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Looking at the shocking bloody marks on his hands, Cao Zhens face gradually darkened.

He was a tier 14 Dragon Transformation Realm expert, which was considered to be above average in the major cities of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

However, he was injured when facing a tier 9 Dragon Transformation Realm junior.

“This is the Spring and Autumn Exchange in the Four Seasons Sword Technique.”

In the private room, Zi Yue, who was about to make a move, turned pale with fright.

Qianqian, who was beside her, also had an incredulous look on her face.

The Four Seasons Sword Technique was at least a tier 8 sword technique, yet Lin Mo was actually able to learn it.

“Not only that, but he displayed it so smoothly, so itshows that he had a certain level of research on the Four Seasons Sword Technique.”

“It seems that this Lin Mo has obtained the Four Seasons Mans inheritance.”

Zi Yue sighed.

The Four Seasons Mans strength was extraordinary.

It was said that his strength had already reached the Nirvana Realm when he appeared for the last time.

In the auction house, some people who were preparing to escape were also shocked.

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They did not expect that Lin Mo could defeat a tier 14 Dragon Transformation Realm expert with the strength of the tier 9 Dragon Transformation Realm.

“His sword technique is not bad… If he was a little stronger and had a tier 12 cultivation, Im afraid that I would die today.”

Cao Zhen wiped the fresh blood from his wounds and said coldly.

When he saw Lin Mo was at the tier 9 Dragon Transformation Realm, he had looked down on him.

Who would have thought that Lin Mo would be able to control such profound swordsmanship

“There are no ifs.

You will definitely die today,” Lin Mo said calmly.

He took out a healing pill and swallowed it.

At the same time, another figure appeared in front of Lin Mo….

This figure was wearing a bamboo hat and a black robe.

He suddenly appeared in everyones sight.

“Kill him.”

Lin Mo pointed at Cao Zhen and said coldly.

“Kill me With just you guys” Cao Zhen smiled disdainfully and was about to attack.

However, a strange scene happened.

The figure wearing the bamboo hat instantly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already behind Cao Zhen.


It threw a punch, and a terrifying force gushed out.

The entire auction house shook violently for a moment.

If it was not for the reinforcement of the array, the power of this punch would probably be enough to bury everyone.

Cao Zhen reacted quickly.

His pair of blood-red hands blocked this punch, but they were also sent flying by the powerful force.

“This is a puppet!”

Everyone was shocked again.

Lin Mo seemed to have endless trump cards.

First, he had the strength of a tier 9 Dragon Transformation Realm, then he had a powerful sword technique.

Now, he had taken out a puppet.

Moreover, the puppets combat strength was probably comparable to a tier 15 Dragon Transformation Realm.

“How is this possible…”

Cao Zhen stood up, his hands still hurting faintly.

In the next moment, the puppet appeared in front of him.

It was different from before.

This time, the puppet held the Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword in its hand.

A tier 8 weapon was extremely powerful.

Even though the puppet did not know any sword techniques, the sharp Sword Qi still managed to cut off Cao Zhens hands.

“Wait… Do you know…”


The long sword entered his body.

Before Cao Zhen could finish his words, the puppet had already ended his life.

Cao Zhens body fell to the ground, fresh blood trickling down.

From the start of the fight until now, it had only been half a minute.

Lin Mo had revealed three trump cards, killing Cao Zhen in an overbearing manner.


A ring fell from his body.

It was his spatial ring, glowing with a blood-red light.

Lin Mo gave the puppet an order and picked up the ring, preparing to hand it over to Lin Mo.


At this moment, a buzzing sound rang out.

A man in golden armor suddenly appeared.

He held a longsword in his hand and stabbed it at Lin Mo.


However, the puppet was even faster.

In the blink of an eye, it appeared in front of Lin Mo and used its own body to block the sword.


Sparks flew in all directions as the longsword collided with the puppets body, causing sparks to fly out.

However, this mans ultimate goal was not Lin Mo, but the spatial ring in the puppets hand.

“So there are still other accomplices.”

Lin Mo laughed softly as he executed the Swimming Dragon Steps.

His speed was much faster than the golden-armored mans.

He took the spatial ring from the puppets hand and quickly retreated.

The puppet threw a punch, and a fierce and tyrannical force slammed into the golden-armored mans body.


In just a single exchange, the man was sent flying by the puppet, leaving a dozen-meter-long mark on the ground before he finally stopped.

“A top-grade tier 7 battle armor.”

Lin Mo was stunned.

A battle armor that covered his entire body was not something that was commonly seen.

Although it was a top-grade tier 7, its rarity should not be inferior to a low-grade tier 8 weapon.

“Since youve made your move, then stay.”

Lin Mo spoke coldly.

Regardless of the other partys motives, since they were causing trouble in his auction house, then he would just kill them.

Receiving Lin Mos order, the puppet was just about to make its move when an imposing voice sounded out.


Naturally, the puppet would not listen to his orders.

It raised its longsword and slashed at the golden-armored man.

At this moment, the golden-armored man had thought that someone was willing to help him and that he had seen a way out.

In the end, the golden-armored man had only shouted once, before stopping.

Seeing the puppets longsword slashing toward him, he had no choice but to gather his strength to defend against the puppets attack.


The defensive strength of a top-grade tier 7 battle armor shocked even Lin Mo.

If he could auction off this battle armor and get a rebate of tier 8 or tier 9 items, he might not need to use the puppet against Cao Zhen.

“Its defensive strength is indeed astonishing.

This thing can not be missed.” Lin Mo smiled, intending to order the puppet to continue attacking.

However, his plan was clearly about to fail.

A mysterious person wearing a bamboo hat and holding a long saber appeared not far from Lin Mo.

This person was wearing black battle armor and the long saber in his hand was also black.

It was as if he was an assassin who had blended into the night.

“Its you…”

Lin Mo was stunned.

This person was Qianqian.

Her outfit was the same as when she killed Bai Wuheng.

“You cant kill him,” Qianqian said.

After saying that, she said in a low voice, “At least on the surface, you cant…”

Hearing this, Lin Mo stopped the puppet and let the man go.

“Whats going on”

The excited crowd was stunned.

They did not know who the person who suddenly appeared was.

“Why cant I kill him” Lin Mo said.

He didnt want to let the man go.

As long as he auctioned off the tier 7 battle armor, he could get a better one.

He did not want to let the man go.

“His name is Zhao Yong.

He is a third-class executioner, from the Ministry of Justice of the Yanhuang Divine Empire,” Qianqian said, revealing the other partys identity.

“Third-class torturer” Lin Mo was stunned.

What kind of position was this Was it very high

“Master, there are a total of first to fifth class executioner, from the Ministry of Justice of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

They are specialized in executing rebels and rioters,” Duanmu Jia stepped forward and explained to Lin Mo.

“Since he is specialized in the executing the rebels and rioters, why was he trying to assassinate me” Lin Mo asked with a cold gaze.

Qianqian was also an executioner, so it was normal for the second prince to have people in the Ministry of Justice.

However, was the second prince so unsophisticated He wanted to kill Lin Mo without even asking him anything.

“Zhao Yong, as a third-class executioner, who instructed you to attack Manager Lin without any reason” Qianqian followed Lin Mos topic and asked.


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