple more than ten years ago, that guy was also invited.

Ever since he returned from the Ancient Martial Arts clan, that guy has been talking about this matter and bragging about it all over the world.

Of course, being able to participate in the sect masters disciple acceptance ceremony is indeed quite enviable…”

Even though he said this, this person still shook his head lightly.

It was clear that he had some slight disdain in his heart for Duanmu Cheng.

Lin Mo waited in the private room for a moment before the auction hall was finally filled.

After waiting for a moment, clear bell chimes slowly resounded throughout the auction hall.

Following the sound of the bell, the extremely noisy noise in the auction hall gradually weakened.

Countless pairs of eyes were thrown towards the auction stage in the middle, their eyes filled with fervor.

At this moment, the host and auctioneer of this auction, Wu Jin, slowly stepped onto the auction stage.

Upon seeing Wu Jins appearance, the originally noisy auction house immediately quieted down.

Everyone present focused their attention on him.

Everyone had heard that from yesterday onwards, Wu Jin and Miao Qing had officially become the senior executives of the Lin auction house.

Following Lin Mo, Wu Jin, and Miao Qing, these two lowly figures, had also welcomed their own glory!

“Hehe, everyone, I think you must be getting impatient from waiting.

Since thats the case, I wont say any more official words to annoy you.”

Wu Jin stood on the auction stage, beaming as he looked at the dark mass of people in the venue.

Finally, his obscure gaze swept across the factions in the private room, and his clear voice reverberated throughout the venue.

As an experienced auctioneer, he clearly knew what the people below wanted to see and what they did not want to see.

Hence, he directly threw away the useless introduction of the opening ceremony.

However, it was true.

Wu Jins move had indeed won the applause of the entire hall.

At the very least, even Lin Mo nodded his head slightly.

“As the only auction house in Lin City, I believe that the auction hosted by our Lin auction house this time will definitely not disappoint everyone.”


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