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However, he had spent a total of 1.6 million low-grade spiritual stones in order to obtain this Emerald Spirit Root.

“Damn b*stard!”

In the private room, Qi Yueheng looked at a private room not far away and revealed an angry expression.

The person in this private room was none other than the foreign alchemist who had competed with him for the tier five pill formula the last time.

Perhaps it was because he had not competed with Qi Yueheng the last time, this fellow harbored a grudge in his heart.

During the competition for the Emerald Spirit Root this time around, he continuously increased the price with Qi Yueheng until Qi Yueheng raised the price to the sky-high price of 1.6 million before he finally stopped.

The other party was also certain that since Qi Yueheng had bought the tier five life pill formula from before, he would definitely not miss out on this stalk of the main ingredient.

“Alright, its fine if the thing is already in hand.

Money is a worldly possession.

If you lose it, you lose it.”

Zhao Gongming saw Qi Yuehengs expression and could not help but comfort him.


Hearing this, Qi Yueheng was silent for a moment before he finally regained his calmness.

He turned to Zhao Gongming and said, “Old man, I owe you a favor this time.”

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If not for Zhao Gongming giving him all of his wealth just now, he might not have been able to obtain this Emerald Spirit Root.

“Dont act like this to disgust me.

I lent it to you, so you have to return it.” Zhao Gongming had a look of disdain on his face as he laughed and scolded Qi Yueheng.

[ Tier 5 spirit herb: Emerald Spirit Root auctioned successfully.


[ Congratulations to the host for triggering 7,000 times profit.


[ Obtained tier 8 8 spirit herb, Nine-Colored Longevity Grass.


Hearing the system notification in his mind, Lin Mo did not pay much attention to it at first.

It was just a tier 8 spirit herb, and he still had quite a bit of it in his system space.

However, after the pill formula of the Immortality Pill flashed through his mind, his expression suddenly froze.

“One of the main ingredients of the Immortality Pill seems to be this Nine-Colored Longevity Grass”

Lin Mos expression became a little strange.

The Emerald Spirit Root at the auction was the main ingredient of the tier 5 Muscle Revitalization Pill, and the Nine-Colored Longevity Grass that he had obtained was actually the main ingredient of the Immortality Pill.

One had to say, the wordfate was truly marvelous.

A trace of curiosity flashed through Lin Mos eyes, and his mind directly entered the system space.

Following that, he saw a Nine-Colored Longevity Grass that was emitting a nine-colored radiance.

As his consciousness swept across the Nine-Colored Longevity Grass, Lin Mo immediately understood the effects of this Nine-Colored Longevity Grass.

Each color of the Nine-Colored Longevity Grass represented needed a hundred years to appear.

When it matured, it would appear in nine different colors.

Lin Mo revealed a surprised expression.

Not only could this Nine-Colored Longevity Grass be used as medicine, but it also had a huge effect when consumed directly.

If consumed directly, this Nine-Colored Longevity Grass could actually increase ones lifespan by 900 years!

Every single color of this Nine-Colored Longevity Grass represented 100 years of lifespan.

As expected of a tier 8 spirit herb, its effects were actually so terrifying!

Lin Mo could not help but click his tongue, and an impulse arose in his heart, wanting to directly swallow this Nine-Colored Longevity Grass in front of him.

However, he hesitated for a moment before giving up on this idea.

He was still young, and currently, he did not need to worry about his lifespan.

Moreover, with his cultivation speed, there would not be any situations in the future where he would be stuck at a bottleneck and unable to break through, and his lifespan would be exhausted.

To him, what he lacked was life-saving methods.

This Nine-Colored Longevity Grass was the main ingredient of the Immortality Pill.

If he refined it into an Immortality Pill in the future, then Lin Mo would be equivalent to having an immortal body.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo completely gave up on the idea of swallowing the Nine-Colored Longevity Grass.

With a thought, Lin Mo directly left the system space.

At this moment, on the auction stage, Wu Jin had already started to auction the fifth item.

“Everyone, the auction for the fifth item of this auction begins now.”

A maid slowly walked over with a purple brocade box.

Wu Jin directly went forward to open the brocade box and took out a transparent jade bottle.

Everyone could see a purple-colored pill slowly rolling within the jade bottle.

“Everyone, what is being auctioned now is a tier five medicinal pill.”

“This medicinal pill is called the Spirit Ascension Pill!”

On the auction stage, the moment the medicinal pill in Wu Jins hand appeared, it immediately attracted the gazes of everyone present.

After all, medicinal pills were different from the previous tier five pill formulas and tier five spirit herbs.

The latter was only suitable for alchemists, while the former had a fatal attraction to almost everyone.

One must know that medicinal pills were an item of great importance that could be placed on par with Qi methods and fighting techniques.

Some medicinal pills that could be directly used to raise ones strength could even cause countless people to flock to them.

Just now, Wu Jin had already introduced the name of the medicinal pill in his hand.

Spirit Ascension Pill!

Upon hearing Wu Jins introduction, many people present who knew the effects of this pill immediately revealed wild joy on their faces.

Their gazes were filled with heat as they looked at the pill in Wu Jins hand.

“The function of the Spirit Ascension Pill is to help those who are stuck in the Dragon Transformation Realm.

and unable to break through.

By consuming this pill, they would be able to break through the barrier directly and increase their strength by one tier.”

On the auction stage, Wu Jin pointed at the pill in the jade bottle in his hand and introduced it with a smile.

Wu Jins words had just sounded when a wave of commotion was stirred in the auction ground.

Countless peoples eyes were boiling hot as they looked at the jade bottle in Wu Jins hand.

Once this pill was revealed, even some of the large factions seated in the private room were somewhat interested.

After all, a Spirit Ascension Pill could allow an expert within the clan who was unable to breakthrough to increase his strength by one or two tiers.

In the long run, this transaction was quite worthwhile.

After all, although in the Yanhuang Divine Empire, the dragon transformation realm experts were the rulers, the Fighter Spirit Realm was the mainstay of many factions.

It was naturally best to be able to raise some strength.

“Of course, since everyone has heard of the name of the Spirit Ascension Pill, then you should also know its value.”

On the auction stage, Wu Jin looked at the performance of the people below the stage and silently smiled.

A craftiness flashed across his eyes.

He only introduced the benefits of the Spirit Ascension Pill, but did not mention the drawbacks of the Spirit Ascension Pill.

Although the Spirit Ascension Pill could raise the strength to the Fighter Spirit Realm, it would end this persons path of advancement in the future.

The meaning was that as long as this person consumed the Spirit Ascension Pill, he would not be able to think of making a breakthrough in the future.

Normally, only those who were aware that their cultivation had reached the end and had no hope of breaking through to the Fighter Spirit Realm in their lifetime would choose to consume the Spirit Ascension Pill.

Wu Jin once again gave a simple introduction before waving his hand.

“The auction begins now.

The starting price is 200,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“300,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

Wu Jins words had just sounded when someone in the auction house shouted out loudly.

“400,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

There were clearly quite a number of people who were interested in this spirit ascension pill.

Hence, in less than a minute, the previous auction price had been surpassed.

On the auction stage, Wu Jin quietly raised the jade bottle that contained the pill in his hand.

When he heard the increasing price that kept ringing in his ears, a faint smile involuntarily surfaced on his aged face.

“500,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“600,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“700,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“800,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”


“1,000,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

The bidding voices rose one after another in the auction hall.

In just ten minutes, the price of a spirit ascension pill had risen from 400,000 low-grade spiritual stones to around 1,000,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

When the price reached this stage, the bidding voices had clearly become much more sparse.

After all, 1,000,000 low-grade spiritual stones were a little too high a price for many people.


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