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Lin Mo could not help but sigh at the resources of the royal family.

Half of the items they had purchased were provided by Zi Yue, and there was more than a dozen tier 7 items.

Lin Mo also took out the treasures that he had obtained from the rebates and auctioned them off, causing the number of tier 7 treasures to reach more than 30.

In the end, there were very few people who could participate in the auction.

Even the Duanmu clan, which had a chamber of commerce in the various divine empires, did not have enough funds.

Lin Mo took out many of his treasures and auctioned off over 200 supreme treasures, causing the people who came this time to fall into a frenzy.

After calculating in his heart, the net income this time had already reached over 200 million spiritual stones.

Thinking up to this point, Lin Mo nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Huff, its about time.

This is our first collaboration, so lets give her a good item.”

Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer and auctioned off the treasure before him as he said at the same time.

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“Alright, friends, this last item is the final item of our Lin auction house.”

Lin Mos words attracted everyones attention.

Especially in the private room on the second floor, the Duanmu clan, Zhao clan, Qi clan, and other powers.

They did not expect that the tier 7 treasure that was auctioned off just now was not the final item.

“May I ask, Manager Lin, what tier is this final item” someone asked.

Although they already had a guess, they still did not dare to believe it.

Could such a treasure really appear in a city like Lin City

“Milady, does he really have another treasure”

In the private room, Qianqian, Qing Wen, and Qing Wu could not believe it.

Where did this Lin Mo obtain this treasure from

Even if he really found a relic, this relic would be too luxurious.

“Im not sure.

However, the others are all out of money.

For him to take out the last item at this time…”

“Is it for me…”

Zi Yue smiled, putting down the teacup in her hand and turning her gaze toward the auction stage.

At this moment, under a burst of dazzling light, a light purple longsword appeared in Lin Mos hand.

“The Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword was obtained by me in an ancient ruin.

Its a mid-grade tier 8 sword.

To thank all of you for your support, Ive taken it out for the auction.

The highest bidder will get it.”

“The starting price is 3 million.

Each increment must not be less than 100,000.

The auction will begin now.”

Lin Mos hammer descended, announcing the start of the auction for the last item.

At this moment, everyone present was shocked.

Never in their wildest dreams did they expect that a tier 8 treasure would appear in this auction.

“Heavens, even in the Imperial City, a tier 8 treasure is still very precious.”

“Thats right, in a small place like LinCity, being able to produce a tier 7 treasure is already considered top-notch.

Theres actually a tier 8 treasure.”

“This trip was worth it.

Although I cant buy it off, it can be considered to have broadened my horizons.”

“Huaian citys Duanmu clan, 3.5 million!”

When the bidding began, the Duanmu clans financial resources were still as robust as before.

After auctioning off so many treasures, they were still able to produce 3.5 million low-grade spiritual stones, which was shocking.

“Haha, its a good thing that Manager Lin sent someone to inform us yesterday that there are many treasures to be auctioned.

Duanmu Qian, youve done a great deed by sending money over.”

Duanmu Cheng laughed heartily.

Lin Mo had organized a large-scale auction this day, catching everyone off guard.

Moreover, this final finale had made everyones intestines turn green with regret.

This was especially so for the Qi and Zhao families.

These two families had applied for funds from their backers.

Unfortunately, the amount they applied was a little small and they had already squandered it.

There were almost no people who could compete with them for the tier 8 treasure.

Duanmu Qian also smiled and said, “First elder, youre still the one who guessed that a great treasure was about to be born.”

While the auction house was silent, the two elders of the Duanmu clan laughed loudly, and a cold female voice appeared.

“I didnt expect that there would be such a treasure.

This is really an eye-opener…”

“In that case, Ill join in the fun.

4 million.”

Zi Yues voice rang out.

She had not made a move since the start of the auction.

In fact, everyone thought that the lady from the Purple Cloud Holy Land had already left.

They did not expect that she would still be here.

Moreover, she had not bid for so many treasures previously.

She was only waiting for the final item.

“Could it be that she knows the final item”

In the Duanmu clans private room, Duanmu Cheng and Duanmu Qian frowned.

If they had kept the spiritual stones, they wouldnt lose to Zi Yue.

However, they had been tempted by so many treasures before, so they had made several moves.

Now that they were competing with Zi Yue, they would definitely lose.

“Hehe, I got a bargain…”

The Duanmu clan fell silent.

No one was bidding, and Zi Yue chuckled softly.

Although a tier 8 weapon was not as good as a cultivation technique or martial art, it could at least be sold for more than 12 million.

Now that she had bought it for four million low-grade spiritual stones, it was already a great advantage.

This sentence also made everyone feel helpless.

Many people beat their chests and stomped their feet.

If they had known that there would be a tier 8 treasure at the end of the auction, they definitely would not have participated in the bidding earlier.

“I didnt expect this small Lin City to actually have a tier 8 weapon.

This trip was worth it.”

“Since its an auction, then Ill follow the rules.

5 million spiritual stones.”

Just as everyone thought that the Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword would be bought by Lady Zi Yue at a low price, a slightly hoarse voice sounded.

“Who is this expert”

Everyone turned pale with fright.

They did not expect that an auction would attract so many people.

Zi Yue had also appeared before, and they already knew about it.

However, no one had heard of the person who was bidding now.

Some people looked over curiously and saw that the person who was bidding wore a bamboo hat, a black cloth covering his face, and a black robe.

After sensing that everyone was staring at him, he snorted coldly.

Instantly, a powerful force erupted, and a ghastly and terrifying aura spread throughout the auction hall.

Everyone was shocked.

This aura was too powerful, and it was pressuring them so much that they could not even breathe.

“Bloody-handed Cao Zhen… As expected, he wont let this auction peacefully…”

Lin Mo sighed.

Although Zi Yue had provided him with information, he still did not know the exact strength of this person.

“What are you standing there for Drop your hammer, no one is bidding higher than me, right…”

Cao Zhen said coldly as he stared coldly at Lin Mo on the stage.

“6 million!”

At this moment, Zi Yue could not sit still any longer and immediately made her bid.

Just like Cao Zhen, she raised her bid by one million.

“7 million!”

Cao Zhen did not show any signs of weakness as he continued to raise his bid by one million.

When Zi Yue raised her bid to 8 million, he directly raised it to a sky-high price of 10 million low-grade spiritual stones.

“Heavens, 10 million low-grade spirit stones.

Is this the charm of a tier 8 treasure…”

Everyone was shocked.

This price had completely shaken them off.

Furthermore, looking at Zi Yue and that mysterious persons stance, even if they had not bought off a tier 7 treasure previously, this eighth-grade weapon would not be theirs…

“Lord, why are you asking about Lin Mos strength”

At this moment, in the private room on the second floor, Qi Yueheng was kneeling on the ground, looking forward respectfully.

There was a man sitting there, holding a token in his hand, which had a phoenix carved on it.

However, this phoenix looked a little like a true dragon.

This was the appearance of the Yan Huang Divine Empires second princes pendant…


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