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Lin Mo sighed.

He had caused such a huge commotion in Lin City, so he was not only paying attention to the eighth prince.

“I wonder if the fourth prince will join in” Lin Mo smiled and asked everyone to continue with their work.

Fortunately, the Lin auction house was huge enough.

Although there were many people, they were all accommodated.

“Master, there are more than 10,000 people here.

We only have 113 treasures, Im afraid its not enough…”

Duanmu Jia said again with worry.

It was not easy to build a large auction house.

If there was insufficient resources, it would be a big blow.

“No worries.

Let me host this auction.”

Lin Mo walked onto the auction stage and let Miao Qing go down.

“Everyone is welcome to participate in this auction.

I thank you all once again.”

“Manger Lin is too polite.

Lets quickly start the auction.

Everyone cant wait any longer.” Someone below the stage laughed loudly.

“Alright, since everyone doesnt like these pleasantries, then Ill get straight to the point.”

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“There are more people here today, so Ive also brought out my treasured treasure.

The first item to be auctioned is a low-grade tier 7 cultivation technique, Mountain Quaking Fist.”

As Lin Mos voice faded, the tens of thousands of people in the auction hall instantly erupted into an uproar.

The entire hall was in an uproar as they looked at Lin Mo on the auction stage in disbelief.

“Did I hear wrongly The first item to be auctioned is a low-grade tier 7 cultivation technique.”

“I didnt come in vain.

The final item must be at least a top-grade tier 7 treasure.

I must definitely get it.”

“Thats right.

I never thought that Manager Lin would have such a wide range of connections, and even be able to bring out a tier 7 cultivation technique.”

Everyone spoke one after another, and the atmosphere in the auction hall instantly reached its peak.

Seeing this, Lin Mo also raised his auction hammer and said, “Tier 7 low-grade cultivation technique.

The starting bid is 1,000,000.”





The starting bid of 1,000,000 was neither high nor low, but it still played a rather good role.

Just as Lin Mo had expected, almost 80% of the people were interested in the Mountain Quaking Fist and had participated in the auction.

Due to the large number of people bidding, the price was quickly raised to 2,500,000.

Even at this time, there were still many people bidding.

Many people had come from other places because of their fame, and they had brought enough spirit stones.

“Haha, its really lively.

Our Huaian Citys Duanmu clan is also participating in the auction.


A soft laugh was heard.

Someone in the private room on the second floor called out the price and announced his family name.

This scene caught the attention of many people, and they were all discussing it.

“Sigh, the competition is too intense.

We cant even get it…”

“Yeah, who would have thought that the first item to be auctioned would be a tier 7 cultivation technique…”

Many people sighed, and there were still some who didnt give up and wanted to follow up.

In the end, this Mountain Quaking Fist manual was still bought by the Duanmu clan at a price of 3.3 million.

“What a pity, this Mountain Quaking Fist manual was previously given by the system…”

Lin Mo felt a little regretful and took out the next auction item.

“This second auction item is a tier 6 spirit herb, Ice Mist Lotus.

It has a miraculous effect on ice attribute cultivators.”

“The starting price is 800,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

Lin Mo held a tray and said with a smile.

This was something Zi Yue had given him to auction.

tier 6 spirit herbs were very attractive, and very quickly, the crowd raised the bid to 1.8 million.

In the end, an unfamiliar man wearing a bamboo hat placed a bid of 2 million and took the Ice Mist Lotus.

[ Tier 6 Ice Mist Lotus has been successfully auctioned.


[ Congratulations, host, you have triggered 3,000 times the profit.


[ Tier 7 Ice Crystal Lotus obtained.


Hearing the system notification in his mind, Lin Mo smiled.

Ice Crystal Lotus, this item was dispensable to him, so he decided to use it for the auction.

“The third item is a mysterious map.

This was appraised by Master Ao Lei, and it can be confirmed that this map is not simple.”

“However, this map is currently in a state of disrepair, and there are probably three complete maps.”

“The starting price is 100,000 spiritual stones.

Friends who are interested in going on an adventure, dont miss it.”

As Lin Mo introduced the map, he took out an old piece of parchment.

This was also an auction item sent by Zi Yue.

Master Ao Lei said that it was very likely to be a map of the ruins, so he did not recommend selling it.

However, with the system in hand, how could Lin Mo hesitate After selling it, he would be able to obtain a complete map, right

“Its easier said than done to gather such a treasure map.

100,000 spiritual stones wont be worth it…”

“But that was appraised by Master Ao Lei.

Its basically confirmed to be a treasure map.”

“Yeah, Ive heard of Master Ao Lei before.

Hes very good at appraising treasures.”

Everyone spoke one after another as they discussed this incomplete map.

“I bid 120,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

At this time, a man called out a price, causing the crowd to lower their voices.


Someone took the lead, and one after another, people stood up to call out a price.

However, they were all rogue cultivators fighting over it.

None of the big shots in the private room on the second floor moved, they were not interested.





In the end, the map was bought by a mercenary group leader for 300,000.

[ The auction of the incomplete treasure map was successful.


[ Congratulations, host, you have triggered 3,000 times the profit.


[ You have obtained the complete treasure map, Ancient Flame Relic Map.


A notification sounded in Lin Mos mind, and his eyes lit up.

“Ancient Flame Relic, I remember that there is a great city called the Ancient Flame City in the south of Lin City.”

There was indeed a legend about the ruins there, which attracted a lot of people to set up camps there and establish sects.

Unfortunately, people searched for thousands of years but found nothing.

There was no news about the so-called ruins.

It seemed that my next city to develop was Ancient Flame City…

Lin Mo even found the map of the ruins.

If he could get the treasures inside and auction them, I would definitely make a lot of money.

In a private room on the second floor, Zi Yue brought Qianqian, Qing Wen, and Qing Wu to watch the auction.

“Milady, is it worth it to auction off the map of Ancient Flame City” Qianqian asked doubtfully.

“In any case, its just a map fragment.

If we cant gather all of it, it will never have any value.” Zi Yue shook her head.

She did not have the time to collect the map fragments, so she might as well sell it.

Moreover, if someone could gather all of the maps, the appearance of the Ancient Flame City ruins would definitely cause quite a commotion.

At that time, they could directly follow them.

Although having the map would give them an advantage, once they entered, their strength would still be respected.

“The fourth auction item is a mid-grade rank 7 spirit pill, Jade Spirit Pill.

This is for pregnant women to consume.”

“After consuming it, the Jade Spirit Pill can greatly improve the fetus physique, allowing it to be born with extraordinary talent and extremely high comprehension ability.”

Lin Mo introduced it.

This kind of spirit pill really allowed people to win at the starting line.

This was really starting to cultivate in the womb…

“Manager Lin seems to have a lot of connections to actually be able to have this kind of spirit pill and miraculous medicine.”

This times auction was exceptionally popular.

Each and every one of them was of high quality, and basically, none of them were below tier 5.


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