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Thinking of the quality of the items that was about to be auctioned, Wu Jin was full of confidence.

Following that, Wu Jin clapped his hands lightly and said in a clear voice, “I announce that this auction will begin now!”

“Next, the auction of the first auction of this auction will begin.”

As soon as Wu Jin finished speaking, a maid slowly stepped onto the auction stage with a brocade box in her hand.

Wu Jin walked over and directly opened the Brocade Box.

Then, he picked up a jade bottle inside.

“Everyone, this first item in the auction is a Qi Gathering Pill…”

Following Wu Jins introduction, an intense bidding war began in the auction.

The Qi Gathering Pill was only a tier 3 medicinal pill.

The honored guests sitting in the private room naturally did not take it seriously.

Although they were not interested, it naturally did not mean that others were not interested.

To some people whose strength was at the Great Fighter Realm, this Qi Gathering Pill was a good thing.

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Hence, quite a number of bidding voices sounded in the auction house after Wu Jins words.

The first bidding continued for a couple of minutes before it was bought by a thin and weak man with an excited face at a price of 150,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

The moment the Qi Gathering Pill was auctioned off, a long-awaited system notification sounded in Lin Mos mind.

[ Tier 3 Qi Gathering Pill has been successfully auctioned off.


[ Congratulations, host, you have triggered 7,000 times the profit.


[ You have obtained a tier 6 pill, Fighter Spirit Spill.


[ The Fighter Spirit Spill has been distributed to the system space.

Host, please take note of it.


“Fighter Spirit Spill”

Hearing the system notification in his mind, Lin Mo was slightly taken aback.

A tier 6 Fighter Spirit Spill.

This was a kind of medicinal pill that could cause a Dragon Transformation Realm expert to be envious.

The effect of this medicinal pill was simple, yet it caused one to be envious.

This was because its effect was able to cause a Dragon Transformation Realm expert to rise by a level!

In other words, if a tier 1 Dragon Transformation Realm practitioner consumed a Fighter Spirit Pill, he would be able to leap and become a tier 2 Dragon Transformation Realm cultivator within a short few days!

It must be known that at the Dragon Transformation Stage, the gap between each stage was extremely huge.

Many Dragon Transformation Realme experts would still be stuck at a certain stage after bitterly training for a couple of years.

This kind of thing was common.

From this, it could be seen just how precious a Fighter Spirit Pill was!

Of course, although the effect of a Fighter Spirit Pill was extremely coveted, it possessed an extremely high resistance.

As long as a person consumed one, the second Fighter Spirit Pill would basically lose its effect on him.

In other words, a cultivator could only consume one Fighter Spirit Spill in their entire life!

However, even so, the Fighter Spirit Spill was the most coveted spiritual medicine among the experts.

Countless people were even willing to pay an enormous price in order to obtain a Fighter Spirit Spill!

“Ill keep this Fighter Spirit Spill for my own use.”

In an instant, Lin Mo decided on the use of this Fighter Spirit Spill.

After the first auction went smoothly, Wu Jin, who was on the auction stage, said a few words before starting the second auction.

“Now, Lets start the second auction.”

Wu Jin received a small silver plate from a maid with a smile on his face.

On the silver plate, there was a transparent small jade bottle.

In the jade bottle, there was a light green colored pill rolling about.

“This pill is calledGreen Spirit Pill.

It is likely that quite a number of people have heard of its name.

It is able to breakthrough.

Moreover, this green spirit pill is considered an excellent grade medicinal pill.

After consuming it, those who are lucky might even soar to tier 2 strength.” Wu Jin pointed at the medicinal pill in the bottle and smilingly said.

Wu Jins words had just sounded when a commotion was stirred within the auction ground.

A countless number of peoples eyes were boiling hot as they looked at the jade bottle on the silver plate.

This kind of medicinal pill, which could help one breakthrough, was something that one could only come across by chance even in the entire Yanhuang Divine Empire, it was something that could only be found by chance.

“Of course, since everyone has heard of the Green Spirit Pills name, I believe that you should also know of some of its side effects.”

A crafty glint flashed across Wu Jins eyes as he smiled.

He did not describe the backlash effect of the green spirit pill too clearly.

He merely vaguely mentioned it.

After which, he waved his hand.

“The starting price for the auction is 330,000!”

“340,000!” The auctioneer had just finished speaking when someone in the back seat shouted out loudly.

“350,000!” There were clearly quite a number of people who were interested in this Green Spirit Pill.

Hence, in less than a minute, the previous bidding price had been surpassed.

The bidding voices sounded one after another in the auction house.

In just ten minutes, the price of a green spirit pill had risen from 350,000 to around 480,000.

When the price reached this stage, the cries of bids clearly became much more sparse.

After all, a Green Spirit Pill costing 480,000 was a little too high for many people.


Just as the price stopped at 490,000, a slightly indifferent voice finally sounded from the private room.

When he heard that the price had suddenly soared to 60,000, Wu Jin raised his head slightly.

His slightly surprised gaze paused on the private room where the voice had come from.

He muttered in his heart, “Looks like a certain large faction has made a move”

Following the shout of this voice, the noisy auction hall immediately became much quieter.

Some people who had originally planned to raise the price once again looked at each other and sat down unwillingly.

Even though they had some funds, they were undoubtedly overestimating their own abilities when compared to the people in the private room.

Since that was the case, they might as well give up.

Seeing that no one else was bidding, Wu Jin immediately stood up.

After asking three times, he directly settled on a price.

At the same time, the system notification sounded in Lin Mos mind once again.

[ Tier 4 Green Spirit Pill successfully auctioned.


[ Congratulations, host, you have triggered 7,000 times the profit.


[ You have obtained a Tier 7 pill, Shape-Shifting Pill.


[ The Shape-Shifting Pill has been distributed to the system space.

Host, please take note and check it.


“Its actually a Shape-Shifting Pill…”

The effects of the Shape-Shifting Pill flashed through Lin Mos mind.

This pill was enough to drive countless murderers into madness because as long as they had a pill, they would be able to completely break away from their beast bodies.

From then on, they would possess the long lifespan of ferocious beasts as well as the cultivation talent of humans.

“This Shape-Shifting Pill can be used by the Colored Fire Demon.”

“Everyone, Next, lets begin the auction of the third item rank.”

On the auction stage, seeing that the crowd had quieted down, Wu Jin stood out and spoke.

“This time, the item being auctioned is a tier 5 spirit herb called the Emerald Spirit Root.”

Speaking up to this point, the corners of Wu Jins mouth curled into a smile as he said, “Let me remind you, this Emerald Spirit Root is also one of the main ingredients of the tier 5 pill, Muscle Revitalization Pill, that was auctioned just now.”

Hearing this, everyone in the auction could not help but turn their gazes towards the private room where Qi Yueheng was.

Since the other party had already obtained the pill formula, then this spirit herb should be obtained at all costs, right

After a simple introduction, Wu Jin did not say much and directly started the auction.

“The auction for the Emerald Spirit Root starts now.

The starting price is 100,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“110,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“120,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“130,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“140,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”


As Wu Jin announced the price, the crowd immediately let out thunderous shouts.

Ten minutes later, the shouts gradually stopped.

As expected, the Emerald Spirit Root still fell into Qi Yuexengs hands.


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