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“Naturally, well continue the auction.

Previously, Lady Zi Yue had bid 12 million.

I dont think anyone would bid higher than you.” Lin Mo smiled and handed over the Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword in his hand.

“Oh right, Ive just obtained an auction item.

The starting bid for this golden armor is one million.

Is anyone interested”

After selling the Purple Heart Dragon Light Sword, Lin Mo raised the golden armor again and shouted at the crowd.

As soon as he said this, everyone in the surroundings shrunk their necks.

Even the Duanmu clan did not dare to make a sound.

This golden armor was a treasure belonging to the Ministry of Justice of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

It belonged exclusively to the Ministry of Justice.

Among the people present, only Qianqian and Zi Yue dared to buy it.

However, in the eyes of everyone, they did not know Zi Yues identity.

Therefore, they knew that only Qianqian dared to buy this golden armor.

Although her level was not high enough, spending money to buy better armor was within the rules…

“Thank you, Manager Lin.

Sell this golden armor to me.”

Qianqian smiled, took out one million spiritual stones from her spatial ring, and completed the transaction with Lin Mo on the spot.

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[ Congratulations on auctioning a tier 7 top-grade armor.


[ Received 5,000 times the rebate.


[ Congratulations on obtaining a tier 8 top-grade gilded golden armor.


“Tier 8 top-grade, I think one can use it until they reach the Nirvana Realm…”

Lin Mo smiled.

This auction was indeed a fruitful one.

Although he had offended the second prince, he did not care anymore.

If he could not beat him, he would help Zi Yue.

Although she was a woman, she still had the heart of a prince.

Lin Mo had the rebate from the system.

As long as he had time, the accumulated wealth was enough to rival the entire Yanhuang Divine Empire.

It was not impossible for him to help Zi Yue become the empress.

“Everyone, todays auction is over.

Although some things have happened, it has been successfully completed.”

“As for the next auction, please wait for the news.

When the time comes, please support us.”

After saying a few words, Miao Qing and the Duanmu Jia brought their people over and brought the crowd to complete the transaction.

Those who did not manage to get any treasures left.

Soon, news of what had happened in Lin City spread like wildfire.

Some of the major cities even had news of Lin City.

“I didnt expect that someone from a small Lin City would be so bold as to make a third-grade executioner pay for his life…”

“In the end, it seems like a disciple of the Purple Cloud Holy Land settled this matter.

Which disciple was it”

“Hehe, there are a lot of things involved.

I advise you not to inquire about it…”


After the auction ended, Lin Mo listened to the report from the Duanmu clan in the room and told them all about the profits of the auction.

“Master, due to the grand auction and the numerous treasures, the profit was 235,250,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

“The profit from the auction provided by Lady Zi Yue was 103,150,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

“Weve obtained 132.1 million low-grade spiritual stones.”

Hearing Duanmu Jias report, Lin Mo nodded.

This figure was a little out of his expectations.

At this point, she looked at Lin Mo with some doubt.

Many of the treasures in the auction were added by Lin Mo at the last minute, and they were all of high quality.

She did not know how much money Lin Mo had spent to collect these treasures.

Thus, she could not calculate the net income, and she could only let Lin Mo calculate it himself.

“Jiajia, you can use this money at any time.

Use It wherever its suitable for investment.

You dont have to save it.”

Lin Mo smiled and let Duanmu Jia take care of everything while he could cultivate without worry.

After the matter with Cao Zhen and Zhao Yong, Lin Mo knew that no matter what he did, strength was the root of everything…


At this moment, Lin Mo heard a violent explosion from afar.

Flames soared into the sky, and the green plants in the courtyard were ignited.

A powerful undulation spread out, causing everyone to fall into a panic.

After all, everyone knew that Lin Mo had offended a big shot in the auction house.

Could it be that someone was taking revenge now

“This undulation is the Colored Fire Demon.”

Lin Mo felt this aura and his face was filled with excitement.

He rushed toward the center of the flames and spiritual energy covered his body.

In a huge pit that was a hundred meters wide, he saw a blurry figure.

“Colored Fire Demon”

Lin Mo called out tentatively, feeling a little uncertain.

“Master… Master.”

Very soon, a slightly immature voice was heard.

There was a hint of timidity and at the same time, there were some sparse sounds of friction.

Very soon, when Lin Mo walked in, the flames in front of him were suddenly extinguished.

What came into view was a crisp little girl.

She looked to be about twelve or thirteen years old, and there was a lotus mark on her forehead.

The little girls entire body was surrounded by flames.

When she saw Lin Mo walking over, she stretched out her fair and tender little hand and walked over to Lin Mo.

“Thats right… After all, the Colored Fire Demon was just born.

Originally, it would only take shape when it reached adulthood.

However, because of the Shape-Shifting Pill, it took on the appearance of a little girl…”

Lin Mo muttered to himself.

This was the most perfect condition for demonic beasts.

Once it was born, it would transform.

If it continued to grow with the appearance and talent of a human, its future achievements would be even more terrifying.

The flames on the Colorful Fire Demons body gradually extinguished, finally forming a fiery red battle armor on its body.

The battle armor had the patterns of flames imprinted on it.

On its chest, there were the patterns of a fiery lotus.

It was extremely beautiful.

“Hello… Master.”

After putting on the armor, its adorable appearance gave it a heroic and valiant aura.

However, the moment it opened its mouth to call Lin Momaster, Lin Mo felt that it was very strange.

It was a little girl, and she looked very cute.

She called himmaster with a timid tone, making it seem like he was a pervert who abused children…

“Dont, dont call me master…”

Lin Mo wiped the non-existent cold sweat on his forehead and said, “Since youre so cute, why dont you be my sister”

“Call me brother from now on, okay”

No matter what, she could not call him master.

Lin Mo would be regarded as a pervert if she walked on the streets.

“Brother… brother.”

The Colored Fire Demons small face was filled with doubt.

It did not understand why calling Lin Momaster would be despised.

However, it soon laughed and called Lin Mobrother sweetly.

“Okay, okay.

From now on, your name will be Lin Die.

Work hard and cultivate so that you can help me deal with my enemies in the future.”

Lin Mo patted Lin Dies small head and extinguished the burning flames around him.

Then, he walked out with Lin Die.

At this moment, Duanmu Jia, Miao Qing, and the others rushed over after receiving the news.

They were very surprised.

“Master, this is” Duanmu Jias eyes lit up as she asked.

Lin Die looked very cute.

Her timid appearance made one feel tender and loving.

“Her name is Lin Die.

Shes my adopted younger sister.

Go and pick out some clothes for her,” Lin Mo said to Duanmu Jia.

Lin Die was wearing an armor made of flames, which was very helpful in battles.

However, she did not need to wear this on normal days to avoid being noticed.

“Yes, master.” Duanmu Jia nodded.

She naturally held Lin Dies small hand and said, “Miss, come with me.”

The chaotic scene was also cleaned up by Miao Qing.

He brought some people to repair the burned area.

Meanwhile, Lin Mos line of sight was looking into the distance.

There, a purple figure appeared and waved at him.

“Looking for me at this time…”


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