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The man in front of him was a subordinate of the second prince.

To be able to hold this token, one could see how high his status was.

“Hmph, dont ask what you shouldnt ask.”

The man snorted coldly, scaring Qi Yueheng into breaking out in cold sweat.

He lowered his head and said, “This subordinate doesnt know Lin Mos strength either.”

“However, what can be confirmed is that he is at least at the tier 5 Dragon Transformation Realm.

After all, he can capture a tier 2 Dragon Transformation Realm expert alive.

This bit of strength is still there.” Qi Yueheng weighed his options and said.

Hearing this, that man was somewhat surprised.

He did not expect that a genius could be born in such a small Lin City…

“Did you see the scene where he captured a tier 2 Dragon Transformation Realm expert alive” That man asked.

“Reporting to my lord, I didnt see it.

I only heard from the spies in the Lin family that there was a tier 2 Dragon Transformation Realm warrior who tried to assassinate Lin Mo, but none of the Lin familys guards did anything.

Thats why Im certain that he captured that expert himself.”

After Qi Yueheng finished speaking, he was a little worried.

After all, whether this news was true or not still needed to be investigated.

“Oh right, my lord, do you have any spiritual stones on you This is a tier 8 weapon.

You cant miss it,” Qi Yueheng reminded.

If he could offer this tier 8 treasure to the second prince, he would definitely be appreciated.

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“Dont get involved, the lord has already made the arrangements,” the man said and left the Qi familys private room.

He was not satisfied that he did not get any concrete news.

“The eighth princess is here too.

If it was not for the second princes arrangements, this tier 8 weapon would definitely have fallen into her hands.”

“Could it be that this Lin Mo has already pledged allegiance to the eighth princess”

At the thought of this, a cold expression appeared on his face.

He had come here this time because the second prince had ordered him to take the Lin family under his wing.

The most valuable person in the Lin family was none other than Lin Mo.

If Lin Mo had already pledged allegiance to the eighth princess, then this person could not be left alive…

“Cao Zhen, stir up some trouble for him…”

He whispered, and a strange fluctuation spread out.

Without anyone noticing, it fell into the ears of Cao Zhen, who was at the end of the auction hall.

“Got it…”

Hearing this, Cao Zhen smiled.

He actually stood up and said, “This kind of treasure is naturally obtained by those who are capable.

I think its just right for Manager Lin to sell it to me.”

“I bid 15 million.

This time, no one will fight for it, right”

Just as he said this, Zi Yues expression, who had just bid 12 million, darkened.

No matter how high the price of this Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword was, it should not exceed 14 million.

This Cao Zhen bid 15 million, and he said it so casually.

It was obvious that he was here to cause trouble.


Qianqian was a little anxious.

Cao Zhen was pressing them step by step.

The situation was not good for them.

“Forget it…”

Zi Yue shook her head.

Cao Zhen had bad intentions, and it was useless for her to continue bidding.

At this moment, the people in the auction hall still did not know what had happened.

They only knew that this Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword had been auctioned off for a sky-high price of 15 million, which had broadened their horizons.

“Drop the hammer, shes giving up.”

Cao Zhen said impatiently while Lin Mo was frowning.

Hearing this, Lin Mo could only drop the hammer and give the Purple Heart Dragon light sword to Cao Zhen.

He picked up the Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword and said, “Customer, the auction has ended.

Please take out the spiritual stones.”

For a moment, everyone looked at Cao Zhen in unison.

Some people even thought that Cao Zhen did not have 15 million spirit stones and was just pestering Lin Mo.

“Spiritual Stones I never use spiritual stones when I buy things.”

As expected, just as everyone thought, Cao Zhen did not even consider paying.

In addition to the powerful strength he had displayed earlier, some people could not help but feel worried.

“He should not be Cao Zhens match.

When he is in danger, I will save his life.

Then, I think he would be willing to work for me…” Zi Yue looked at the auction hall and whispered.

Even she did not know Cao Zhens actual strength.

He definitely wouldnt be simple as he was able to become an assassin under the second prince.

She just did not know how strong he was…

“Although this Lin Mo is a b*stard, he has his own principles.

If Milady saves his life, he will definitely remember it.” Qianqian nodded and said.

Although Qianqian hated Lin Mo, she had some understanding of this fellows style of doing things.

At this moment, Lin Mo narrowed his eyes and looked at Cao Zhen.

He said coldly, “Sir, its not good for you to break the rules of the auction house like this.”

“Kid, you really think youre something just because I called you Manager Lin”

“If youre sensible, hand over the Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword and the spiritual stones from this auction.

Ill introduce you to a backer when Im in a good mood.” Cao Zhen sneered.

“Master, the guards are ready.

Do you want to take this person down” Duanmu Jia walked over at this moment.

From the moment Cao Zhen recklessly raised the price, she had already arranged for people.

Now, the auction house was surrounded by layers of people.

They were only waiting for Lin Mos order.

“Tell them to leave.”

Unexpectedly, when Lin Mo opened his mouth, he told the guards to leave.

This caused everyone to be at a loss.

Since the other party had already provoked him, why would Manager Lin still tolerate it

“Oh… Youre quite tactful.

Send the treasure over.” Cao Zhen was also surprised, but he still laughed out loud.

“Sending the treasure wont do.

Sending you to the West will do.”

Lin Mo laughed coldly.

He pointed his Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword forward and instantly appeared in front of Cao Zhen with the Swimming Dragon Steps.

Thunder rumbled as Lin Mo executed the Spring Thunder Sword Technique to its peak.

A sharp Sword Qi spread out and headed straight for Cao Zhen.

At this moment, the people around Cao Zhen had long retreated, afraid of being affected by the battle.

“Tier 9 Dragon Transformation Realm, and its completely perfected.

His talent is very strong…” Cao Zhen praised.

However, facing Lin Mos sword technique, Cao Zhen merely raised his hand and waved it.

A powerful force penetrated through space and ruthlessly smashed onto Lin Mos body.


Lin Mo felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

His face instantly turned deathly pale.

A sweet taste came from his throat and he almost spat out blood.

Forcefully swallowing the blood in his mouth, Lin Mos gaze gradually became serious.

“Tier 14 Dragon Transformation Realm…”

A person who could enter the Yanhuang Divine Empires wanted list was indeed extraordinary.

The 31 tiers of the Dragon Transformation corresponded to the 33 vertebrae of the human body.

One rank was stronger than the other.

Especially after tier 9, the difference in strength was getting bigger and bigger.

“Blood Mist Ghostly Hand!”

Cao Zhen roared loudly, his hands instantly turned blood red.

At the same time, a black pattern appeared on his arm, and his body appeared in front of Lin Mo as if he had teleported.

“You dont know whats good for you, so Ill teach you a lesson…”

Cao Zhens eyes were ice-cold, and a bloody hand ruthlessly struck Lin Mos left shoulder.

However, Lin Mos reaction was very fast, and he instantly pulled away with the Swimming Dragon Steps.

At the same time, the Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword released a sword light, and the spring lightning sword technique started to change.

“Dont underestimate me…”

Lin Mo roared in anger.

He had perfectly used the Four Seasons Sword Technique, using the Spring and Autumn Exchange against the blood mist ghost hands.


In the next moment, Lin Mos body was sent flying, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as he ruthlessly smashed onto the auction stage.

Everyone was extremely shocked, and they were extremely shocked as they watched the scene before them.

On Cao Zhens palm, a shocking bloody scar appeared as fresh blood flowed out…

Lin Mos sword had actually injured Cao Zhen…


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